Warframe The Index – A Complete Guide (2022)

On Neptune, an Index is a mission in which gamers are pitted against Corpus components in an Arena-style battle. In the mission, the teams should kill opponents from the opposition player, gather index points, and bank them during the limited time those who have during the match in order to win and be eligible for a huge sum of credit facilities to be awarded.

Every topic in this guide which is related to The Index and the weaponry that will be required for anyone to succeed in the missions will be covered in detail. Additionally, this guide will focus on the main objectives of Warframes, and the many mechanics and weapon options that might help us gain a better knowledge of the game.

The Glast Gambit

A mission dubbed The Glast Gambit, in which the player fights alongside NefAnyo’s crew, is the first time the player comes into contact with The Index.

Credit Farming

The Index is unquestionably another of the best and most straightforward ways to harvest credits, given the fact so each battle may be completed in 5-10 min, based just on players’ skill, builds, team makeup, and strategy, among other factors. Players can win an average of 1-5 million credits in about 10 minutes, with the amount earned varying based on the team’s and/or team’s performance during the game.

Mods and Endo

Aside from the credits that are awarded at the conclusion of the task, some foes may drop modifications or Endo over the course of the match, which may be collected and used at the conclusion of the campaign if the mission is completed successfully.


The match starts with the Investors (AI Specter or squad players) pitting with the Brokers (the opposite team’s Enemy AI). Within a specified length of time, this mission’s aim is to eliminate players of the opposition team, collect the percent share, and deposit them in order to score a particular quantity of Index Points in the process. Failure to do so could result in either in player’s points getting returned if time passes out and that the players have much more points than that of the opposing team or the defender’s team being defeated and the player’s initial investment being lost.

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Investment is essential to initiate the mission, a cost to start the mission based on whether the mission is minimal, moderate, or high risk. This fee will be charged by each of the players participating in the mission, and the reward earned on each round would be determined by this investment. When you finish the match, your investment is repaid, including a reward that is decided by the degree of risk you choose to take on in the first place.

Getting Index Points

A gamer or an NPC (regardless of whose team they are on) would drop an index score which is graphically represented as a glowing green item thrown on the ground along with any other scores they have gathered during the match when they die.

It is sufficient for players or NPCs to merely step over an index point for it to be picked up mechanically and hover about them, visibly showing the number of points that they or the NPCs now have in their possession. It is important to remember that if a player or NPC is destroyed, all points would be lost regardless of the source of the damage and could be managed to pick up by anybody.

Multiple Points and Financial Stress

When a player turns in numerous index points, they will receive a bonus that will be applied to their overall score. This may be visible on the top left of the screen, and it displays the number of points the player presently has, and the extra points they will receive if they are banked. Starting with a minimum bonus of 2 points when holding five index points, the bonus points increase up to a maximum bonus of 10 points when retaining 20 index points. Bonus points are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Carrying upwards of 20 points would not result in a bonus gain in excess of 10 points. Players that carry a large number of points would be debuffed by Financial Stress, a decrease in maximum strength and healing, and energy being drained, the quantity of which will depend on the number of points the person is carrying. Once the player has deposited their points into their account, the Financial Stress is lifted.


Once a player has gathered an index point, they may bring it to the leave-off location, which would be indicated by a marker, including any points they had accumulated. After achieving the marker, players will be transported back to their team’s start point, and the points would be visually taken from their scoreboard and applied to their total. As players score points, the game timer is extended by 10 seconds for each point scored, allowing the players to play for a longer period of time. However, whenever an opponent on the opposite team scores, the game meter is reduced by 10 seconds for each point scored by the opponents. Banking is the term used to describe the process of turning in points.

Wager Target

A victory with a refund the match finishes with investors having achieved a better score but failing to meet the objective or a defeat are the only two possible outcomes if the investors are unable to accomplish the planned target of points even before the time limit expires enemy has higher score and time is finished.  In order to keep the timer from running out, the investors should bank the points and prevent the brokers from banking their points as well.

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Restrictions or Limitations

Players are free to use whatever Warframe they choose as long as they own it and it is at least level one in that Warframe. However, not all skills behave in the same way as they would in a typical mission setting. Shocking, freezing, and burning are examples of skills that deliver harm but do not have the intended impact, including stunning, frozen, and scorching. When practicing builds, it is suggested to start with a low-risk approach in order to get a feel for Warframes and their builds before opting to take on larger risks.

Operators may also be used during the mission, and their passive powers would be used in accordance with their school’s rules. This could be quite important in order to escape death and to travel more freely. You should choose a university that will benefit your current Warframe selection if you want to enhance your chances of success.

Throughout the match, main, primary, and melee weapons all are permitted to be carried without limitation. However, Companions and Gear really aren’t accessible and would not display or be available during the game.

Pick Ups

The Player’s Life and Energy orbs might well be collected during the game, which restores the corresponding bars. Rather than dropping resources, enemies would have a chance of dropping Endo or modifications instead.


