Warframe Kavat – The Ultimate Guide

Warframe, a game made by Virtual Extremes, is an incredibly fast shooter which offers some amazing customization of how you want to play the game. Granted, much like other games containing RPG features such as powerful and uncommon prizes, there are a few ways of playing which are just the best.

Whenever it comes to in-game friends, we have a large selection to pick from, each of which is distinctive in its own way. Kavats is no exception because these feline companions could be both an assistance and a nuisance to those who try to come in the way during operations.

These adorable and deadly friends may be extremely handy in some quests, and with the latest update, which improves the ability to retrieve stuff that has fallen, they are even more so. Although many players have Kavats, some players, both old and new, are unaware of how to obtain them or even that they exist in the game.

This guide will teach you all you need to know about Kavats and why they could be the best companion for you on missions.

What Are Kavats In Warframe?

Kavats are wild creatures that may be discovered in the missions in which they are free to wander and feed on the infested. They are feral and predatory creatures that feed on the infected. During missions in the Derelict, it is possible to come across Kavats walking around while cloaked, making them difficult to detect without scanning or unless they’ve been uncloaked for a specific purpose.

They may be seen roaming about or battling infected and other opponents that could be present in the Derelict missions, depending on where they are. In some sections of the missions, such Kavats are wild and, therefore, will attack if aroused by the player or other opponents. They often appear in groups of three or more in certain locations.

Feral Kavats are Kavats met in the Derelict missions, and they are distinct from the other Kavats you might face in different missions since they are the purest and unaltered breeds that contain the secret to their reproduction.

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How Can You Get Kavat?

  • Kavat Genetic Code

The Kavat Genetic Code is a component in the game that is said to contain the genetic information or DNA and code which is necessary for the creation of Kavats. Kavat Genetic Code is required in order to produce Kavats. This code would be utilized in the breeding process of Kavats and would be provided by the breeder.

In order to reproduce Kavats, you will need to have a total of ten Kavat Genetic Codes. Thus, acquiring them would be the first step in obtaining the little feline friend.

How Can You Get Kavat Genetic Code?

Kavat Genetic Code, in contrast to the majority of resources that drop from opponents or may be discovered in loot containers, is gained in a more unusual manner than the majority of resources. A scanner must be used in order to collect Kavat Genetic Code, which may either be either Codex Scanner or even the Synthesis scanner, depending on your preference.

It is possible to obtain the genetic code of a Feral Kavat if you scan it, and there is just a small probability that you will receive the code in a single scanning session. Due to the fact that the possibility of receiving a Kavat Genetic Code also isn’t assured at all times, grinding missions in the Derelict are needed in order to farm for genetic codes.

Where Can You Get Kavat Code?

In Deimos’s mission, feral Kavats are the sole inhabitants, and every other Kavats may not contribute to the genetic code of the Kavat.

One example is the Kavats inside the “Sands of Inaros” mission. However, owing to the fact that the majority of players are ignorant of the necessity to scan them the majority of the time, that becomes less relevant if the player completes the mission.

When you complete the Derelict missions, you will be able to farm for the Kavat Genetic Code, which you may do again until you have obtained the quantity of Kavat Genetic Code which you require for breeding.

The simplest method of obtaining Kavats would be to select a task that did not contain as many diversions as you would require in order to locate the Kavats, who will not only be roaming but will also be hooded most of the time, as described above.

Eradicate or capture missions will become the most effective means of obtaining the Kavat Genetic Codes since they will prevent them from being unintentionally killed by fighting so many opponents or being under continual enemy pressure while on missions.

Therefore, Deimos is the most popular option when it comes to finding a famous Kavat location.

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Scanning And Finding Kavats

  • Preparation

As a first step, check to see that you have a scanner ready in your equipment since you’ll be utilizing it to identify and scan the Kavats in search of the Kavat Genetic Code.

Using such a synthesis scanner with toolbars may be beneficial since these could make the scanning faster and more efficient in a variety of ways, such as scanning faster, providing limitless scans, and duplicate scanning, among other things.

You may find additional info about the synthesis scanner as well as its widgets by going to this page. Make sure you’ve got a scanner, or else you would be unable to get the Kavat Genetic Code by scanning the Kavats in the mission in which you are about to participate.

  • Choose A Mission

Beginning with a task that you want to complete in order to confront the Kavats which are lurking within them, choose a starting point.

