Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How To Assist Winchell The Nudist?

Winchell the nudist is a nacked and enraged man you will find in AC Valhalla in the region of Grantebridgescire. You can complete an all-new World event (Winchell The Robesfree) if you’re able to help him achieve his vengeance.

This adventure or hunt in AC Valhalla can be a little complicated, nonetheless, read the tutorial below in which I will tell you how to finish it.

Is it really that difficult to do? We have managed to deal with the Mad King, so dealing with the Nudist is a piece of cake.

Where Winchell The Nudist Can Be Found In AC Valhalla

To begin this mystery, head to the Besuncen Tor in Grantebridgescire’s northwestern corner.

You can see Winchell’s location on the map.

You will see a partially naked NPC on a hill when you reach that location.

Partially because he’s still wearing underwear.

So, if you talk to Winchell, he will let you know that his sect, the Pious Nudists, expelled him because he grew too passionate. As should all nudists!

Hence he wants retribution from Winchell (a cult founder) who expelled him for being nude all the time.

Specifically, he wants them to wear clothes all the time in which they were born i.e. none.

Your goal is to steal those clothes which are contained in a container in the camp of the cult.

Let’s get started!

Where Can You Find Winchell’s Clothes Crate?

You can see the camp you will have to explore from your present location (near  Winchell).

Just jump from the hill into the lake below.

Now swim to the camp. Keep in mind that the nudists will ignore you.

Look for a tiny container underneath a tent once you’ve entered the camp.

Be warned, if you touch it the nudist will grow violent. After all, they do adore their clothing.

Just take the crate and run towards the wooden bridge and then turn right. Continue sprinting towards the Winchell uphill and don’t pay attention to the partial nudists. They’ll eventually quit following you.

To finish this event, you must now place the container in front of Winchell.

The issue is that Winchell’s event does not always finish when you deliver the container to him.

If the bug still exists, just do the same thing again i.e. run towards the hill, jump back into the lake, take the container and bring it back to our nudist buddy.

When I played it, I repeated it five times to complete the event. Just so you’re aware

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Winchell The Robesfree quest, this is the way you deal with the nudists. But maybe now you should try finding Asta’s horse, Skinfaxi in East Anglia.

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