What is “Open Mid” in League?

An average League of Legends 5v5 match can last from 30 to 40 minutes. When both the teams are equally matched, it can even go up to 50 minutes with all players having reached level 18 by the 30-minute mark or so.

On the other hand, a short League of Legends match can last even for a few minutes. 

This happens when one of your teammates or a player on the enemy side is AFK. In that case, you get an early surrender option and if the vote by the rest of your teammates is all in, then the game is over. The loss is counted only for the AFK player. However, if nobody is afk but there’s still no hope to win, there’s still a chance for an early surrender vote.

Before the game hits the fifteen-minute mark, you can call in a vote for early surrender but that vote has to be unanimous. Even if one of your teammates decides that’s too early to give in, the match (or drudgery as you might feel it since you see no hope to win) will continue. After the fifteen-minute mark, you can vote for surrender the normal way i.e. 4 players out of 5 need to vote yes to surrender.

These are the formal methods of surrendering in League of Legends. There’s another innovative method that some players, particularly in South Korea, seem to prefer to end the game quickly. It’s called “Open Mid”. Basically, you leave the mid-lane open for the enemy team to allow them to come in and destroy all the turrets and your Nexus. Your team, on the other hand, might like to goof around in the enemy jungle or dance around the enemy team while they have at it on your Nexus.

Open Mid seems like an organic option, a more elegant solution to putting an end to your misery. It also allows the enemy team the chance to relish destroying turrets and the Nexus which they would otherwise miss out on if your team had just voted to surrender. Next time, if your team decides that it’s not possible to win the game, try saying “Open Mid” to the enemy team and then leave mid-lane alone for them.

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