Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Location Of All Artifacts And Bonuses

Developer Owlcat Games and the publisher Deep Silver have finally launched Pathfinder: Kingmaker. This is a single-player RPG game in which the player’s decisions and choices influence the whole world and plot.

Throughout the game, you’ll be in charge of forming a new country with a team of adventurers made up of several different characters. The narrative usually occurs in the Stolen Lands, which is part of the larger River Kingdom area from the original Pathfinder game.

You’ll begin the game by inventing a character or picking one from a list, and before much, you’ll be in charge of a wide cast of people. The major gameplay concerns in Pathfinder are also the characters you bring to combat with you, as well as how you equip and use their abilities and spells that aim. 

This article includes advice on strategies, spell choice, skill points allocation, and the unique weaknesses and strengths of difficult adversaries.

Apart from the usual fare of marking out treasure, traps, secrets, opponent locations, and tactics, as well as how to traverse missions and dialogue for desired results, there’s also another essential aspect in Pathfinder: Kingmaker: how to properly govern your kingdom. 

The kingdoms management component of Pathfinder: Kingmaker is much more than simply a minigame; it’s also the vehicle via which new missions are delivered on a regular basis.

You’ll also appoint NPCs and allies to various posts in your government, solve crises, and take full advantage of chances to improve your kingdom’s stats in order to deal with internal and foreign risks to stability. Even if you’re a brutal tyrant, a compassionate leader, or someplace in between, it is determined by the choices you make.

In Pathfinder: Kingmaker, Where Can You Locate All of the Artifacts and Bonuses?

You’ll be able to gather a variety of things that will improve your stats and benefits as you progress through the game. Artifacts are among several items that can help you improve or improve your stats and perks. As a result, you’ll find the locations of all the Artifact parts in this guide.

The following is a list of all Artifacts with their associated benefits. Please keep in mind that the guide is still under construction, and it will be completed as additional information becomes available.

The Trailblazer’s Helmet

Ranged Attacks have a DR of 2/-, Falling and Thrown Rocks have a DR of 10/-, and you can cast “Bright Hope” and “Smashing Despair” once each day. In Pathfinder: Kingmaker, receive a +3 Dodge boost to Armour Class as well as a +3 Intelligence bonus to throws against Giants and Goblinoid kinds.

Dwarven Helm Shard is the name of the fragment.

The number of pieces is seven; once you have all the fragments, return to the storyteller for a reward.

The Location Of All Fragments:

  • Dwarven Ruins — on the northern parapet, inside a barrel.
  • Dwarven Ruins — a container on the southern parapet contains Dwarven Ruins.
  • Dwarven Ruins – on the upper floor of the troll’s lair and in-room with Kargadd, in a container.
  • Dwarven Ruins — on the upper floor of the troll lair, above the Sundial, in Nagrundi’s corpse.
  • Dwarven Ruins – trolls lair’s bottom level, underfloor stone beside the fireplace in the room with the glowing rune.
  • Dwarven Ruins — on the ground floor of the troll lair, close to the troll “treasury,” behind a buried stone.
  • Inside a chest on the northwest edge, you’ll find Lone House.
  • On the northwest edge, there is a secret chest with a destroyed watchtower.
  • On the top of the mountain in the northeastern corner, there is a destroyed watchtower.
  • Ruined Watchtower — near a bridge in the south, underneath a rock pile.

Paraphanalia of the Dwarven Smith

The number of sites where fragments can be found is five; once you get all of the fragments, return to the storyteller for a reward.

  • Soof Black Gloves – Dwarven Wrecks – in a case south of the doorway on the upper floor of the troll’s lair.
  • Soof Black Tongs – Dwarven Ruins – in a case adjacent to Hargulka’s castle on the lowest floor of the troll’s lair.
  • Soof Black Hammer – Dwarven Ruins – in a case at the south door to the upper floor of the troll’s lair, on the ground floor of the lair.
  • Kunk River Ford – Soof Black Branding This item is now only accessible during the Troll Trouble questline’s “rescue Jubilost” phase. It’s in the second chest in the gnome camp, to the northwest.
  • Destroyed Watchtower – Soof Black Apron – throughout the ruined watchtower’s chest.

Necklace of Double Crosses

+4 Movement, +4 Wizardry, +4 Stealth, +2d6 Sneak Attack with the Necklace of Double Crosses additional stat. When passing across a tile, you threaten in Pathfinder: Kingmaker, Allies cause an Attack of Opportunities.

