MapleStory V Coins – What To Do with Them?

Are you an online gaming enthusiast? If you are, you are probably familiar with the game MapleStory. If you haven’t yet played the game, you should know that it is well worth your time.

MapleStory is a South Korean company’s 2D free-to-play multiplayer online game. Many variations of this exact game may be found in various nations and areas.

A player travels the maple world in this game, where he or she must use the powers and skills of the gaming character to battle enemies and gain prizes. You may also engage with other members of your team and third parties, as well as do business with them. This is an excellent example of a role-playing game.

When it comes to the game’s primary narrative, there is no such thing as winning or losing. You just have to concentrate on improving your character’s powers and skills overtime in the game.

Ossyria, Victoria Island, and Maple Island are the three primary continents found throughout the MapleStory universe. Maple Island can be considered as the starting point for new explorers. Most sessions begin on Victoria Island, which is divided into eight cities.

Temple of Time, Nihal Desert, Mu Lung Garden, Minar Forest, Aqua Road, Ludus Lake, and El Nath Mountains are among the seven diverse areas of Ossyria, each having its own unique ecology. Ereve and Rien are isolated from another area, which marks the start of a new game mission.

Now let’s concentrate on our main matter of concern which is the MapleStory V coins. Do you have any idea about what to do with these V-coins? If not, then do not worry because we are here to tell you all the things you should know about what you should do with V coins in Maple’s story and how the V coin shop works.

How Do You Get Coins?

Before discussing what to do with V coins, first of all, let’s talk about how to derive coins. Deriving coins can sometimes be challenging for gamers who have played this game, so whether you are a newbie or an experienced one, better concentrate on the context.

So you get coins from the V shop or the five boxes, which you get from the monsters, and get it from dimensional evasion either from the lab by farming or the V tracker.

You can obtain a MapleStory 30 V coin per day, and with the V tracker, you can do things, for example, you can do five missions with a new character like activating five rooms you can reach five hundred combo kills, use a random portal ten times, complete 15 sudden missions or visit a one hundred percent burning field, which gives a total of two hundred fifty coins for these events. 

What To Do With The V Coins?

Now that we know from where and how we can derive the V coins, it is time to discuss what you should do with the V coins.

Well, there are many things which you can buy with the V coins, but you should invest the coins wisely. 

You can buy a double V pack which costs forty coins per scroll, which offers you coins in return too. You can get potential scholars and master craftsmen with the coins plus some pots scrolls. 

You get an incredible chaos scroll of goodness for 100 coins, potential stamps, for 20 coins, bonus potential stamps for 30 coins, and for 50 coins, an innocent scroll.

There is a special box which is the V rain of damaged skin box. This damage skin box will give you damage skin randomly, which costs 80 coins. There is cosmic damage skin which costs around 200 coins. You can also get the gilded damaged skin which looks really nice which will cost around 200 coins again. There are various damage skins that you can buy with the V coins.

Now let’s see what you can buy with the coins from the hall of Maple warriors. Actually, the hall of Maple warriors is a chair where you sit. This chair shows the total level of characters you have crossed in your game journey and in the server. This chair is a bit costly, which is 1300 coins. There are many other chairs, like the scuba diving chairs, which show how much you scuba-dived. There is an ostentation chair, cocoa sheep chair, and so on, which all cost around 500 to 800 hundred coins. 

Throughout the game, you will get to know many things, and accordingly, you have to invest in things, thus to know, just continue playing. 

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