Warframe Operation Plague Star – The Ultimate Guide

The Operation: Plague Star is a Warframe event that occurs every once in a while, enabling players to get extraordinary things that are usually inaccessible for the majority of the game while providing simpler gear to obtain during the event’s period.

A new reward will be provided to trigger Cetus, and players can earn Plains of Eidolon throughout Operation: Plague Star. One thing that sets this game apart, aside from its exciting gameplay mechanics and movement, is its weapons.

Players can choose between an exhaustive list of primary and secondary weapons, each with classes, stats, and playstyles. This allows players to find weapons that suit their style of play and begin fragging out.

Additionally, players must bring augments to combine with the poison before synthesis. Players can acquire this poison in two different ways: one is by constructing an Infested Catalyst out from Infested Lab within the Clan Dojo, which players can receive as a blueprint via Nakak, while the other is by creating an Eidolon Phylaxis out from Eidolon Phylaxis accessible as a blueprint obtained from Nakak.

When the event is available on the Plains of Eidolon and Cetus, gamers may earn syndicate scores for a unique syndicate that could be promoted up and awarded prizes.

The player’s syndicate scores will be redeemable for various prizes for the remainder of the event, enabling players to buy unique equipment or specific resources.

During the mission, typically around one to two weeks, the Plains of Eidolon will already be taken over by Infested presence.

Operation Supply

Throughout Operation: Plague Star, Nakak would have an extra menu that may be accessible to view your rank, standings, and potential offers for the Operational Supply syndicate.

The Operational Supply syndicate can be accessed throughout the event. Players can gain standing to buy a range of diverse items.

The majority of the items would be inaccessible from some other source, so trying to obtain them through the event’s specified duration is recommended to expand your equipment, arsenal, as well as other resources.

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How To Buy Plague Star Items?


Nakak is a mask seller in Cetus who can be spoken to throughout the Operation: Plague Star event to improve your standings with Operational Supply and make purchases that exchange standing for specific items.

Those who are confused regarding where to get Operation: Plague Star goods should just go to Nakak.

Communicating with Nakak may help you improve the Operational Supply syndicate rating and make additional items accessible for standing purchase.

Nakak may be found in the middle of Cetus and is represented on the game’s map with a mask-like symbol.

Nakak Interaction

You can pick between two options while dealing with Nakak: “Browse Wares” enables you to view her show. However, we’re emphasizing “Operational Supply” in this situation for the event.

When you choose Operational Supply, you’ll be sent to the menu for the Operation: Plague Star event.

Operational Supply Menu

Under the Operational Supply menu, players may check their present position utilizing the Operational Supply syndicate, known colloquially Nakak standings by most gamers. 

During this event, Nakak operates a Syndicate named Operational Supply. You can level up with them the same way you would with some other Syndicate; therefore, check out with him frequently to progress. If you already have good standing, you can also obtain amazing prizes such as the Plague Kripath and the Plague Kewar. These are things that are well worth digging for.

If you have many standing capacities, you can buy things, but you have to first improve your rank to get many standing capacities.

To ascend to the next level, you must first gain enough standing, like all other syndicates. To gain standing, you must complete the Plague Star bounty. We’ve already discussed this and it can be found later in this article.

Once you’ve accumulated enough standing, go to “View Offerings” to check out what you can buy with Operational Supply standing.

Operational Supply Offerings

There are several things available to buy in the Operational Supply Offers (aka Nakak offerings), including the unique Plague Star arcane and Zaw parts.

Users may buy these with standing, which players can earn by performing the Plague Star bounty.

Exchanging Operational Supply Standing For Items

Players may check the things and more details about them by hovering their mouse over them to check their stats, what their function is, or what items they are, and then choose whether or not it is that item they want to buy in return for standing.

Simply click on an item in the offers menu to be encouraged to purchase it once you have chosen an item.

You will then be asked to choose the amount you want to buy, after which you may confirm the payment and complete the transaction.

