How To Make Water Still In Stranded Deep?

Water is a crucial necessity for every player in Stranded Deep while they fight with thirst and hunger. Thirst could be satisfied by drinking consumable fluids discovered over an island or ferry. It may also be obtained by constructing a Water Still. In this article, we will go through how to create water from Water Still and also how many different options there will be to relieve your thirst.

How Can You Use Water Still And Make Water In Stranded Deep

To begin, the most natural yet easiest method to find water would be in the shape of a coconut on a palm tree. You could either climb or cut down a coconut and palm Tree to acquire Coconut. Coconut would be raw at first, and also, to drink from it, you would need to hit it on the floor and smash it with any sharp item, including a knife or axe. When you observe it turning brown, pick that up and sip the Coconut Water to relieve your thirst. You may hit the Coconut, then crack it open using the same way as usual, then drink it to fill up your stomach.

Next, the rations found in a lost boat will include water and food in a container that will concurrently fill all bars. It could be used as an urgent ration because the Ration area needed is only one, so it serves for both thirst and hunger.

Lastly, you may construct a Water Still that will fill a bar with each drink. You will need the following materials to construct Water Still:

  • Three rocks
  • One tarp
  • One lashing
  • One Fern de Palme
  • 1 oz. Coconut Jug

Palm Frond may be obtained by cutting down Palm Bunches, which can be discovered on a Palm Tree. Remove the Palm Tree and retrieve the Palm Frond from the Palm Bunch. 

It is suggested to add the Fibrous Leaves after constructing Water Still, since both the Palm Frond as well as Fibrous Leaves could be added. Note that while Fibrous Leaves sprout, trees do not, therefore, save the resources. 

Water will now be created spontaneously without the assistance of rain or other meteorological conditions. Before departing on an adventure, fill up the jug with extra water from the Water Still Collector and then let the Water Still do its thing.

That’s it, by this point, you must have learned how to use Water Still and make water in Stranded Deep. We hope you found this article helpful!

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