How to Cultivate Bacteria at Back Lake Towers? – The Ascent Humidity Doctor

Humidity Doctor

Humidity Doctor (The Ascent) is a side quest that you can start early in Neon Giant’s video game; but, because it demands the presence of a player in Lake Towers, it may be challenging to complete. The Humidity Doctor is a secondary mission inside The Ascent that begins right after arriving in Cluster 13. His required range is 13, and even if you can do it sooner, you need to level up to 10. We’ll show you where to meet Dr. Humidore, the task’s giver, as well as how to fulfill it.

How to Reach Black Lake (Ascent) Towers?

Your first goal after speaking with the weird doctor is to visit Lake Towers. You may be perplexed if you pursue this assignment once it pops up because you will be unable to reach the stated destination.

Since The Ascent’s Lake Towers are only attainable at the end-quest and can only be acquired through main objectives, this is the case. This indicates that Doctor (Ascent) Humidity is a stage 13 side quest; you’ll have to put it on hold for the time being and concentrate on the key objectives. Particularly, Empowerment and Trading Places. You can visit Blake Lake Towers after completing Teaming Up and though performing the primary goal of Empowerment.

Take a taxi and go to Black Lake if you (maybe) know how to quick-travel in The Ascent. Since the significant objectives stated above will lead you there, this region must now be enabled. As you can see, your objective is to travel to the southern edge of this area.

How to Unlock a Quest in Humidity Doctor?

As fast as you approach Colony 13, you can begin this quest. To do so, seek Dr. Humidore, a doctor who stands south of nearly all shops nearby. Above his head, there is a Pharmacy sign. After a brief talk, you will discover that the doctor is conducting research on microorganisms and will need your assistance.

How to Cultivate Bacteria in Petri Dishes?

You’ll need to enter a laboratory to cultivate the Petri Dishes Bacteria. Since a loot chest is available there in the face of the door, it is easy to locate. If you didn’t locate it, check for the facility on the map above on the west-east side of the search region. Since an Ice shut the door: 1 system, all you have to do is hold Y to open it.


Now proceed to the Black Lake Tower by pressing the O key (d-pad up) and following the indicator, as you will most likely be on a hard road. Take the elevator to the lower level and proceed to the top right corner once you find the gate. To open it, you’ll need to employ cracking, which will allow you to get past the LOD barricade (LOD – 1). Enter the building and interact with the first, second, and third containers to spread the bacteria. Then, you’ll have to put it on hold for the bacteria to mature, so it’s wise to go to a different side task.

There are three to four blooming areas inside. They’re shown here, and because they resemble boxes, they’re effortless to spot. As you approach, the first is on your left, one on your right, and the other is at the end of the house. Get near to them and hold the X button to plant all three bacteria.

Now that you’ve seeded the bacteria, it’s time to wait for them to grow.

In actual life, the response to how soon you will have to wait for germs to multiply is roughly 1 hour. You should also target other objectives or exploration in the interim, and you’ll have a notice saying you can collect the bacteria.

After a specific time has passed, you will receive a message on how to gather germs. So return to the exact location. Meanwhile, be cautious since you will come across many savages along the route (7). To gather the bacteria, eliminate the opponents, enter the chamber, and interact with all the containers again.

Return to Doctor Humidor and hand over the results. The assignment will be accomplished after a brief dialogue, and you will be rewarded with 9,000 skill points, 600 Ukredów, as well as the Quick Cure Module that will boost your cast’s healing restoration.


You must first update your Cyber-deck breaching gear before proceeding to the Black Lake site. Have the City Kicker boost or at the minimum so you can create opportunities that necessitate ICE level one. The City Kicker cyber-deck upgrade may be discovered in the living room’s Developer’s Cove hiding.

When you ding the way-marker, follow it to an abandoned garage location in Black Lake Tower. It’s on the map’s northern edge.

You should be wary because there are hordes of Turbo Thugs and Ferals prowling the area.

When you arrive, open the basement door with a hacksaw. In the garage, you’ll discover three empty containers with soil in which to implant the bacteria.

After that, you must wait for a message from Dr. Humidore that once the bacterium has matured to its full size.

Participate in Quests or Core Missions until the Doc sends you a message. Return to Black Lake Tower and retrieve the developed bacteria when the bacteria is mature.

There will be many Ferals here, especially where the bacterium thrived because it attracted a lot of Ferals.

After you’ve defeated all of the opponents, use your Cyberdeck to re-hack the garage door, which will take ICE level 1, and then collect the germs that have grown. Return to Cluster 13 quickly and speak to Dr. Humidore.

After talking to him and handing him the bacteria, you’ll be awarded 600-700 UCREDs, 9,000 XP, as well as a piece of Module equipment called the Speed heal Mods.

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