After your purchase has been confirmed, you will be returned to the offers menu, where you will receive a notice indicating that your purchase was successful, and they will subtract your standing following the price and amount of the item you purchased.

Plague Star Bounty

When a mysterious meteorite plummeted through the Plains of Eidolon, the open-world region beyond the Cetus, Operation: Plague Star was undertaken.

When players explored the crash site, they discovered that a vast capacities boil had formed and expanded from the location where the meteorite had collided.

This enormous boil continues to develop, and many infested units have emerged from within it, posing a significant issue for the residents, who fear that if it is not addressed, it will lead to the demise of their way of life.

Later, Konzu discovers that Vay Hek has already been holding off on deploying a remedy to clear the Plains of Eidolon of the boil since the infected have not to get rid of the Ostrons but also destroy Cetus.

Vay Hek now has a potent poison that can be combined to wipe out the boil and infested, ending their rule in the Plains of Eidolon.

You must take this poison and combine it with the Grinner equipment and attack the Infested using it and clear the Plains of Eidolon of their massive numbers to rescue Cetus.

It’s worth noting that possessing an Archwing (we recommend Itzal) will drastically decrease the amount of time required to complete this bounty.

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Guide To Doing The Plague Star Bounty

The Plague Star Bounty can be begun in two methods. The first is to go to Konzu within Cetus and choose a quest from the bounties.

Players may also initiate bounties by contacting Konzu via the console located in Grineer radio tents, enabling you to choose a bounty identical to when you encountered him in Cetus.

The Plague Star quest will be unlocked when you choose it from the game menu, enabling you to perform the quest.

If you’re in a team, everyone in your group must agree to the task before you can go on.

When you’re in Cetus, just go to the Plains of Eidolon; when you’re already present in the Plains of Eidolon, the quest will begin, and you can continue straight away. To participate in Plague Star, go to Cetus and see Konzu. As an aspect of the Plague Star event, he’ll have a unique bounty for you to complete. You must steal enough Grineer Toxin, mix it up, and use it to poison and exacerbate the boil to get this reward. There are four steps to this reward;

Step 1: Stealing of Thrax Toxin

To begin, go to the Grinner encampment and otherwise digging site, indicated by a waypoint.

Simply go to the location to perform the mission, since you must take their Thrax Toxin that is kept in the region.

To find the Thrax Toxin, you must first visit the location, typically a mining location or cave.

Grineer opponents will be there, so be prepared to battle when you arrive and start looking for their Thrax Toxin.

You won’t have any difficulty finding it since the location has been marked and you’ll find it easy to locate.

Once you’re close enough, you’ll find a yellow circle denoting the present location, and all you have to do now is proceed to the middle and look for the storage of Thrax Toxin.

Interact with the Thrax Toxin to steal it, but make sure that your primary weapon isn’t equipped since it might fall, and you’ll have to go and pick it or return for it if you didn’t realize it had fallen.

Leave the mine and otherwise cave because Konzu will delay for a long by conversing, but you must finally exit.

As you approach an exit, be prepared for the subsequent destination to be displayed as a new waypoint.

Step 2: Mixing The Toxin

The next step is to detect the Grineer mixer, in which the Thrax Toxin will be blended and prepared for use on the infected boil.

Simply go to a nearby market and look for a locker that has the mixer.

When you reach the locker, you have to activate the panel to unlock it and get the mixer therein. Double-check that the Thrax Toxin is with you and have not left it elsewhere.

Inside, turn on the mixer to start the mixing process; doing so might take some time, so be ready to fight.

After the blending process starts, you must try to keep the Grinner away from the mixer’s storage locker as he might try and destroy it all and murder you.

The quest will fail if you don’t successfully protect the mixer.

You can bring an Infested Catalyst and Eidolon Phylaxis throughout this procedure if you wish to, which will improve your standing later on.

Return inside and collect the mixture to continue with the task after the procedure is completed, and thus the locker is protected.

Konzu will contact you soon to discuss your next steps.

