Locations Of All Battlegates And Rewards In Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a unique action role-playing game from the Kingdom Hearts series developed by Square Enix Business Unit 3 and published by Square Enix.

The game’s plot is based on the events of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, in which Sora nearly lost the whole of his strength and therefore must regain it while collecting the 7 Guardian of Light and stopping Master Xehanort.

Where Can You Find All of the Battlegates and Rewards in Kingdom Hearts 3?

You will have to face various foes and bosses as the game progresses and unlock and obtain new materials, weaponry, armors, and other items. Battlegates in Kingdom Hearts 3 is extra challenges that will put your combat abilities to the test.

The Battlegate paths are end-game material that could only be accessed once the game’s plot has been completed. The most fun part of this game is that you will have to fight with tough monsters while earning interesting rewards.

The battlegates are bluish, spiky orbs which you’ll notice right away since they stand out like a sore thumb. Visit them to take the challenge, which generally consists of simple combat with many adversaries.

In this article, you will get to know everything about where to find all of the Battlegate gates, as well as the rewards for completing them. Continue reading for more information.

Battlegate 1 – Olympus

Location: You must go to the fourth quick travel point to reach this gateway. Then just go upstairs, and you’ll find yourself in the Gods’ Realm. A tiny spiky blue orb may be found in the open courtyard. To begin the trail, engage with it.

Rewards: Fire Cufflinks and the #1 Secret Reports

Battlegate 2 – Olympus

Location: You must travel to the Seventh fast travel location to access this portal. Turn around and pass via the huge gate behind Zeus after you’ve arrived. The blue gateway is located in the center of this region.

Rewards: Secret Report #2 with Cosmic Belt+

Battlegate 3 – Twilight Town

Location: You must travel to the second fast travel point to reach this portal. When you leave the gate, take a right from the spawning location, and you’ll see the blue ball.

Awards: Secret Report #3 with Evanescent Crystal

Battlegate 4 – Toy Box

Location: You must go to the sixth quick point to reach this portal. The ball in the vent will be visible from the spawn place.

Awards: Secret report #4 with Megaexlixir

Battlegate 5 – Toy Box – Galaxy Toy Store

Location: You must travel to the second fast travel point to reach this portal. You may see the blue ball if you rotate around from the spawn place.

Awards: Secret Report #5 with Thunder Cufflink

Battlegate 6 – Kingdom Of Corona

Location: To get to this portal, you must first travel to the fifth fast travel point. Go into the wetlands, not in the flower fields, and you’ll notice a tiny cliff with small caverns; turn right there to get the blue ball.

Awards: Secret Report #6 with Illusory Crystal

Battlegate 7 – Kingdom of Corona

Location: To reach this portal, you must first go to the first transit point. From here, enter the cave, then follow the route to the right to view the blue orb.

Awards: Secret Report #7 with Aero Cufflink.

Battlegate 8 – Monstropolis

Location: follow the path to reach the silo after you leave the PowerPoint from the spawning point, but first, you will have to travel to the sixth fast travel point; reaching that portal, the blue ball may be found in the middle of the silos.

Rewards: Illusionary Crystal and confidential report #8 

Battlegate 9 – Arendelle

Location: You must travel towards the third fast travel point to reach this portal. Simply utilize a portal to access the ice labyrinth from the spawn point, then use the elevator beneath to descend to the higher range. Everything you have to do now continues climbing until you reach a chamber. The blue ball will be in this room.

Rewards: Secret Report #9 with Evanescent Crystal

Battlegate 10 – Caribbean

Location: You must first arrive at the quick travel point to access this portal. Go over to the ship and take that for a right-hand sail from the spawn spot. A cave will be seen while boating. Simply input it, and the blue ball will appear.

Rewards: Secret Report #10 with Water Cufflink

Final Thoughts

That’s it! By this point, you must have learned about all the battlegates and rewards in Kingdom Hearts 3. We hope you found this article helpful!

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