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BANDAI NAMCO Studios’ next action role-playing game is Cathedral of the Sacred Blood. Mistle is currently the fifth location in this game, and you will spend plenty of time here due to its puzzle character.

In this article, we will mention and show you where to discover all of the mistle spots to finish the region completely, as well as where to get the Ornate Key to open the secret door.

Everything you need to know regarding Code Vein Cathedral Of Sacred Blood Walkthrough All Mistle Location is mentioned below. Continue reading for more.

The Locations Of Code Vein Cathedral Of The Sacred Blood Mistle

Location 1

Using the picture above as a guide, continue following the arrow mark until you find a ladder, then drop down and proceed to the edge. Look down at just the edge to discover a passageway, then follow it until you have to bring it down from a ledge. The first mistle will appear as quickly as you jump down.

Location 2

Location 3

After purifying the second mistle, go to the door’s doorway and look for a path on the left hand side below. Climb up the ladder after jumping down and while climbing, you’ll notice a level which you must lift in order to access one door.

Walk through that door, and proceed on until you reach the other door, which you must unlock from the inside. After you’ve finally unlocked both doors it will allow you to go more swiftly around the area.

You will discover an indoor room which is already opened on the right-hand side of the tower, and when you go closer to the entrance, check down on your right-hand side for a route. Continue down that route until you reach “Isis Vestige Part C.”

After that, there would only be one path to go until you reach the third mistle.

Finally, go from the left tower to the right tower, then after the right tower top go to the left tower top, and finally continue a single pathway to the third mistle.

Location 4 

Continue along the path shown in the above image until you reach a place in which the mistle is directly in front of you, although there is a gap.

Afterwards, take a left and follow the above-mentioned signs to the mistle location.

Location 5

Return after purifying the fourth mistle to discover the gate shattered. Look down from the broken location for a path that will lead you to the 5th mistle.

Location 6

You’ll come across a couple of levers that you’ll need to trigger between mistle locations 4 and 5.

Then, from the mistle location, five go on till you reach the 7th mistle.

If you forget to press the lever, you will be unable to reach location 6 since the ladder will not drop without it.

Location 7

Go a bit ahead from the 6th mistle location and look down to the right-hand side to see the route; following that road will take you to a tower in which you will locate the ladder. Use the ladder to go to the 7th mistle.

Location 8

After you are done purifying the 7th mistle, you may uncover two levers that must be activated in order to unlock a locked door. The locked door would be directly in front of the seventh mistle.

After you’ve unlocked the door, go to the following area, where you’ll notice two pathways on your lower right-hand side. The very first path will lead you to a secret lever that will allow you to unlock a door.

The second way will lead you to the ninth mistle while also assisting you in your game progress. Find the second pathway using the image above.

All across the second path, you should drop twice, find a ladder, and then continue via a tower until you come into contact with the huge mother Monster.

To progress, you must kill her and go forward to open two doors. Jump down towards where you battled the huge Monster to locate the 8th mistle.

It is advised that you progress further to unlock doors before returning to cleanse the mistle. After you’ve killed her, look down from shattered fences on the left-hand side to discover the 8th mistle.

Continue ahead after opening two doors to face a mini-boss called “Argent Wolf Berserker.”

Location 9

After defeating the mini-boss “Argent Wolf Berserker,” proceed to the next mistle. You will discover ladders to climb around this mistle, so while climbing, you will see a locked box. In order to finish the section, you must discover the “Ornate Key” within that chest. The tour to the location of all these chests is provided below.

Ornate Key Code Vein

While looking both for the Shoddy as well as Ornate keys, you’ll come across the remainder of the mistle places. Check the pictures above to discover where you may find these keys and which door to use.

The faulty key would be kept in a secure box at the tower’s bottom.. Go over to the top of that tower at the end of the page by using the ladders. After you’ve obtained it, use the map to unlock the door that requires this key in order to gain the Ornate key.

Lastly, to go to the last portion of the Cathedral area, use the Ornate Key.

Final Thoughts

Code Vein is a brilliant game; it won’t blow your mind, but it’s far superior to the lesser expectations. Also, Code Vein describes almost every mechanic in-depth so that you can play this game without any problems. Cathedral of the Sacred Blood is a Code Vein location. 

The Cathedral is built in the shape of a maze, featuring towers as well as secret passages where warriors and the lost can explore. Code vein should unquestionably be your first pick, and you should get it. We have described everything about Code Vein Cathedral Of Sacred Blood Walkthrough all mistle location map in the preceding article.

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