Step 3: Activating The Drone

Since your next job entails finding a drone, you’ll want to go to the specified area shown as a waypoint as soon as possible.

When you arrive at the drone’s destination, search for that in the circle’s center of the map and launch it. This will require you to give over the blend and escort it.

Protect the drone while escorting it to the boil, as Grineer troops will attempt to kill you as well as smash the drone.

Infested opponents will most likely appear too, so keep a watch on both groups since they would be battling each other and attacking you at the same time.

Once you’ve arrived at your location, the drone will take off, and you’ll proceed to the last step of the mission.

Step 4: Purging The Infested

The last mission is to clear out the infested enemies that have been unleashed to prevent you from completing the task.

To fulfill the mission, you’ll have to eliminate a large number of infested opponents and elevate the percentage to 100%.

It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t go too near to the boil; if you do, you’ll suffer harm from being on it or close to it.

When you achieve 100 percent, the mission would be completed, and you may either leave or go to a radio tent to fulfill another bounty.

You may simply return to Cetus to terminate the session and collect your rewards after completing the mission.

You will get Operational supply standing in addition to the materials and resources you have gathered throughout the session.

Increasing Operational Supply Standing Gain

Players may use two things in the gear menu for enhancing the quantity of standing they earn, but the mission’s toughness will grow.

These goods may be used throughout Step 2 or even the mixing stage, and each one will earn you an extra 250 standing points.

To utilize them, you should first acquire them in the gear menu before heading inside Cetus to complete the mission.

  1. Eidolon Phylaxis

Each Eidolon Phylaxis utilized throughout the mixing procedure will contribute 250 standing to the total.

Opponents will have greater levels depending on the amount used throughout the mixing process.

The whole group can utilize a combined four, so you may give more than one.

  1. Infested Catalyst

The Infested Catalyst, like the Eidolon Phylaxis, contributes 250 standing for every one used. If an Infested Catalyst is utilized, a Hemocyte will emerge later in the last stage rather than increasing enemies.

Hemocytes are a big enemy comparable to Lephantis with similar attacks as Lephantis but with some differences that make them unique.

Although this may be easily destroyed during the first encounter, the further similar spawned, the more difficult it becomes as the level rises.

Every Infested Catalyst may produce one Hemocyte, so if you utilize four, you’ll get four Hemocytes later during the game.

Hemocytes do not all spawn at the same time at the final stage; instead, they will grow at various percentages.

  1. Hemocyte

Hemocytes are a huge opponent capable of doing much damage. However, they have flaws comparable to Lephantis.

Hemocytes will spawn during different times based on the number of Infested Catalysts utilized throughout the mixing procedure.

The Hemocyte is comparable to Lephantis in that it may be eliminated in a similar manner.

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The Best Warframes For Plague Star Mission

There is a variety of Warframes to choose from, depending on your preferences and playing style.

Here are a few of Warframes that have been suggested for the Mission Plague Star :

  1. Volt – Buffer/DPS/Crowd Control

Volt’s ability to ramp up the entire group, making it simpler for everybody to maneuver around and enhance fighting capabilities.

Since his shields prevent frontal assaults and enable ranged attacks shot through them to inflict extra electrical damage for every protection and contribute to crucial multipliers. He may utilize them for both offensive and defense.

His Discharge and Shock abilities can be utilized to manage crowds and do damages to foes.

  1. Chroma – Buffer/DPS/Tank/Crowd Control

Owing to his buffs, Chroma is renowned for doing tremendous damage, which may also affect his squad, causing the team to inflict a lot of damage.

The Vex Armor’s ability buffs himself and his allies, increasing their damage and armor depending on the amount of damage they take.

Players may use elemental Ward in various ways depending on the player’s choice for dealing damage in a specific area and buffing teammates via elemental energy.

Chroma may use his Effigy skill to conjure an effigy to fight opponents, manipulate crowds, defend a region, and more.

