How To Get Potential Scrolls In MapleStory

For many, the most crucial part of playing MapleStory is getting as many scrolls as possible. Scrolls are what make the game exciting and challenging. With so many different types to choose from, it can be hard to decide which ones you should invest in for your specific needs. Here’s an easy guide on how to get more potential scrolls in MapleStory that will teach you everything you need to know about scrolling, including what scrolls exist, where you can get them, and how to use them.

Rebooting a Character

Creating a character and then deleting it will not restore the Reboot field that gives you boost elements, dice, and scrolls when you reach a certain level (level 150). The Reboot box is only available for brand new accounts with the same character. Most of the performance-enhancing items in the reboot world cost Mesos (red cube and black cube) and can be purchased in the cash shop, Mesos Character Slots, Monster Park Tickets, Pendant Slots, and many other pay-to-win Mesos items. A player can only trade if they are strong enough to finance themselves, which means they get extra Mesos from other characters.

Epic Scrolls

Increased item dice and scrolls are great because you can give your primary character some early potential stats to make progress. Using Craftsman cubes will help players upgrade their gear to epic one-offs, but players can also opt for rare one-offs and unique potential scrolls at the auction house. Purchasing the auction house’s elite boss boxes will provide a gamer with potential epic scrolls from various in-game events. 

Early In The Game

It is good to have a character’s gear that has 9 primary stats and epic potential in the early game. A player’s primary focus should be on trying to make weapons, secondary weapons, and emblems unique. They can provide:

  • Impressive statistics.
  • Attacks.
  • Magical attacks (without defect and boss damage).
  • The rest of the gear. 

Potential Lines

In MapleStory, some device types have potential lines, and others do not. A player can increase the number of possible lines by using likely stamps to get to a maximum of 3 lines. Make sure that all the devices have at least three instead of 2 lines of potential. Possible lines can be achieved by binding the level requirements to the gearbox, with higher levels being better lines (e.g., Badges, shoulders, boots, and belts pick up fewer dice and have good statistics, so they have less waste potential. 

Potential Glitch

There is a unique potential scroll glitch, but it is not a glitch as it is a way to get an unlimited number of tremendous potential scrolls for 100% without using too many maples. The higher the degree of a potential scroll used in an object potential, the more lines will be inherited. If he has a 75% chance, he has two lines and a 25% chance of having three lines. Players can ignore 20% of monster damage that appears twice in a single die to get stats and item levels. Skill level increase appears once in a single die. 

Quests Where One Can Earn Lines

The questline Ghost Ship Exorcist obtains the Ghost Ship Exorcist Badge (BIS Badge), which is inferior to the Sengoku Hakase Badge, an event item much better. It’s also an event-exclusive item, so it’s okay to get a die instead of a legendary die, but it has 21 stats. When the Sengoku event comes, players should aim for no more than 21 Legends on your Ghost Ship, as the MIC badge offers a higher level potential and a decent number of weapons and magical attacks.

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