How to Provide Gill’s Love Letter in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Gill is an amorous character in AC Valhalla with an NPC character who provides Eivor a hunt item. The item known as Gill’s love letter is for Viking to deliver the letter to the rightful recipient. You can see Gill in Glowecestre positioned on a fence supervising a hive. Once you locate him, you have to activate the dearly in-game bee-loved AC world Event.

The primary aim in the Dearly Bee-Loved search in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is to convey the poem or love letter to any NPCs inside the beehive. Everything is geared towards achieving the objective. Now that you understand the game’s objective, where can you locate Gill in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

Where to Locate Gill?

To find Gill, you need to look at the top of the Roman wall located at Glowecestre northeastern. As you approach Gill; you will immediately overhear him as he reads through the writing or love letter.

Who should collect Gill’s Love Letter?

While the task of the game is to deliver Gill’s love letter, you must know who should collect the letter. The letter is designed for a particular person. Therefore, to accomplish the Assassin’s Creed so-called Valhalla Dearly Bee-Loved Event, what’s required from you is to pass the love letter you got from Gill.

Peradventure you want extra information about the recipient, you have the permission to thoroughly read the love letter in your record. Here are the steps to follow to achieve that feat.

Once you complete reading the poem, you must go to the area with blue wildflowers close by. In this place, you will find a hive with three characters nurturing the bees. Select the figure that stands on the terrace in the area. Remember the following points:

Gill doesn’t have the ability to deliver the love letter since he experiences anaphylaxis. While anyone can provide a love letter in the area, Gill’s lover is the only person you need to complete the mission. The actual NPC will stand close to the wooden terrace. Ensure you give the love letter to the proper character

Remember, if you provide the love letter to another character, you can still finish the hunt or quest. Nevertheless, towards the end, you will have issues. When exploring the city at a later time in the quest, you will naturally see Gill quarreling with any NPC you selected. The argument will result in them breaking up. Therefore, you need to choose the right character to deliver Gill’s love letter.

If you follow our AC Valhalla The Dearly Bee-Loved AC World Event guide, you have completed the mission of delivering Gill’s letter. It is quite a simple quest if you adhere to the instructions. Remember, the quest aims to deliver the love letter to the right recipients.

You can find Gill at the top of the ruined wall. Once you have located Gill and talked with him, you can deliver the love letter to Eivor, who needs to read it before handing you the job of finding the right person who suits the letter’s description.

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