How To Get Offchurch Wealth Treasure in AC Valhalla

The Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Offchurch Gear might look difficult to get, but don’t worry as you will get an easy how-to guide over here which will explain the process in a simple way. It will be explained how to obtain this collectible and also, how to open the Offchurch locked room.

It is a very simple process than what you might have thought and imagined it to be as a basic technique is implied to get the desired results. Otherwise, you might be making the same mistakes that usually Assassin’s Creed players make.

Let’s quickly go through this in light of the fact that once you gather it, you’ll get a truly decent weapon also called The Sepulcher Axe.

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Valhalla Offchurch Wealth Collectible’s Locality

We should begin from the start with the genuine mapping area of this collectible.

This is situated in an underground room of an Offchurch. However, that room is locked as you might already know.

Its area has been on the screenshot of the map underneath to assist you with discovering it, in spite of the fact that you ought not to zero in on it to an extreme.

Take a look at this screenshot to know the reason.

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Step by Step Instructions to Obtain the Offchurch Gear

The Offchurch Gear does not need any riddle and you do not need to track down a mysterious passage for it. This is in comparison to the Ledecestre Gear, which expected us to tackle a generally simple riddle.

A key will be required, however.

Yet, the issue here is that the Anglo Saxon that conveys the key has mysteriously disappeared.

Things being what they are, how do we get inside? The answer is through playing a quest. This is called ‘Tilting of Balance’ and was also present in Ledecestrescire. It is an essential part of the Kingmaker’s Saga.

Towards the finish of the said mission, you’ll need to manage Burgred who will stow away inside the room where the Offchurch Wealth is found.

Clearly, you’ll need to get inside and the way into the locked room is discovered in front of the room.

It is conveyed by a Skirmisher. This skirmisher can be seen in the screen capture beneath. You must kill him.

Kill the skirmisher while you are pursuing Burgred.

When you do that, you’ll get the Offchurch Entryway Key. Utilize it and open the entryway prompting Burgred.

Pre or post-dealing with Bugred, you will have the option to get the Offchurch Stuff Collectible inside.

It is genuinely simple to discover as you can find it in the screen capture below.

If you can’t get this gear collectible; this is on the grounds that you’re attempting too early to get to a quest-related region.

So this is the process through which you can obtain Offchurch Gear which is a collectible wealth in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla video game.

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