Eve Online – How to Scan?

Each ship in Eve Online includes an overview window that may be set to show planets, asteroids belts, moons, facilities, and other relevant items in the existing system of things. Since it is tough to play in Eve without all of this knowledge, it is strongly recommended that you learn how to scan in the game before proceeding with any mission.

Every spacecraft in Eve also has a Direction Scanner (d-scan) on board that could be used to find things up to 14 AU away from the ship but will not identify them by distance or location.

Such equipment may be utilized to look for Cosmic Oddities, which includes an ice belt and gas clouds as well as other items. In fact, each spacecraft includes a solar system map which provides the layout and directed scanning data in visual form.

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Types Of Scannings

Survey Scanning

Survey scanners are used to determine distances to different targets and keep track of the total amount of asteroid and ice mining done. Survey scanners often assess resource type, amount, and distance. They have an effective range of 15 KM, and they use a mid-level fitting slot amount and distance. These have a maximum range of 10 kilometers and are equipped with a pre-fitting position.

Probe Scanning

Each ship in Eve Online, apart from frigates and shuttles, can accommodate a scan probe module for launching. Such probes expand the number of things that can be identified and the distance where they may be scanned in and out. These probes offer distance and positional data. A probe launcher can take up a high fitting slot.

How To Get Scanner Probes In Eve Online?

Players can retrieve any probes they left behind in space owing to the client shutting by hitting on the ‘Reconnect to Lost Probes’ option. As probes only have a limited life duration, reconnecting after a prolonged time frame may not be possible.

Where to Find A Site

Sites only seem to generate in a radius of 4 AU surrounding celestials (may only be planets) (may only be planets). Scanning wide swaths of empty space might uncover mission locations and destroyed drones, but probably not much more.

Solar System Map

The Solar System Map may be rotated with the Left Mouse Button or panned using Right Mouse Button. Clicking an item (heavenly body, station, probe, sign, etc.) alters the pivot point while turning with the Left Mouse Button. 

Hint: Triple clicking on the probing cube enables the probe cube to be the rotation centerpiece and re-centers the viewpoint to the probe cube.

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Probes For Loading

Make sure you have approximately twice as many probes as you will be using at any one moment. When you first load your launcher, only load the number of probes that you will be able to have active at the time. For example, if you have nine probes active, you may carry 16 while only loading nine. 

After launching your total number of probes and completing their placement, the launcher will automatically activate the next stack, containing exactly the amount of probes required for the next system. This will save you time and effort. You will never have to manually load the launcher again because it will always be available in this way.

Probe Attributes

Probes have three qualities that impact scan results: sensor strength (greater is better), limit deviation (less is better), and base scan range.

The base scan range specifies what scan ranges the probe can utilize. This is always 0.25 AU for core probes, whereas battle probes have a base scan range of 0.5 AU. The sensing strength and minimum deviation are both specified at the base scan range. It can make battle probes look considerably much worse than core probes. 

But to achieve similar data, you have to increase the combat probe stats by twice so that you will be measuring sensor power as well as scan deviation across the scan range and verify that the combat probes are actually comparable to core probes.

A smaller scan range delivers better outcomes but scans a lower volume. This makes core probes stronger at scanning hard-to-scan signs where the lowest scan range has to be employed. On the other hand, battle probes can be utilized to cover a broader 64 AU scan region for a very basic system search. When scanning with ranges bigger than 0.25 AU but lower than 64 AU, it would not matter which probes are used.


In Eve online, many things are visible to players, but other things are hidden and take a bit more work to discover for them. If players choose to pursue a career in exploration, the Sensor Overlay is an excellent tool to begin their journey with.

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