The Best Places To Farm Oxium in Warframe

Oxium is required to create a variety of equipment ranging from weapons and warframes, as well as gem crafting.

Having a considerable quantity of Oxium is advantageous since you could use it to craft various blueprints as you advance through the game. Since a Corpus unit is the Oxium Osprey,  you should potentially be able to enter any (infinite) Corpus mission and obtain a reasonable amount of the rare resource.

However, when you require hundreds and thousands of Oxium, you would need to choose the most attractive place possible to do so.

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Oxium Osprey

In Corpus missions, you’ll encounter Oxium Ospreys. Oxium Ospreys are usually discovered in missions on Corpus-controlled worlds, although it is also possible to acquire Oxium during Dark Sector adventures.

There are many Corpus quests to do, but knowing where Oxium Ospreys spawn will give you an idea of where the ideal location to harvest Oxium is.

A few places where we can farm Oxium are in the following, but keep in mind that it’s better to hunt in a team, particularly one with Nekros and Hydroid.

IO (Jupiter)

IO is now one of the most incredible locations to harvest Oxium after the limitless capture opponent spawning bug was fixed.

Other Corpus defense missions exist, but IO is excellent for relic harvesting. So, instead, it’s recommended by top video game websites to farm here for several reasons. 

For example:

  • Oxium Ospreys spawn in IO
  • Players may gang up to boost enemy numbers 
  • Complete waves quickly

Elara (Jupiter)

Elara is an excellent alternative for IO for individuals who want to farm different resources in addition to Oxium. However, there is no assurance that players will acquire the same net amount of resources as with IO.

People will eventually come across Oxium Osprey throughout Elara. Based on how many gamers are in a team, there’ll be more Oxium Osprey present to kill than they can handle.

When harvesting Oxium, it is crucial to have a group of people with you since each drop counts so, more people equal more drops!

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Pluto (Outer Terminus)

This is undoubtedly the finest location for Oxium farming, but it creates some difficulties. Because of the possible Ambulas spawn, lower-level gamers may have significant problems.

On top of that, you have to deal with Bursa strikes at the end of every rotation (i.e., after five rounds), which may be very powerful. This is a great place to acquire a great deal of Oxium if you don’t have any difficulty defeating your enemies!


It is a fantastic idea to introduce friends or participate in a public quest to maximize the number of participants, and therefore, the likelihood of obtaining more Oxium.

Most of the time, only quests with Oxium Osprey would provide the opportunity to acquire Oxium, and this should be evident within 5 minutes or less in most cases.

The use of war frames, which may loot opponents, can be of significant assistance in oxium farming, including Necros with Hydroid and Pilfering Swarm and Desecrate.


Even though just a handful of equipment items use Oxium, it is sometimes necessary to get a significant portion of this resource, making it essential to understand where the best Oxium farms can be found.

To farm effectively, gamers should always work in groups due to the rise in enemies depending on the number of squad members.

The belief that Oxium cannot be harvested in specific missions is prevalent among gamers. However, this is only true if no Oxium Osprey has been seen in that particular mission. Best of luck farming Oxium!

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