Diablo 3 – How to Get Convention of Elements?

Convention of Element is an important element in Diablo 3 game. It is a ring that can damage up to 200 percent. Let’s see how to get this feature in 2022

Meaning of Convention of Elements

The Convention of Elements is known to be a Diablo III legendary ring that was introduced in patch 2.2. It is basically used to damage the opponent and save them. 

The unique affix increases the damage coped by skills that deal a specific elemental damage. The damage type can be 150 to 200 percent for 4 seconds. Only during the active phase damage is increased for that damage type. The damage reward on this ring is not fixed, and it will not activate the Stone of Jordan legendary bonus.

This effect cycles through all of the elements available to the class via the ring in alphabetical order, starting from A. Whereas only one element is touched up at a time, item effects like the Thunder Fury’s chain lightning effect are strengthened when that element is achieved. 

A number of builds rigidly enforce the element convention by only using one or two elements. Users must time their attacks to align with the increase of a specific element to make this ring useful. This ring will only help the player for about 17% of the time in most builds.

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Diablo 3

You must verify your account with Battle.net when you first log in to Diablo 3. The authentication process is completed automatically, so you don’t have to do anything else. 

After you’ve completed all of the steps, you’ll be taken straight to the game’s Main Screen, where you can create new characters for both online and offline play. To play this game online, you’ll need a fast internet connection and an Online Nintendo Switch subscription. They may, however, disqualify you from the scoreboards if you go offline.

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Role of Convention of Elements in Diablo

It is common for instructors to suggest a play style that highlights the four elements while also inspiring timeframe when using the Convention of Elements. The Convention of Element was basically created to take the place of the Jordan Stone. 

The most serious problem is that the Convention of Element is so powerful that you feel it necessary to play a game. For the first 12 seconds of the game, players are expected to do nothing. You can enjoy the pleasure of this game by simply running around, doing nothing but trying to survive, because it is not your turn to play the game. 

The Convention of Elements is primarily designed to increase overall damage by 50%. Convention of Element is frittered away on waste in the vast majority of cases because it is either unnecessary or ignored because trash breaks down quickly. 

Only Elite packs and Rift Guardians consider the value of Convention of Element. Convention of Element is effective for a total of 16 seconds in a 180-second rift. This translates to a 17.7% increase in general destruction with an 8.8% increase in damage high availability.

Diablo 3 is the most user-friendly game, which took seven years to develop and has been on the market for five years. The most serious problem is that it is so powerful that you feel compelled to play it. It promotes the fact that you do not actually play the game for 3/4 of the time, making it a far more uninteresting item. 

Items that can be placed in the Kanai Cube and have a similar power level to Convention of Element but a different play style are needed in the ring slot. The damage bonus is simply too strong to let go of Convention of Elements. 

It is also a bonus that can be found in non-elite packs, giving it a broader appeal. You can only lose a secondary stat on the Convention of Element ring in order to get the bonus, not a primary, so you can have perfect base stats without penalty. 

With the exception of characters, the weapon’s damage type has no bearing on the class. When a set or legendary bonus is active, certain skills are chosen based on your highest percent elemental damage, but the Convention of Element is not taken into account. 

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