How Many People Play Diablo 2 In 2022?

Diablo is an old game, but it still had many players in 2022. Let’s see how many players play this game in 2022. 

Blizzard has fixed the game’s problems numerous times, and a lot of retired players have returned to the game, and because of new features many new players have been attracted to it. 

Diablo 2 was being played by many people when it was first released. In the years 2020 and 2022, the great turnout of the game has reached Blizzard over 26 million active users. However, the total number of monthly active users fell by 13% year over year to almost 25 million, despite the fact that Diablo 2: Resurrected was released in September. 

Since May, the company has lost a million active users and three million since the last quarter, when it was at 29 million users.

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Number of Characters

Diablo 2 is a multiplayer game. It can be played online by up to eight players at a time. There are not any local co-op options available in Resurrected like there are in Diablo 3. One rule of the game is that whenever you create an offline character you will have to settle for single player mode only. 

Also, when you create an online character, you will be able to team up with up to eight other people to raid the game’s world. saves your online characters and you can access them no matter what game you are playing. 

You can create up to seven characters online if you want to play with others. With this feature, Diablo II Classic allows you to face the difficulty of monsters and gives rewards for defeating them. This feature from the PC version of the game is now available on consoles as well. 

Players can have a choice to choose between public & private lobbies. The game also allows them to play with strangers and friends. Because the game currently does not support cross-play, the parties may only be made up of users from the same platform. In the future, Blizzard may certainly implement cross-play in Diablo 2.

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Here are a few tips when playing Diablo 2:

How to Play Offline

First of all, go to the “Game Settings” press tab, then click on “Online,” and here you can adjust the “Offline Difficulty Scaling” slider to use the offline feature. To choose your preferred difficulty, you will need to start a new game session, just like in Diablo II Classic.

Players in Online Game

If you are choosing an online game character and press “Play” you will be launched in a private PC game. There are also “Solo” places in private lobbies that players can only access if they are invited. 

There is another feature called the “Party Finder” feature. It allows the player to select parameters to filter from when joining a randomly generated public lobby, including difficulty, act number, and maximum player count. Players have the option to browse through existing parties that have been created by different users in the “Join Game” tab. 

Players are allowed to move their profiles to a different system for a limited time, allowing them to play with any of their characters and save on the platform. All the players must do is make sure that their own Blizzard gaming account is also linked to one of the platforms available.

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Why Diablo 2 Has Lost The Ball

Basically, Diablo 2 is an old game developed in the early 2000s, but according to some players, Blizzard has lost the ball and has wasted any long-term chances for Diablo 2 to survive. 

There is a blame game for losing their players from such a great following. Streamers are blamed for their bad servers and database problems. They have also collaborated with them to announce upcoming changes.

Before improving or balancing the game, they should fix a thousand other issues that are present in the game. Most of the fans are not happy with the changes and say that Diablo 2 Resurrected is not for everyone, and they are not sure they will be able to put up with some of the outdated systems. 

If you enjoyed the original, it is difficult not to recommend at least giving this game a shot. After playing Diablo 3, most of the players have entirely shifted towards it and have left playing Diablo 2.

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