Where Can You Find Birch Trees In Black Desert Online?

Black Desert is a sandbox dwelling MMORPG. You can enjoy incredible action-packed gameplay and fight monsters and receive massive bosses. You can also team up with some friends to attack nodes and capture castles. Not only that, but in BDO, you can learn life skills like fishing, trade, creating, and also cooking!

Players of Black Desert Online have had some busy months, with a number of changes towards the renowned MMORPG, the most notable of which is the game’s rebranding, which dropped the word “online” from term and became simply Black Desert.

Despite the title changes, the season “a fresh tide” event has begun, helping players bring them a fresh in-game tournament, a limited edition figure, and, most importantly, a new category, which so many had not expected to arrive till Q4. To append to the great shock, the new category was a seagoing corsair, which uses devastating melee as well as liquid mystic attacks to wreak havoc.

Players who love fast-paced, increased damage classes should look into the corsair since corsair is also one of the game’s fastest characters, with such a damage level puts her amongst these top DPS classes in Black Desert.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know regarding where you can find many birch trees in Black Desert Online. Continue reading for further information.

Gather Some Birch Timber

You can manually harvest birch timber through birch trees to accelerate the birch timber open plan. Birch trees can also be obtained depending on the collecting skill.

Where Can You Find The Birch Tree In Black Desert Online

A Birch tree is a pre-processed resource that can be used to make objects. Alchemy and process can also transform it into a new form. You can find it from Quint Hills, Buck Tree Caves, Old Clover, and Khimut Lumber Station are all places where you may find it. It’s also possible to get it by felling birch trees.

What Is Birch Tree Used For In Black Desert Online

Unlike all the other crafting methods in Black Desert Online, players do not have to collect all of the materials needed when they begin creating a ship. Therefore, you must first establish a shipyard because then the workers may begin construction as you gather resources. Since a ship’s construction might take a long time, this can save a significant amount of time.

Gathering Birch Tree is a developed resource that can be used to craft ships and other goods. Alchemy and additional processing can be used to change it. You’ll require 2400 Birch Timbers, 675 Tin ore, plus 525 Copper ore at most to create 49 Birch Wood and 35 Bronze Ingots for the fishing boat.

The network modules near the calpheon could be used to obtain the birch tree. When you set up both nodes, you’ll need 6+ contributing points. If you don’t have sufficient contribution points, you can link to Epheria Port through the Quad Hill nodes Sw of Calpheon. If you require a lot of Birch Timber, you must have employees to harvest from both nodes.

Important Things You Need To Know When Playing Black Desert Online

Get Some Knowledge

Understanding is a crucial component in Black Desert Online, and it is earned through killing adversaries. Unlike all other Multiplayer games, you won’t watch an enemy position drop the very first time you fight it, so your treasure won’t be plentiful.

The more people you kill, the more you’ll understand and prosper from it. C, B, A, and S are all the four levels of enemy and monster expertise. Since S is the highest level, if you have it against an adversary, you will be able to acquire the best loot from them.

Don’t Waste Your Skill Points.

The further you level it up, the more difficult it is to earn Skill Points. You must not waste your skill points on just about any random talent when you’re at the greatest levels. The gain slows to a standstill. It’s crucial to figure out how you’ll use the skill point. Therefore, It is recommended to use a calculator to do it.

The Fastest Way To Travel

Crushing in Black Desert Online is tremendously fast and extremely gratifying. It’s quite simple to assemble a bunch of opponents and set fire to them. Also, if you choose to assemble, you can achieve level 40 in a single day. There are a number of crushing hotspots because there aren’t any diminishing rewards from using them. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to work to get to level 40, but it’ll be very easy for you as you’ll get a lot of stuff in the process.

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