While it is obvious that you should choose a mission with which you are confident, choosing missions that enable you to freely wander before, after, or even during the objectives could make the process of acquiring the Kavat Genetic code much simpler.

Choose a capture or exterminate assignment because you will be able to wander the mission freely with no interruption, allowing you to seek for the Kavats in relative safety and with little to no conflict. Deimos is now the most productive Kavat Genetic Code location in terms of locating Kavats.

  • Scanning Kavats

Begin by picking a task that will allow you to face the Feral Kavats over the course of your operation. The missions destroy and capture is recommended for fast runs owing to the ease with which they can be completed and also the flexibility to move about without encountering many obstacles while on the assignment.

Follow the mission’s instructions, but be cautious because you may come into contact with the Feral Kavats before realizing it. Use your Codex Scanner or Synthesis Scanner every now and again to check for Feral Kavats because they may seem invisible at certain periods and are difficult to detect with the naked eye.

A Feral Kavat would be shown when seen with the scanner which you have been currently using if there is one present. In most cases, Kavats would overlook you and continue traveling or killing their opponents until you confront them or take the opportunity to scan them.

As soon as you’ve located the Feral Kavats, you can scan them for information. However, be aware because once you scan a Feral Kavat, the scanned Feral Kavat or any surrounding Feral Kavats will turn violent toward you and fight.

In order for you all to successfully scan a Kavat, all of the Kavats in the surrounding region will attack you. This may make things difficult because scanning takes time, and you must maintain your focus on the Kavat in order for the scanning to be effective.

Scanning Kavats with Warframes, which can deactivate or stun them without causing too much harm, may considerably expedite and simplify the task of finding and destroying them.

  • Breeding Kavats

When you’re ready to start breeding a Kavat, go to the incubator in the orbiter and engage with that to bring up the breeding option. Selecting “Kavat Breeding” from the menu will take you to a page where you may breed Kavats. However, there’s another breeding option for Kubrow; make sure you choose “Kavat Breeding” when you intend on breeding a Kavat.

As soon as you’ve selected “Kavat Breeding,” double-check that you meet all of the conditions to successfully breed the Kavat.

Choose the “Begin Incubation” option at the end of the breeding guide if you have completed all of the necessary steps and are ready to mate a Kavat with your companion.

Before you can begin breeding Kavats, you would need to complete the Kavat incubator improvement phase required by the game.

Kavat Incubator Upgraded Segment may be received as a fall by Hyekka Masters or could be reproduced in the dojo using Hyekka Masters. From this, you may pick whether you want to conduct a random incubation if this is your first attempt breeding a Kavat, which also will result in you getting a random Kavat.

To produce a certain Kavat, you can select to place Kavat imprints that you have acquired from that other player or borrow from some other player in the appropriate locations. To begin the process of being led to the final confirmation, choose “Start A Temporal Incubation.”

When requested during the confirmations of breeding, choose “Yes” to start a random incubation period, and also the Kavat would begin breeding. You’ll have to wait for the Kavat to breed, but then you can speed up the process by using platinum to do so.

Once your Kavat has finished breeding, you might level it up just like every other friend, and you can even outfit it with modifications. Following the completion of the incubation period, you might receive either a Smeeta Kavat or perhaps an Adarza Kavat by chance alone.

When the incubation process is complete, people could come up with Kavat titles to give to their new friends.

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Types Of Kavats

In Warframe, there are two Kavats that may be produced: the Smeeta Kavat and the Adarza Kavat. Every Kavat has a unique set of skills and purposes in the game, and they can be bred together.

Having one for every can be beneficial based on which tasks you would be participating in since they each focus on a distinct ability and can offer you significant benefits based on which missions you participate in.

The majority of mods may be used by any Kavat. However, based on the type of Kavat you own, it will also be able to utilize certain specialized mods which are only available to that type and which allow them the ability to employ its main powers.

  1. Smeeta Kavat

While the Smeeta Kavat is a much more general-purpose Kavat, it might be advantageous in that it can provide you with a variety of random boosts while on task. The duration of these buffs varies based on whatever buff is delivered by the Smeeta Kavat and how long the buff will remain.

There are several abilities that the Smeeta Kavat holds, which includes :

  • Charm

When the player’s charm is active, the Smeeta Kavat can buff them each 27 seconds (at maximum rank), providing them with a randomized buff that benefits them for an extended length of time dependent on the buff.

