How To Get Rid of Muscle Parasites in Rimworld?

In Rimworld, Muscle Parasites are part of a fundamental in-game mechanism known as Diseases. In the game, they mostly affect a player’s colonists. The type of biome that your colony is situated in, along with the level of in-game difficulty that you have chosen, determines how often your colony will get this disease.

For example, if you have your colony settled in a rainforest biome, be prepared for very frequent attacks. On the other hand, if your colony is in a Tundra biome or a Desert biome, you don’t need to worry much about the muscle parasites.

However, there can be exceptions as well. The disease can also come randomly, even if your colony is not in the wrong biome. Most of the time, this happens when one of your pawns suffers an injury.

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How Diseases Spread In Rimworld

Almost all diseases in the game come with their own unique special traits and inflict varying amounts of damage depending on what symptoms their traits cause. Every disease develops in stages progressively over time.

Pawns tend to develop immunity against diseases on their own with time. If a pawn is unable to develop immunity, then that disease may end up killing that pawn.

One example where this situation can arise is when one of your pawns contracts the plague, a type of in-game disease. This disease progresses in multiple stages until it reaches its final level, which is one hundred percent progression.

If the pawn is unable to build an immunity against the plague before it completes its full progression, it will die from it. You should try to administer appropriate doses of pentoxifylline into your pawns to help build their immunity faster and make it reach one hundred percent before the plague progression does.

How Muscle Parasites Affect Gameplay

These parasites are fragile and cause very mild to no symptoms, and are not fatal at all. If you see their infestation in your colony, then there is nothing to panic about. The most that it will do is make the infected pawn a bit slugging and slightly less efficient.

Here are a few in-game health modifiers that the muscle parasites affect:

  • It adds an additional 20% to the Pain Modifier.
  • Tiredness Modifier gets massively affected with a 200% boost.
  • Both movement and manipulation modifiers are also affected and are reduced by 30%

With the above data, it should now be clearly evident how little of an effect the muscle parasite actually has on your pawn. It’s like a small mirage for your pawns that makes them want to rest more and work less. 

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How to Get Rid of Muscle Parasites

Getting rid of Muscle Parasites is a pretty simple job and doesn’t require the use of any advanced tools or potions as such. Regular medicine is more often than not sufficient enough to ward off the infection.

The symptom is so mild that even with a little amount of regular medicine, the pawn won’t require any sort of relaxation time throughout the entire period of infection. When you administer the medicine to your infected colonist, a Treatment Quality prompt appears.

What you need to ensure in this prompt is that all of the treatments should collectively account to be 300% exactly. The procedure to do this is very simple and doesn’t require any tedious calculations.

All you need to do is arrange exactly three treatments that are of 100%, and this should be sufficient to fully treat the members of your colony. There is no exact set of combinations. You can have the treatments configured any way you like just to ensure it all sums up to 300%.


Some diseases can be very tough to handle but not muscle parasites. They aren’t the ones that cause any serious damage, and you rest assured about them. They are mild and weak, and there is nothing to fear about them.

All it takes is the right percentage of treatment to wipe them out.

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