How To Fish Nel’s Brother Walter in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is infused with a lot of mysteries, one of which is that of a little girl by the name of Nel you will find in Oxenefordscire, right beside a pond. She is in search of her brother whom a goblin transformed into a fish and threw in the pond. 

This mystery is a World Event and you must complete it to get a Oxenefordscire 100% completion. In this article, as usual, I will be guiding you on what steps you need to take to help find Nel’s brother. 

In a twist, Nel, similar to Asta the Summoner, isn’t what you think she is. 

This Assassin’s Creed Valhalla mystery quest isn’t hard at all, quite short also, but it does need a tiny requirement. 

This mystery quest is also named Fishing Lesson. The reason for the name, you will find out later once it has been completed. 

Where to Find the Goblin, Nel, and Walter in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 

On the guide map, Nel the quest giver’s exact location can be found (Walter went missing here). This location is also known as the starting point of the Fishing Lesson World Event. When you arrive at this location, you will find a dock and a lake there. 

On the dock, you will hear Nel shouting Walter’s (her brother) name, but why is Walter inside the pond? Apparently, because he was transformed into a fish by a goblin. 

Yes. A goblin. However, be rest assured, there are no goblins there. A wild imagination maybe? 

Start the mystery quest by visiting the dock. You will also find a Fishing Poem on top of a crate beside Nel’s fishing barrel, although this wouldn’t help you in solving the mystery. 

If you communicate with Nel, she would tell you the story of her brother who is now a scaly cold-blooded pond creature. 

To summarize it all, Walter (a fish in the pond) has to go back home to his sister. 

How to Save Nel’s Brother and Get Him Out of the Pond

Obviously, the objective of this mystery is to find Nel’s brother and fish him out of the pond. To do this, a Fisherman Hut is required in your place. 

Without having the Fisherman Hut, you won’t be able to utilize your rod. This is that teeny tiny requirement mentioned in the beginning of the article. 

Another thing to note here is you might be able to get some other fish using some “unfair” methods like using your bow to snipe them or diving into the pond to catch them. You can try those if you haven’t built your Fisherman Hut, though it is highly unlikely that you would actually be able to catch Nel’s brother. 

After building your Fisherman Hut, you can press down on your directional pad (D-pad) and pull your rod out to choose the rod and analyze the pond for schools of fish. 

Cast your fishing rod on the fish school you have sighted and aimed for and if a fish gets hooked, press the R2 button and press the X button (if you’re playing on PS4 or PS5) to pull the fish towards yourself on land. 

If by some sort of unlucky chance, you don’t spot any fish near Nel’s dock, you can move about the pond to locate more fish. 

There isn’t any goblin around, obviously, and you won’t catch Walter too, but you will have to catch a set number of fish to give to Nel. 

After you catch a fish, you go to Nel until you see Walter casually getting out of a nearby bush. The type of fish you catch does not matter, as long as you meet the required number. 

At the end of the quest, you’d realize that Nel used you to do her work by lying to you, exactly like Asta. 

So you basically wasted your time catching fish for someone whose intent was to only fool you. 

Once you realize that you have been fooled, go to the barrel and hand over to Nel the fish you caught. 

Cunning, right? At the end of it, you’ve completed your quest. 

That is basically how you complete the mission of fishing Nel’s brother Walter in the Fishing Lesson mission of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

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