How to Open Prime Engrams In Destiny 2

Engrams are the soul of leveling in Destiny 2. However, you won’t be able to get your hands on them until you know how to unlock them. These enigmatic dodecahedrons provide no instructions for inexperienced players on how to unlock them.

To make matters worse, with so many different sorts of engrams to open yet so many different vendors to deliver them to, figuring out which engram belongs to which seller may be a headache.

Not every engram is simply accessed; some need interaction with a specific location or NPC, including the Prime Engrams, that are accessed in the tower.

Where Can You Get The Engrams?

The more you play Destiny 2, the more Prime Engrams would appear in the inventory, and they appear when you complete specific tasks. This involves overcoming difficult adversaries, participating in gameplay modes such as the Arena, and simply exploring Destiny 2’s plot.

It’s worth noting that beating tougher opponents’ yellow health bar will grant you a Prime Engram. Clearing Hidden Sectors and participating in Heroic Large Places are two of the best methods to get Prime Engrams.

How Can You Open Engrams?

Throughout Destiny 2, you need to take engrams to the right seller to unlock them. Seasonally, the number of merchants and the types of engrams change. There’s also a new type of engram in Season of Arriving, which can only be unlocked by Drifter’s strange contraption.

Once you get to the vendor’s website, select the engram you want to decode. You would receive the item after the engram is opened. If you’re fortunate, it’ll be in a spot you desire or in the product you’re looking for.

While it’s one of the most important engrams to deal with, there are indeed several other engrams that will be added throughout Destiny 2’s lifespan. New engrams are introduced particularly for that event with minimal benefits during the Beginnings, Crimson Weeks, and Feast of the Lost.


You can unlock Prime Engrams whenever you want, but then you can just carry a certain number at a time. Therefore, it’s vital to do so before all of the slots are occupied to make room for more.

Since you can simply update the armor later on, when a Prime Engram has a lesser Power Rating doesn’t mean you should abandon it. Prime Engrams are among the best methods to boost the Power Rating because they are simple to collect and open.

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