When the announcer talks and makes remarks during the game, investors are also the players in the team who are engaging in the match. This could be observed throughout the game when the announcer talks and says things. Due to a lack of players to complete any remaining seats in the Investors team, Specters AI-operated NPCs who use a random frame will be brought in to round out the group. If a new player enters, they will take the position of the Specter.


Enemy forces on the opposite group full of Corpus units, which could include robots, soldiers, and heavy weapons units with strong shields and, later on, increasing amounts of armor In addition to skills, weaponry, and a distinct moniker, every one of the brokers will have their own modifications that distinguish them from their typical in-game equivalent. A choice of 4 dimensions will emerge during the battle, with the level of each group growing as the match progresses, resulting in greater stats for the units and increasing the challenge for the players.

Preparing for Index

Due to the fact that players in The Index will not be battling against hordes of opponents, they will just need to concentrate on eliminating adversaries one at a time or even in small groups. It might be prudent to modify weaponry in light of the fact that the adversaries are Corpus troops. The following aspects should be considered:

  • Against Robotic, electricity deals an additional 50% damage.
  • Cold increases Shie’s damage by 50% when used against him.
  • Radiation deals 25% more damage to Robotic opponents than normal.
  • Magnetic Deals 75% more damage to Protected and Proto Shielded enemies when hit by magnetic energy.

The use of a mixture of magnet and radiation therapy is recommended for the greatest outcomes and to minimize the risk of status complications.


It is crucial to choose what sort of Warframe to use and what build you are planning to upload with based on the role in the match, whether you are playing as part of a team or on your own.


Due to their defensive stats and skills, Warframes that are capable of taking damage are recommended for use as running point candidates. Survivability can be ensured by maintaining a large health or power pool throughout the gathering points and having to turn them in.

Dealer Of Damage

Warframes with a high damage output are important for knocking down adversaries quickly and efficiently, allowing the Banker to gather more items and speed up the fight overall. Having them use builds that do huge amounts of damage can rapidly annihilate their opponents and expedite the process of collecting points.


A support role is accessible in every game, just like any other position. Warframe assistance is not always required, but it may be extremely beneficial in some situations, such as when using skills for defense, healing, or boosting the squad to make life easier for everyone.

Playing as a Team

Throughout missions, and particularly in The Index, it is critical for a team to work together. With players rushing around scoring points, the team is deprived of extra points and might experience significant pandemonium. It is not always necessary to take on a certain position, but working as a team is critical, and understanding where to go and what to do may turn a devastating loss into a fantastic comeback. Allowing one or two individuals to collect while the others inflict damage allows for a more efficient battle because walking free for everyone can make the match last longer than necessary.

Playing Solo

Keeping in mind that now the Specters would be there, collecting points and dying on occasion is critical when playing in a solitary mode. You must make sure that your Warframe is capable of withstanding its own share of harm and survival risks.


The usage of operators is permitted. However, players should ensure that they equip a school that will enhance their frame or adapts to their gaming. This can be useful in either fleeing or preparing for an assault on the other person. In order to win, make use of every resource accessible.

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Selecting The Right Equipment

The Index matches may be carried out with any equipment, and there is no right or wrong equipment for every mission. Everything is dependent on you, your playing style, and also what you find enjoyable.

There is no such thing as the best construction or a worthless build. However, it is preferable to prepare ahead and ensure that the equipment you pick will fit you on the mission and also that you understand what you’ll be doing once the operation begins rather than jumping into a mission with such a strange weapon or Warframe and just not knowing what you’ll be doing. Many missions require the use of strategy and skill to be successful.

Keep in mind that you should only utilize Warframes that will profit from the current strategy you are pursuing and the build you create for them. Knowing what to do may save valuable time. Also, trying out new and varied builds can be a lot of fun, rather than jumping in with a Warframe loaded with random modifications and no strategy. Having no strategy or planning might lead to frustration and, worse, defeat, as is the case with many new players.

Mod Your Equipment

Prior to beginning a mission, modify your equipment to better prepare you for the combat ahead and to make it simpler for you to achieve your objectives. It may save a huge amount of time to be prepared and ready for any combat, and it can be beneficial in a variety of ways, from kills that result in numerous drops to knowledge gained from killing a lot of people.

Tips And Tricks

  • Decide whether to camp in one location or to spread out throughout the map in order to cover the entire map.
  • Enemy strength can be reduced by using Aura modifications such as Shield Disruption, which decreases shields, or Toxic Projection (which reduces armor, which can be stacked among the squad members.)
  • It is possible to use operator mode to avoid traps and risky circumstances, and it can also assist you in rushing to the drop-off point.
  • Many crowd control skills are still effective and can be utilized to one’s advantage in certain situations.
  • Credits Booster has an effect on The Index, and you can earn twice as many credits as you normally would.

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