How To Get More Platinum in Warframe? (The Easy Way)

Warframe, a free-to-play third-person MMORPG game, has been available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One since 2013, and it is still running great. Digital Extremes, this game’s developer and publisher, has been continually putting out new upgrades to improve the game.

The game takes place on a fictitious planet, and players take control of participants of the Tenno race, who already are ancient warriors. Like other MMORPG games, you would acquire new things and accomplish different main missions and side tasks in this game.

How Can You Earn Platinum in Warframe by Trading and Selling

You would be able to manufacture and acquire a variety of different weaponry, armors, wireframes, as well as other equipment throughout the game. However, to upgrade these goods, you must first unlock the slots. The only issue is that they have been platinum in price.

The in-game money is platinum, which can be purchased via the Warframe store. However, there are various ways to earn them that depends on the scenario and might be either fast or take a very long time.

However, don’t worry, as we’re here to help! In this article, we will walk you through how to make Platinum by selling and exchanging it in the community.

Purchasing Platinum

Once you’ve accumulated a substantial number of unwanted things and equipment, go to the Trade Chat, where you may sell or purchase any item. You must post the product you wish to sell in this trade conversation.

  • Warframe Trading Chat Lingo
  • WTB is an abbreviation for “want to purchase.”
  • WTT is an abbreviation for “want to trade.”
  • WTS is an abbreviation for “Wish to Sell.”

So, to sell anything, enter WTS[Item Description] for X platinum. If you find a buyer, question him right away whether they want to trade for the dojo or theirs. Unless the buyer answers with theirs, you must wait for an offer and accept it.

However, if the buyer mentions your dojo, go over to your dojo first and accept the buyer via right-clicking their name and choosing invite.

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Where And how to Buy And Sell Platinum Trade Chat  

  • Try Trade Chat –  This takes a very long time and may be extremely irritating at times.
  • Warframe Forum Trading Post – This is just another location in which you might post items for trade. The advantage of this forum would be that your message will be seen more frequently than that in Trade Chat.
  • Market Warframe– This is also another art website in which you might find a wide variety of products. However, you should look at the buyer’s tab to see the actual quantity of items for which the things are selling.

Suggestion For You

When an item is being sold for 5-10p, this is likely a popular item that everyone possesses. Therefore, just change them to ducats and then sell things that sell for a minimum of 20p. The above article covers everything you need to know regarding how to make Platinum by selling and exchanging it in the community.

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