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On 3 February 2021, the developers removed Kritias Invasion from GMS while updating in v.220 Moonlight Magic. To reach to Kritias Invasion, you need to complete the missions that occur eight times a day.

Kritias Invasion is the time-based event that comes up on the top of the player’s screen. The window will disappear when the Invasion ends. 

In this prequest guide, we will give you a detailed picture of the Kritias Invasion. So, let’s move further and get to know about it in detail.

What Comes In The Kritias Invasion?

Kritias Invasion shows the time the player has. It will also show the health bar of the Supply Commander and your donation or destruction performed to the Commander of Supply. You can maximize or minimize the pop- window as per your choice. The window disappears at the end of Invasion. You can also leave the window by exiting the Region of Kritias.

How Does The Invasion Take Place?

The timer turns on at thirty-five minutes. We recognize the first five minutes as the prep or waiting period for the attack.

If the timer runs out, players will lose their ability to uphold the Invasion. Enter into the Invasion Quest Notifier, which appears on the screen’s left side.

Now at this juncture, talk to Blundell at Northern Barracks. He will allocate you to Invasion Voyages. By finishing these missions, you need to donate some amount. The values of donation can vary between 500k to 1 million. The fraction of benefaction you earned per achieved sortie will get displayed in the text bar.

When you complete a journey from the last incursion, you need to donate something. However, if it occurred to be a collection mission and the existing commander is not raiding during the period you deliver it in, you will not get a donation as an award.

On the other hand, if you are not able to finish a journey from the last Invasion, you will find that Commander’s Army is not invading currently, and they are the reason for the incomplete mission. Now you can do one thing in which you can swap your sortie with Blundell.

Re-acceptance and resignation to a journey can be done only once every two minutes beginning from the moment you collected the quest. When you collect the quest, ordinary monsters will begin generating in the Battlefields.

Assassinating the monsters in the raid can decline the token of  Black Mage at a rate upon which you can pick up a contribution. However, the price is considerably lower than your expectations. The values can vary between 10k to 400k. However, mostly, they are about 100k to 200k. The proportion of assistance you gained will get a display in the text bar.

Note: The frequency of Tokens of Black Mage can increase by multipliers of Drop Rate multipliers.

Who Comprises The Invasion Armies?

Only two armies will overrun Kritias. In an army, there will be only one Field Commander and one Supply Commander.

On the defendant’s side, the battalions consisted of monsters from Hilla, Magnus, Arkarium, Von Leon.

Once the raid progresses and the health bar of Supply Commander reduces to 75%, more powerful monsters will begin to emerge.

These mini-bosses (categorized as Bosses, which hold Boss Damage) possess 1 Billion HP. Also, when they get defeated, they will often plunge to two tokens of Black Mage.

Note: A maximum of 3 mini-bosses can emerge around the Region of Kritias per track. These mini-bosses will spawn in outlines of a map where a participant is existing. If the mini-boss is vacated alone after spawning, they will stay there till the climax of the Invasion.

Field Commander will enter the Battlefield when the health bar of the Supply Commander lessens to 25%,

You can easily recognize the Supply Commander in the Invasion UI. He is head of the groundwork in the incursions.

On the contrary, the Field Commander leads the battalions and will beget when the Invasion is almost defended. You can recognize him by the category of forces that are assaulting him.

The defendant armies have all the skills and perform identically to their most intricate manner, except for the following:

  • Meteors of Magnus are scarcely vulnerable and less regular like Easy Magnus.
  • Hilla does not hurl an ability to fence in players.
  • Arkarium does not possess his utmost capability- Screen Crack.

Field Commander often plunges five tokens of Black Mage upon setback.

On Which Maps Does Field Commander Appear?

Field Commander will generate in the nooks of the region and appears only once on the Battlefield when a participant is there.

The maps are as follows:

  • Scorching Forest 1 to 2
  • Frozen Forest 1 to 2
  • Forest of Darkness 1 to 2

The exact directions differ from map to map. Field Commander appears on the map to have 6.3 Bil, except Arkarium, who possesses 12.6 Bil. 

A bright yellow text will be published in the region of Kritias when the Field Commander gets overthrown. Once overthrown, they cannot be eligible to join in again. Total contributions of 100 Million from all players are required to drain the health bar of the Supply Commander.

What Rewards Can You Get In Kritias Shop?

In the marketplace of NPC Keilbarren, you can purchase items for Commemorative Coins and Anaheim Coins. The things that you can obtain include the following, which boosts the percentage of earned anti-magic:

  • Tyrant Gloves:

These gloves are incredibly decent gloves whipped by an inverted sweetwater glove. These are gifted gloves, implying each star has an amount of stats. Presently, they cost Kritias coins. You can earn in GMS in two ways- during daily Kritias quests and Invasions, which happen every following hour of the day from 8 am to 10 pm UTC.

  • Reset Tickets:

Weekly Bosses possess a reset ticket which enables you to battle the monsters one extra time. You can use them only after the seven days of the previous usage. So make sure you use them wisely.

  • Anti-magic Stones:

You can trade anti-magic obtained in anti-magic stones and items with Kritias Commemorative Coins. They usually receive in the lot of 3000. You will get them as a reward in a Weekly mission.

What Rewards Can You Get Out Of The Whole Invasion?

You will get rewards depending on the proportion of contributions made in the attack. The list of rewards are as follows:

  • You will get a maximum of one thousand anti-magic with 3 Million contributions for gaining a victory.
  • 5 Million Contribution for relinquishing.
  • If the raid is successfully upheld, you will get one anti-magic stone.
  • An extra three anti-magic stones if the person delivers the final donation.

You can swap channels when you do not warp out in Invasion. However, if you did warp out of Battlefield, talk to Blundell to fetch your lot of bonuses. However, make sure you get these bonuses before the occurrence of the subsequent Invasion.

Final Thoughts

We hope our prequest guide helped you in framing out your gaming strategy and get a lot of bonuses and rewards out of the game. Share this article with your gaming pals who might find it beneficial. Also, share your gaming experience by writing in the comments section below.

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