How To Get Neurodes in Warframe?

Neurodes has remained one of the most significant resources in the game of Warframe.

Many beginners have encountered several difficulties while trying to farm Neurodes as they do not know the star chart and resources in Warframe. This guide will show you how to farm Neurodes and with ease too effectively.

Guide To Farming Neurodes

The importance of Neurodes in Warframe games cannot be over-emphasized as they are used to craft weapons, equipment, parts of Warframes, and even cosmetics.

Essential items like Forma, Orokin-reactors, multiple cosmetic helmets, and the latest Zephyr Prime Systems are all crafted with Neurodes.

I have outlined a complete list of blueprints that require Neurodes at the end of this article.

While you can purchase one Neurode for ten platinum, you will require 100 platinum to get a permanent blueprint to craft the same. Many players find this absurd. I consider this a newbie trap as you can easily farm Neurodes while roaming around during a game.

The methods I use to farm resources on Warframe include;

  • Desecrate Nekros, 
  • Slash Pistol, 
  • Trigris Prime, and 
  • Alterax

These slash weapons make farming a lot easier as they profit from the Nekros desecrate capacity to win double loots.

Planets That Drop Neurodes

Certain planets are known to leave Neurodes; hence it is more suitable to farm Neurodes in them. Some of these planets include:

  • Earth: Seek Neuroptic Masses and Flatlands of Eidolon.
  • Sentient Warriers in Lua (you can access this after finishing The Second Dream Search).
  • OrokinDerelict Survival (high probability).
  • Eris Survival and Defense.

Best Ways To Farm Neurodes

Although not everyone would agree to this list, these methods work just fine for me. Outlined below are the best ways to farm Neurodes:

Tycho (Survival)

In this mission, occulysts span every 1 – 2 minutes while bringing along with them the battalysts and conculysts. The time spent on the mission determines how much the number of the battalysts and conculysts will increase. Upon killing these two, you have a big chance of getting Neurodes.

Note that sentients and occulysts are challenging to kill and can build immunity against certain damage types; hence you should vary your builds from time to time. Also, take along with you a tanky flame.

If you complete the mission in around 20 minutes, you will get at least ten Neurodes as a reward. This is not a huge number, but you can boost the number of Neurodes you get by using a resource booster.

Orokin Derelict Assassinate

There is a high chance of receiving Neurodes from playing derelict missions, and the assassinate mission of Lephantis is one of such missions.

In the assassinate mission of Lephantis, players are required to fight the boss who possesses multiple heads, with each head having the potential of dropping a Neurode. A total of three to four Neurodes will likely be given as a reward upon completing this mission.

The downside of gaining Neurodes from this mission is that it requires a derelict assassination key which can only be crafted using Lephantis navigation coordinates gained from other derelict missions.

This method of gaining Neurodes is in no way beginner-friendly as it requires a boss fight and derelict is an end game mission.

Warframe Neurode Farming Tips For Beginners

Usually, new Warfame players will need Neurodes in their first few days of playing the game. Access to Derelict and Orokin missions at this stage is almost impossible; hence the above-listed methods of farming Neurodes cannot be used by beginners.

However, beginner players can head to Earth and search around for Neuroptic Masses while cracking them open for Neurodes.

In the farming of Neuroptic Masses, it is advisable to use frames like Ember that deal AOE damage. These frames will help to break open the masses while waiting on your companion to collect the resource.

It is unlikely for enemies to drop Neurodes on Earth, thus the reason I recommend searching the masses and opening containers.

Things To Avoid While Trying To Farm Neurodes

Warframe players in some forums and blog spots have often come out to say that Orokin Derelict Defense and Survival missions are good ways of farming Neurodes.

Well, these two methods are in no way efficient in farming Neurodes. I had used them before and got poor results. Wikipedia also confirms my standpoint.

Outlined below are the numbers of Neurodes acquired from playing these missions

1. Orokin Derelict Defense:

The Orokin derelict defense mission is truly tough and requires just one squad to play. On completing the thirtieth wave, players receive a reward of one Neurode even when they possess the right farming build like a desecrate Nekros.

2. Derelict Survival: 

Derelict survival missions are well known for getting difficult as time progresses. A total of 3-4 Neurodes is given as a reward after every thirty minutes with Nekros.

3. Eris Survival Defense:

Some players of Warframe assume that playing infested tileset missions will give them a huge number of resources. This is not true as the resource only drops in a few missions, and only a few of them are efficient.

Blueprints That Require Neurodes

Certain blueprints can only be crafted using Neurodes. Although few, having them framed and stacked in inventories is an added advantage in the game as you would need them as you progress and rank up in Warframe.

Outlined below are some blueprints that require Neurodes to get crafted. The number in brackets refers to the number of Neurodes needed.

  • Exodia contagion(5)
  • Exodia epidemic (5)
  • Chroma chassis (2)
  • Hind (6)
  • Amesha wings (5)
  • Mirage prime neuroptics (5)
  • Chroma prime neuroptics (4)
  • Hek (5)

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