How To Get Pet Food In MapleStory?

If you own a pet in Maplestory, you’ll need pet food sooner or later.

Pets have something called a “fullness level,” which describes how fed it is. For a pet to be kept going, it needs pet food so you can increase its fullness level.

Pet food usually costs about 30 mesos when it is purchased from the NPC Doofus who is located at the Henesys Market in Henesys. You can also buy pet food in Leafre, My Lung, Ludibrium, and Orbis.

What are Pets?

In MapleStory, pets are monsters that follow you around and can perform commands. They can be purchased from the Cash Shop, although some are given as rewards for completing quests or participating in Events.

Pets have Levels, which can be raised by “Closeness.” The “Closeness” of a pet can be increased by feeding and talking to them.

Pets are usually only alive for 90 days, at the end of which they become dolls. The pets can be revived by purchasing “Water of Life” from the Cash Shop and by completing a quest, although pets obtained from quests and events can’t be brought back to life.

It is only possible to have up to three pets follow you in MapleStory. If you want this ability, you’ll have to purchase a Pet Snack from the Cash Shop.

Next, you’ll have to take the treat to Trainor Barros (located at Henesys Pet Park), and you’ll be asked to locate a hidden note. You’ll have to complete the Jump Quest and double-click the basket of kittens at the top to get the note.

After you return to Bartos, you will gain the skill that allows you to have more than one pet at a time. This skill is called “Follow the Lead.”

When a pet is neglected, its fullness comes down until it reaches 0. It then loses closeness and returns to the inventory. This doesn’t mean it dies, though. You can still summon and feed it, although it can’t be used.

The maximum fullness of every per is 100. If you try to overfeed it past this point, its closeness will decrease. Meanwhile, if you feed it when it is hungry, its closeness will increase.

Pets usually start to display signs of hunger and weakness when their fullness reaches 50. When a pet’s fullness reaches 50, it will show that it is hungry through facial expressions, stances, and gestures.

How to Get Pet Food

Getting pet food in MapleStory is an easy task so that you can stack up on lots of it at once. You’ll need a lot of pet food if you want to keep your pet and get the most out of it.

Pet food can be purchased from the NPC Doofus, the Pet Food Merchant. Pet food costs about 30 mesos each, so you can stock up on it once and not have to think about it for a while after.

Pet food can be stacked for up to 9,000 and so it does not take a lot of space in your USE inventory. It is recommended that 9000 should be stacked because at that point, it becomes more than enough to last your pet for a considerable period.

Doofus, the Pet Food Merchant, can be found in five towns. They are Henesys, Orfis, Mu Lung, Leafre, and Ludibrium.

Most players prefer to purchase pet food from Henesys because it is the easiest to get to.

The NPC Doofus can be found in Henesys at the Henesys Market. You can get to the Henesys Market through the portal located in the middle of the town.

After entering the Henesys Market, go all the way to the right until you arrive at the potion store. Once there, you will find Doofus.

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