How to Get Onion and Pepper in Black Desert Online?

In Black Desert Online, cooking is a vital life skill. Cooking could only be accomplished from the comfort of one’s own home. This implies you’ll have to buy a home in one of the areas, which will necessitate some study. On the positive side, all you have to do is stock your kitchen with the appropriate culinary tools. Also, it would be beneficial if you spent some time honing your fishing or farming talents to complement your cooking abilities.

If you require items including onions and pepper for cooking, you must first begin farming, and to begin farming, you must first purchase or rent a fence via an NPC utilizing “contribution points.” Performing missions earns you contribution points. Contribution points, Skill points, and energy are displayed in the top left corner.

When farming, fences are also crucial since utilizing small fences is significantly more efficient for the contribution points if you aren’t using employees to tend to the fields. If you already have 30 contribution points, utilizing 10 tiny fences will give you 40 spaces, but using three strong fences would give you 40 slots.

You must try to utilize as many little gates as possible, although strong fences should only ever be used if you wish to spend a minimum of 100 contribution points for a total of 100 slots or if you want to employ haystacks strange, or magic seeds.

If you want to borrow/rent a farm or locate an NPC who could give you the fence on rent, then activate your NPC finder on the right side of the map. Enter “fence” into the search box to see any NPCs who will rent out the farm you’ve found. At the northeastern guards camp, there is an NPC that will instruct you on the fundamentals of farming and provide you with a short fence.

Once you’ve located an NPC, press the rental button in the chatbox, and click confirm. The fence will be added to the inventory right away. Proceed to the same NPC and select “refund” to revert the farm and reclaim the contribution points.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about how to get ingredients such as onion and peppers in Black Desert Online. For further information, continue reading.

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How Can You Get Onion And Pepper In Black Desert Online 

Onion is a basic worker energy item that restores +2 stamina points, but it’s also a great food to make if you’re just learning to cook. The ingredients are simple to obtain, and preparing onions needs just a beginning one culinary level. Grain, potatoes, butternut squash, corn, and barley are among the grains that can be used. NPC vendors have all of the additional ingredients.

Pepper is also a wonderful source of energy for workers. Pepper restores three worker stamina, two points more than onion. To make pepper, you simply have to have a beginner 1 or higher cooking level, and almost all of the ingredients are accessible from NPC vendors.

Cooking Skills In Black Desert Online

Purchase a basic culinary utensil by one of the culinary sellers to get started. Next, in the NPC interface, click the cooking icon to select a chef. When you arrive in a city and use the tools workshop in some of the more urbanized areas, you may create higher-grade utensils.

Specialized clothes, as well as other cooking aids, help to reduce the usual cook time of 10 seconds. Different goods provide varying time boosts, but you may combine numerous items to reduce the duration by 1 second. Meanwhile, certain things conflict with others and cannot be utilized simultaneously.

Several ingredients may be swapped out, but consistency and quality are something to consider. You have to become conscious if you want to make money through cooking, or else you’ll need to depend on cooking only for your personal health advantages. Besides, you’ll need to expand your workforce to ensure that you have sufficient workers to harvest. nodes and improve their farming skills so that you may grow as much as you can by yourself

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Collecting Ingredients

Ingredients can be obtained by actively farming, gathering yields from laborers sent to multiple nodes, or purchasing things from culinary vendors. The first two approaches are why you should complement life skills like fishing and farming and developing a strong foundational workforce.

Though it is simpler to become self-sufficient in the long term, you will unavoidably have to deal with suppliers. Cooking vendors may be found using the NPC finder, which has a magnifying glass symbol, and choosing “cooking.” Cooking vendors also have various titles, but they all seem familiar, like chefs, shopkeepers, farmers, etc.

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