Warframe Volt – The Ultimate Build Guide

Volt is a Warframe that possesses a mastery of electricity, letting him use it to his advantage while hitting foes or influencing the speed of himself and his teammates.

He is a quick Warframe with supporting skills that help him as well as his team. Another of the finest aspects of this Warframe is how he can enhance the speed of the entire squad.

Volt possesses the ability to manipulate and twist electricity. He has a wide range of powers that allow him to damage adversaries, offer cover, and enhance his cell’s long and melee fighting. His powers are very efficient against the Corpus, particularly its robots, due to their electric nature.

Volt could be a highly effective damage dealer whenever it comes to dealing with bosses and larger opponents such as Teralysts and other huge monsters. He can do this by utilizing his shields and his acting ability.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about the Volt Warframe build in this guide. To learn more about Volt Warframe, keep reading.

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How Can You Get Volt?

You’ll need access to a Clans Dojo to obtain Volt’s blueprints. If you are not already a member of a Clan, you should consider joining one and get the most of the game. Once you’ve joined a Clan, you may acquire the blueprints you’ll need to create Volt in the Tenno Lab in the Dojo.

Volt Prime

When compared to its counterpart, Volt, Volt Prime possesses a substantially greater quantity of armor and energy.

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Abilities Of Volt

Volt is capable of summoning electrical currents at whim to deliver damage to particular targets, strengthen himself and his friends, construct protective barriers, as well as unleash electrical mayhem by manipulating the electrical forces beneath him.

Volt’s active ability, Static Discharge, enables him to build up power just by traveling, allowing him to do more damage with his next capacity or strike as a result.


Volt fires a shock of electricity at an opponent, causing it to become entangled with other foes in the vicinity. A slight probability exists that other opponents will also be shocked once the first target has been stunned. This is excellent for taking out small groups of foes or specific enemies who may be difficult to take down.

Shock Trooper is an Augment Mod that lets you cast Shock on yourself and your friends, which will cause electrical damage to be applied to all of their attacks.


Volt uses his electrical powers to buff his adversaries, increasing their attack, mobility, and reload speeds in the process.

It’s one of Volt’s most well-known talents since it aids in the completion of tasks swiftly, the escape or pursuit of opponents, and the enhancement of combat powers.

Running the Augment Mod: Shocking Speed would force Volt and his teammates to shock surrounding opponents, causing them to take electrical damage.

Electric Shield

Volt constructs a shield that defends him as well as his friends in the same way as a wall does, and which he may take up and put down whenever he wants. Shooting through the barrier will result in a 50% boost in electrical damage as well as a 200 percent increase in critical damage for the bullets.

Several shields would overlap and increase the number of electrical damage dealt, but they’ll never increase the amount of critical multiplier dealt. Using this shield, you may both defend yourself and your friends while also assisting your squad in doing damage by firing through it or via several shields.

Transistor Shield is an Augment Modification that enables your foes to take up the shield, and the damage that perhaps the shield absorbs would be increased to your total damage when you are using your Discharge ability.


Volt builds up and shoots a ring of lightning that grows, stunning and paralyzing foes while inflicting electricity damage on himself every second of the fight.

Capacitance is an Augment Mod that enables the damage from Discharge to enhance the shielding of Volt and his allies by a factor that is distributed evenly among them.

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Suggestions For Builds

  • Speed Build

This build is primarily concerned with improving Volt’s mobility and attack speed bonuses, as well as the bonuses of others around him.

With just this build, Volt and his team will be able to do very fast speed runs on missions while still benefiting from the attack speed increase when in battle.

  • Discharge Build

With this build, Discharge receives an increase in both damage and range, and it may be utilized primarily to clear a huge area of opponents or to exert severe crowd control.

This construct is ideal for missions where you’ll have to secure a location or protect a target since it will destroy the majority of foes in a certain area while also causing the remaining adversaries to become paralyzed for a period of time.

Final Thoughts

Volt may play a variety of roles, including support, defense, and damage dealer, which is among the most widely used of them. Volts may be utilized in a variety of ways and can be customized for each task due to their distinct skills and the numerous construction options that are dependent on the user and their tastes.

Volt is the ideal frame to employ when it comes to sprinting around areas or hunting for unique containers even though he can move quickly and all you have to do is equip him or his partner with treasure detecting mods to make him or her more effective in their quest.

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