5 Worst LoL Champions In Season 12

Season 11 will forever be remembered as the season with the biggest item changes in League of Legends. With the introduction of mythics, the meta was completely changed, and currently, there is one rule in Summoner’s Rift – the more burst damage your champion has, the more powerful he is!

However, not all champions in LoL work this way. So today, we’re talking about the top 5 worst LOL champions in season 12!

Obviously, win rate is the biggest factor that determines how good one champion is. This is typically followed by the champion’s place on the current tier list and his overall power and potential to carry games.

Usually, champions with less than 47% win rate are considered bad picks for the meta since it’s obvious that they can’t carry. There are a couple of them in season 11, so let’s check them out!

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5 Worst LoL Champions in Season 11

1. Nunu

Nunu hasn’t been a top-tier champion in a very long time. A couple of years back, Riot Games reworked a couple of his abilities, giving him a more modernized playstyle. However, the truth is that Nunu still struggles with a lot of problems that were there even before his rework.

For example, Nunu doesn’t have a clearly defined role. Yes, he’s a jungler. But what kind of a jungler? He can clear the camps relatively fast, but that’s pretty much it. His damage to champions is very low, and the way he deals damage often feels clanky. 

He can’t support his allies with any ability like Ivern does, for example. And if he did, he would definitely be a lot more popular pick in season 11.

True, Nunu is a decent ganker, but only if piloted by an experienced player. He relies on his rolling ball mechanic, which not too many players know how to do. Nunu’s ball is very difficult to control if you don’t main the champion, so many don’t even try. And his overall win rate this season show’s precisely that!

Another negative fact about playing Nunu is his ultimate – Absolute Zero. This ability requires Nunu to stand in place, channeling. It explodes after 5 seconds and does massive AoE damage, but you never get to charge it fully! Since Nunu is one of the oldest champions, players know how to play against him. And when they see Nunu charging his ultimate, they make it their priority to get the hell out of there! This leaves Nunu’s ultimate dealing a little amount of damage overall.

2. Amumu

Amumu is in a quite similar spot to Nunu. His popularity skyrocketed at the beginning of season 11 when the Sunfire Aegis item was completely broken. With it, Amumu was simply overpowered and dealt an insane amount of damage. We even saw him picked in the professional scene a couple of times, with various success rates. However, Riot Games also dealt some nerfs, and now Amumu is one of the worst champions in LoL season 11.

Now, Amumu’s tool kit isn’t that bad. On the surface, he has good AoE damage, mobility, and crowd control. He’s also an efficient pick for clearing jungle camps, so why the hell does he have such a low win rate?

Well, there are simply way too many better options in the jungle than Amumu at the moment! If you take a look at the current jungle meta, you’ll realize that all of the top spots are taken by fighters and assassins. Champions like Lee Sin, Diana, Nocturne, and Rek’Sai are simply way too good at exploiting the new items, especially the Armor Penetration ones. They deal tons and tons of damage, but they also can survive longer than many other champions.

On the other hand, Amumu is a pure tank. Building fully AP doesn’t always work for him, and he often ends up being killed before he could even connect his Bandage Toss to a target. And because tanks don’t have a spot in the current meta, Amumu is the least likely character to win a game of League of Legends!

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3. Xayah

And one of the worst champions from the bot lane in season 11 is Xayah! It’s weird to accept this because Xayah is a relatively new champion and a very well-designed one. She doesn’t struggle with too many matchups and is generally a safe ADC pick. So why does she have a whimpering 48% win rate across all servers?

Well, the problem may not be Xayah, but the game itself. You see, when Xayah was first released, she instantly became the new hot pick in the bot lane. She was insanely powerful, especially when paired with her duo Rakan. But that was during the tank meta when the games lasted a lot more, and the overall damage was significantly lower.

In other words, Xayah requires a slow meta and a chance to snowball her leads. But in season 11, often the most valuable characteristic is the early game burst damage. Champions like Caitlyn and Ezreal are ruling the ADC meta because they can pop off right away. And since Xayah falls behind on this point, she’s left at the bottom of the ladder.

Additionally, none of the mythic items for marksmen really fits Xayah. Currently, her build includes Galeforce, but this is far from her ideal item. And don’t get me wrong, Xayah can still deal a ton of damage, but her playstyle doesn’t really allow you to do much nowadays.

Hopefully, Riot tweaks a thing or two and gives Xayah some new powers. This champion is very fun to play, and we’re sad to see her in such a state!

4. Neeko

If there is one champion in League of Legends that never really found her role, then that is Neeko. 

When she first got released, Riot Games told us that Neeko’s preferred playstyle is the mid lane, but also that she could go jungle too. Since then, professional and solo queue players have included Neeko in the mid, jungle, top, bot, and support roles, all with the usual average success – neither good nor bad. However, season 11 hasn’t been a positive experience for Neeko mains at all! Neeko is just one of the most annoying mid lane champions to play against in League of Legends.

We can all agree on one thing – Neeko has a truly unique champion design and ability kit. She’s very fun to play and has a relatively high skill cap, considering many other champions. A Neeko player needs to think about her shapeshifting passive, which can lead to some pretty fun tricks. 

But as we already mentioned, Neeko’s problem is that she can’t really find her niche. If we consider Neeko a mid laner, then she doesn’t have any unique strengths there. Her close-range playstyle is overshadowed by picks like Orianna or Syndra, so she doesn’t get to shine.

As jungler, Neeko struggles to clear camps efficiently in the early game. As a top laner, she can’t succeed either because bruisers reign there. Neeko can be successful in the bot lane, but you can’t play an AP carry there every game. And as a support, Neeko has the biggest potential in season 11. However, with so many assassins running louse on Summoner’s Rift, the support role is reserved for healers or protectors. 

So, Neeko is one of the worst LoL champions in season 11!

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5. Ryze

And finally, we have Ryze. If you’re a returning LoL player and have just rejoined the ranked madness, you may be surprised to hear it. But, it’s true – Ryze is one of the worst champions in season 11 too!

It’s definitely quite odd to accept this because Ryze has been the king of mid lane mages since the start of the game. He’s always had a massive damage output on top of a fat HP, thanks to his defensive builds. But with the mythic item changes and the removal of some of these items, Ryze received the biggest indirect nerf in his history!

Let’s analyze. Ryze is a close-range mage that excels in the late game. He controls the mid lane well and is good at both team fighting and split pushing. But the most significant factor that contributed to his success up until now was that Ryze was essentially a walking mage tank. He could kill everyone while no one could kill him. But all that’s gone now!

In season 11, Ryze’s build starts with Everfrost. That only gives him +250 Health, which is nowhere near the amount he used to have before. As a result, he’s incredibly squishy and is often shut down by champions like Zed, Talon, Katarina, Yasuo, Xerath, and Syndra. In other words, other close-range mages can do everything that Ryze can and still be safer options in season 11.

So the problem with Ryze isn’t that he doesn’t deal damage, but that he can’t really fit the current meta. But in the future patches, things may change!

And those are the top 5 worst LoL champions in season 12!

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