The charred Piece Of A Necklace is the name of a fragment.

The number of parts is seven. 

Locations of All Fragments:

  • On the corpse of one of Tartuccio’s Soldiers, there is an ancient tomb. 
  • Ground level, opposite the kobold entry to the subterranean in the southeastern portion, on a body.
  • Old Sycamore Caverns The upper level of the caves, above the mining cart inside the southwest side rock pile.
  • Old Sycamore Caves – stone pile near the big spider’s corpse on the cave’s lowest floor.
  • Thorn Ford is a twig pile by the river west near Kressle.
  • Three-Pine Islet is a tiny island tombstone surrounded by traps.
  • On the east side, in the rubble, there is a trail in the Hills.

Paraphanalia Restovic

The number of pieces is five. Return all fragments to the narrator in Pathfinder for a reward: Kingmaker

  • Restovic Ranger’s Broken Arrow – Old Oak – southwest, on a body causing the kobold entry to the subterranean, on either a body near the kobold access to the underground.
  • Restovic Inquisitor’s Broken Arrow – Old Oak Caves – Tartuccio’s corpse on the top level.
  • Restovic Sorceress’s Expelled Staff – Oak-Strayed – is located in the map’s north end.
  • Old Sycamore Caves – lower level, throughout the eastern corridor from the Great Centipede. Restovic Paladin’s Crinkled Helmet – Old Sycamore Caves – lower level, throughout the eastern passage from the Great Centipede.
  • Restovic Swordlord’s Blank Sheath is located in the Old Sycamore Caves’ bottom floor, near the Great Spider, mostly in the southeast corner.

Bracers of the Forest Knight

When the user of the Forest Knight’s Bracers is rattled, get a +2 morale boost to attack roll, escape throws, and skill checks. Whenever the wearer is scared or bewildered, the impact of Hideous Laughter is activated. Scare your opponent for 14 rounds whenever struck by a Fey subtype adversary. In Pathfinder: Kingmaker, cast Free movement for 1 minute and one day.

Locations of All Fragments:

  • Ford Around the Skunk River Is a cache concealed in the wall along the river’s south bank.
  • Goblin Fort is located in a concealed crate along a wall on map’s southeast corner.
  • Hodag Lair is located in a twigs pile on the map’s eastern edge.
  • Hunt Grounds — in the center of the map, mostly on the body of a gigantic fly trap.
  • Lizardfolk Village – the key may be found in a box in the chieftain’s cottage, or you can murder the chieftain and grab the key.
  • Lone House is located on the western end of the Robber Captain’s corpse.
  • Destroyed Watchtower – immediately above the corpse with the white gear, in a tomb to the west of the stone wall.
  • Forest Witches Hut — on a limb behind the gigantic slug in the north end.
  • Cradle of Lamashtu – in the chamber with Right-wingers & Spiders, look at the left branch to the northwest. It’s hidden behind a rock.

The Reckless Courage Ring

+4 charm, +4 stealthy, +4 deception, +2 DC for brain spells, +4 to major confirmation rolls, -4 awareness, -2 intelligence, -2 willpower, -10 traps saves throws In Pathfinder: Kingmaker, when the bearer takes a critical hit, they get Confused for 1d4 rounds.

Fragments’ title is Melted Shard of a Ring.

The total number of fragments is 12.

Locations of All Fragments:

  • The bridge across the Gudrun River is located in the northern part, opposite the goblin prince or wolf pack. 
  • To the west, opposite the zone entry, is a bridge across the Gudrun River.
  • Dragonleaf Gulch — close to the flytrap, on either a mound of rubble.
  • Goblin Fort — near your front entryway, in a box close to a jail cage.
  • Goblin Fort – on the top part of the goblin fort, mostly on the chest of a goblin commando.
  • Hunt Grounds — in the center of the map, on a Rock in the water.
  • Hunting Grounds — near the primordial fly trap’s corpse, approximately southwest of the Embeth Traveler, on a trunk to the northeast.
  • Hunt Grounds – northeastern part of the map, just southwest of the Embeth Travelers, on the carcass of the primordial fly trap.
  • Lonely Barrow – in the first chamber, on a corpse.
  • Lamashtu Shrine is located west of the intersection.

Final Thoughts

Artifacts can help improve your stats and perks in Pathfinder: Kingmaker. The above article goes through the locations of all the artifacts and bonuses in Pathfinder: Kingmaker. We hope you found this article helpful!

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