The Easiest Way to Get Dragonite Ore in MHGU (2022 Update)

We all love to track and hunt down evil monsters. That is perhaps the reason why Monster Hunters are such a popular game series. There is just a minor problem, though – you need weapons and equipment to hunt down these bad boys!

 Monster Hunters Generations Ultimate brings together features from all the previous versions of the game. One of the best things is that Palicos makes a comeback. Only this time they are friendly characters and help with a lot of tasks. They can help you escape from the monsters by digging tunnels. However, we like them best when they are helping build our stockpile by gathering precious items from the field at double the speed.

 In Monster Hunters Generations Ultimate, Dragonite Ore is a critical resource used to build all kinds of weapons and equipment. However, Dragonite Ore in MHGU remains elusive to find, especially when you are struggling in Low-Rank game mode. 

Here is how you can find the precious Dragonite Ore in MHGU both in the Low-Rank gameplay and also when you are sitting smartly in the High-Rank mode.

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1. Finding Dragonite Ore When You Are Still Struggling Through the Low Rank

While you are still making your way through Low Rank, Dragonite Ore can be especially tough to find and mine. First up, you need to make sure that you unlock the Volcano Map. You can not access Dragonite Ore without doing this.

Once you are in the Volcano Map, start exploring the mining zones sprayed around this map. However, we warn you it can be incredibly rare to get your hands on Dragonite Ore in the early stages, even in these mines.

However, the good news is that once you reach the 4-star series of quests, you are much more likely to find the Dragonite Ore among these mines. From that point onwards, you can use Dragonite Ore to progress through the game speedily.

2. Finding Dragonite Ore Once you Reach High-Rank Gameplay:

Once you have done all the hard work of making it through it into High-Rank Monster Hunters Ultimate Generation gameplay, finding the precious Dragonite Ore gets much easier. Almost all the maps from this point on have ample mines brimming with Dragonite Ore. Just keep exploring, and you will be able to make a bountiful haul of it. However, Dragonite Ore is used extensively in MHGU. So, it is always better to mine it whenever you get the chance and keep a healthy store of it.

3. A Cool Alternative Way to Mine Dragonite Ore:

It turns out there is also a nice little hack to find some valuable Dragonite Ore. For this, you need to play and complete the Meowster Hunter mini-game. This involves sending your loyal Palicos to the vicinity of the Volcano. It is always a relief and fun to send out your Palicos to all corners of the map.

The good part is, some of these Palicos will return from the Volcano area loaded with the precious Dragonite Ore! Anything the Palicos return is always welcome. And when they bring back Dragonite Ore, we don’t complain!

Now that you can mine Dragonite Ore, go out there and start building fantastic equipment and hunt down those monsters!

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