Warframe Orokin Cell Farming – The Ultimate Guide (2022)

This uncommon cell loaded with vibrant energy has persisted since the Orokin’s time, is utilized in various recipes, and is regarded as a valuable resource.

You’ll have this resource to make weapons, warframes, as well as other items. Orokin Cells are very uncommon, so that most planets will be devoid of them.

Orokin Cell is indeed a prerequisite for several blueprints, including Prime weaponry and Warframes, and is among the more unique resources you’ll need later.

Many players struggle to figure out how to harvest Orokin Cell because it has a poor drop rate almost all of the time, and some are unclear where and when to harvest Orokin Cell.

What is the Best Place to Harvest an Orokin Cell?

Orokin Cells may be discovered in containers or thrown by enemies on Saturn, which makes it one of the most extraordinary planets for farming them, particularly when combating General Sargus Ruk upon his assassinations mission node.

There are various Orokin Cell harvesting places on the planet Ceres where missions like the famous Orokin Cell survival task Gabii can be found.

Although there are many other ways of gaining Orokin Cells, the most significant spot to farm them is on Saturn and Ceres, where players can obtain large amounts in just a few missions.

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1. Tethys – The Best Place To Farm Orokin Cells

Tethys is a critical mission that puts you with General Sargas Ruk, which is quite simple to beat for players who understand the rules.

Orokin Cells can be obtained as you progress towards General Sargus Ruk. Also, there is a possibility that Orokin Cells will land from lesser combatants.

Sargas Ruk does have a strong possibility of yielding Orokin Cells if he is defeated. Also, upon the mission wherein you fight him, look for them all across the map.

Many gamers believe Tethys to be the most incredible way to gain Orokin Cells, owing to the various chances of receiving such resources in this task.

2. Titan

Harvesting on Titan will test you versus Grineer armies, and sometimes you might be capable of uncovering Cell Arrays while roaming across the map.

It might not be prudent to remain for too long as the Grineer would ultimately have a more significant armor level. However, you should be capable of snagging a couple of Orokin Cell drops while extracting.

The Grineer would be easier to kill initially on throughout the game, so you will be likely to defeat many of them once they have the opportunity to team up on you.

It is a great strategy to explore the map during a given length of time since you might encounter Cell Arrays that could drop Orokin Cells.

3. Gabii

Gabii is a fantastic mission for harvesting, not just Orokin Cells but other resources as well. Thus, opponents are easier to defeat since they have been infested and are of low-level enemies category.

Gabii is a Dark Zone mission, which means there’s a higher possibility of getting resources, making it a perfect location for many gamers to harvest Orokin Cells.

The quicker you could kill the infected; the sooner others will spawn, giving you a greater chance of getting Orokin Cells and some other resources too!

Harvesting Orokin Cells is more effective if you opt to camp with a group. Staying close to multiple spawn sites will improve your possibility of gaining these resources even more.

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4. Seimeni

Seimeni is a Ceres defensive mission that acts as a follow-up to Gabii, allowing players to obtain the same resource via various waves of attackers.

This mission is often used for farming Credits, but players often use it to harvest relics and along with Orokin Cells.

Although the level has some treasure containers & lockers, the majority of the commodities, especially Orokin Cells, will be obtained through opponent drops.


  • Orokin Cells could be readily farmed in tiny quantities on both Saturn or Ceres, so players may pick between the various objectives depending on which is simpler for them.
  • Many designs need Orokin Cells, so it’s a good idea to farm them sometimes, particularly if you have accelerators.
  • Orokin Cells could be purchased for Ten Platinum typically on the market. It is not recommended because they can readily be farmed and will therefore be considered a loss.
  • It’s a smart option to harvest with a team on objectives like Gabii or Seimeni to boost the number of spawn opponents!


Orokin Cells are essential in Warframe because they are required for the creation of Orokin Catalyst as well as Reactors, which are necessary for the advancement of your weaponry and Warframes.

Orokin cell blueprints are also available on the market. Orokin cells will set you back 100 Platinum. This investment is not at all worth consideration since Orokin Cells are so simple to get.

Having an ample supply of Orokin Cells on hand will save you time when you need to manufacture Catalysts, Forma, Reactors, and other items.

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