  1. Rhino – DPSCrowd Control/Tank/Buffer

Rhino can both absorb and deliver a great deal of damage, and with his Roar skill, he may boost himself as well as his allies to do even more damage.

The Iron Skin skill allows him to endure a great deal of damage while resisting attacks from many opponents.

He can use Rhino Stomp to deliver significant crowd control along with damage to nearby opponents.

  1. Loki – Stealth/DPS/Utility/Focus Fire

Loki can stay undetectable by opponents and eliminate them without fear of being struck, enabling him to focus his fire while not being interrupted.

In certain circumstances, he may utilize the Decoy skill to confuse opponents and provide an opportunity for his friends.

Users may switch Teleport to swap towards a more strategic position by changing places with opponents, rescuing friends by levitating them to protection, and reducing the time it takes to reach Step 4 by sprinting ahead and switching positions with the Drone during Step 3.

  1. Trinity – Support

Trinity is an excellent support character since she can recover her teammates and replenish their health and energy.

Her Link skill enables her to do a lot of harm while also inflicting it on opponents.

  1. Frost – Crowd Control/Defensive

Frost’s abilities that defend the team plus slow or halt opponents make him competent in both defenses as well as crowd control.

He can use Snow Globes to avoid huge damage and keep opponents at a distance. If he casts it precisely upon the Hemocyte, the Hemocyte will slow down, and it’ll be simpler to attack the weak areas because any opponent inside the Snow Globe becomes slow.

Due to his Avalanche ability, he could freeze or kill opponents in a big group, which is helpful for crowd control and clearing.

  1. Harrow Buffer/DPS/Utility/Support

Harrow may utilize the Condemn skill to keep opponents in place for a brief period while also affecting the Hemocyte.

Due to the many opponents surrounding the boil, Penance may empower his team with an increased reload speed and firing rate, as well as life-stealing for melee attacks, helping to keep the team alive.

Since many opponents will be eliminated and may supply energy, Thurible could guarantee that the members have infinite power throughout the task.

Covenant can be beneficial since it renders everyone invulnerable, allowing for a free shot and a crucial chance following the invulnerability period has expired.

  1. Titania – Support/DPS/Crowd Control

Titania’s Spellbind ability, which causes opponents to ragdoll inside the air and render friends resistant to status effects, is excellent for crowd control.

Her Tribute may also provide small boosts to her team, which might be helpful throughout the task.

Players may utilize the lantern ability to divert opponents’ attention away from the team, enabling them to gain an edge.

She can fly around with Razorwing and use her unique weaponry to inflict massive levels of harm to opponents, even the Hemocyth.

  1. Wisp – Buffer/DPS

Wisp has several buffs that can help the team and skills that enable her to navigate the area fast.

Her buffs themselves are fantastic, and they can help with both survival and offense.

  1. Octavia – Crowd Control/Buffer/DPS

Octavia may use many of them for crowd management and wiping out opponents, and her buffs may help her teammates perform better.

Her buff, which provides invisibility, may be handy in keeping the team secure while being on the mission.

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When you cannot accomplish the Plague Star bounty, it is recommended that you have a team accompany you or attempt it publicly if you cannot perform the task effectively.

There are many recommended Warframes since many of them can be used and utilized effectively based on the user’s approach to the game.

The goods purchasable from the event shop are a major attraction for those who haven’t yet experienced “Plague Star.” There are two “Arcane” upgrades and “plague Zaw” components for constructing the modular melee weapons. It’s believed the plague zaws with their particular arcanes were formerly regarded among the “greatest in slot” melee weapon options. Many players are intrigued that users may exchange the event tokens for Forma, an item required to upgrade almost anything.

Many individuals participate in the event only to farm Forma, which is usually challenging to get. If you’ve a blueprint, you may build one in a single day.

Several Warframes have skills that may help with the mission’s later stages, and collaborating with the other Warframes with their skills can be beneficial.

When it pertains to Operation: Plague Star, it’s better to obtain it all from Nakak immediately since you never know if it’ll return.

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