How to Execute Prisoners in Prison Architect

Prison Architect is a game that was developed and published by Introversion Software, which just so happens to be the makers of Defcon, Uplink, and Darwinia. When you’re playing the game, the goal is to design a building, build it, and then run a prison according to your tastes. This game was released in Steam’s Early Access back in 2015. Right about now, you may be wondering how to execute a prisoner for whatever reason, and that’s what I’m here to help you with …

When the game first came out, there was no way to execute a prisoner. However, they added an update that gave the ability to build an execution chamber, a death row cellblock to put the condemned prisoner, and a new legal system that can be used in order to determine when the prisoner is legally allowed to be killed. 

The team working on the game has wanted to include executions in the very beginning, but the game just wasn’t ready for that. They wanted to make sure death row wasn’t frivolous. They didn’t want to see a game where every single prisoner was on death row because that isn’t realistic. Many times, death row inmates are on death row for decades before they are executed, so it would be horrible to make the mechanics open to doing such a thing in the beginning. 

Prison Architect, just like real prisons, will have you facing a different variety of prisoners. One of those prisoner types is Death Row inmates. These are prisons that are ready to face the death sentence, provided the appeals don’t work.

Including execution in the game involves a complex process:

  • Hire a lawyer
  • Build specialist cells
  • Build the execution chamber

You see, there’s an entire process that goes into executing a prisoner. Each prisoner who is condemned will have a change of the state, finding them innocent or reducing their sentence. Every time a prisoner fails to appeal, the chance of clemency will decrease and eventually fall to zero.

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When the Clemency Percentage Drops

When you have a prisoner whose clemency percentage has dropped below 5%, which is the state-approved limit, you will be able to execute a prison without being held accountable if he is found innocent later on. 

Execution Schedule

The execution schedule will have you focusing all of your attention on the prisoner’s last moments. You will need to put the prison into lockdown, test out the chamber, and put the witnesses together before you’re able to pull the switch. 

Do Everything Right and Get Paid

If you manage to do everything right in the execution process, you will be paid $10,000. However, if the prisoner’s lawyers find the prisoner would have received clemency, watch out because you will be fined $50,000. If you are to receive three infractions, your game will be over.

When you’re performing an execution, your prison will shut down because all of your focus is put towards the process. 

Must be on Death Row

In order to execute a prisoner, they must be a Death Row inmate. These are rare prisoners in the game. You will first need to create a Death Row sector in your prison. To do this, build a section of cells that are away from the others (I put mine close to where I develop my execution room) and establish this group of cells as the Death Row Sector. Don’t forget, and you will need to put a guard on duty there because, as you can assume, these inmates will be very mean. 

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Build an Execution Room

Next, you will need to build an execution room. The execution room needs to have an execution chair. You’re almost ready to get started …the only thing you need to do after you have received your first inmate on Death Row is to wait and allow appeals to happen. Appeals are scheduled as a Program and take place in the Parole Hearing room that you will need to build. You can click on an inmate to see what percentage of conviction they’re in. Your best bet is to wait for the inmate to fail enough appeals before you go forward with their execution. Otherwise, you could have a lawsuit slapped in your face. Of course, if the prisoner is found not guilty, then you should let them go.

Prisoner Isn’t Innocent – It’s Time to Proceed.

Once your prisoner is not going to be found innocent, it’s time for you to proceed with those execution plans. You can go into the inmate character menu (do this by click on the inmate) and follow each one of the steps until the final one has been reached ad then you can execute the prisoner.

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