Since they give advantages to the user and enhance the efficiency of the Kavat throughout missions, it is among the most well-known talents of the Kavat, and for a good reason.

A Double Resources buff is among the most popular Smeeta Kavat buffs among players, owing to the fact that it considerably assists in farming (when used in conjunction with a resources booster) and perhaps even doubles resources collected including such Cryptic and Kuva.

  • Mischief

Mischief grants the Smeeta Kavat the ability to turn invisible every 7 seconds (at maximum level) while acting as a decoy to attract the attention of opponents. In addition, the decoy does have a chance to escape damage (rather than taking damage from either a source), which enables it to remain for a longer period of time once it has been produced by the Smeeta Kavat.

It becomes helpful throughout missions because it allows the players to take advantage of periods when the opponents are distracted, and because the adversaries’ focus has been pulled away from the users, the users are rendered secure for the moment being.

Not only will it assist the players, but it also benefits the Kavat because having the decoy continually diverting fire away from both players as well as the Kavat would enhance both their survival and their chances of surviving. The Decoy does have a 100 percent critical probability, as well as a 2x critical multiplier, and has half of the health which the Smeeta Kavat had at the start of the battle.

During the time that the decoy is operational, the Smeeta Kavat would remain cloaked and will also be able to attack adversaries without losing invisibility.

  1. Adarza Kavat

While the Adarza Kavat is much more of an aggressive Kavat, it does offer extra harm to the team and also having the capability of doing harm to adversaries. The Adarza Kavat, in contrast to the Smeeta Kavat, has only one buff out of its modifications, but this benefit impacts the entire team rather than just the person who is wearing it.

The Adarza Kavat has several abilities, which includes:

  • Cat’s Eye

In a perimeter of 20 seconds surrounding the Adarza Kavat, Cat’s Eye permits it to regularly offer its user and friends an additional 60 percent (at maximum rank) enhanced critical chance every 20 seconds.

Since the critical chance has little effect on the existing critical chance, it is extremely beneficial for people who may have critical builds because it provides a flat 60percent to whichever critical chance the weapons they are using has.

Additionally, people with various weapon builds would benefit from this because the flat quantity of critical chance would ensure that any weapon does have a good probability of dealing with critical strikes. Due to the fact that this ability only occurs whenever an opponent is within a certain radius, it is preferable not to have it blindly cast by an Adarza Kavat when there are no foes in range.

  • Reflect

Using Reflect, the Adarza Kavat has the power to avoid damage while also magnifying it back to the enemy, dealing 60 percent more damage (at highest rank) and enabling the Adarza Kavat to deliver harm to foes that are attacking.

When a large number of opponents are assaulting, the Adarza Kavat may readily deliver damage back to them, making it a powerful tool in combat.

Which Type Is The Best?

It goes without saying that the Smeeta Kavat is the finest companion in the game if you plan on farming resources. A broad range of buffs is available from the Smeeta Kavat, which is unquestionably the greatest friend in the game for those who seek them.

Smeeta Kavats may grant critical boosts, provide free energy, increase XP and treasure, grant quick reloads, and distract opponents by posing as a decoy of themselves to distract them.

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Mods Of Kavat

  • Swipe

Using Swipe, the Kavat may hit several opponents with a single strike within a 2-meter range (at maximum rank), making it much easier for it to inflict significant damage or kill a large number of enemies in a short period of time.

This becomes helpful since it enables the Kavat to assist its owner in dispatching opponents swiftly and fighting alongside them as they go through the game. Swipe also has a positive effect on the Pounce ability, resulting in excellent synergy whenever the two modifications are used together.

  • Pounce

Pounce enables the Kavat to jump at an opponent and attack them while also causing them to be confused for a set period of time, allowing them to do more damage. That ability will shock an adversary for 8 seconds and deliver 90 percent damage to them (at maximum rank), which might allow finishers to get a better grip on the enemy and destroy them faster. 

Since Swipe is worn, it will hit several foes at once, dazzling all enemies impacted as well as causing damage and making them available to finishers as a result. Activating a Kavat with Pounce makes it possible for the Kavat to have an advantage while hitting foes, as well as to maintain crowd control by stunning enemies.

  • Sense Danger

When activated, the Kavat can detect and warn its user of nearby adversaries, showing their locations on the mini-map and also glowing or being highlighted, making it easier to notice them.

You may use this to disclose the position of opponents within a 50-meter radius for 25 seconds (at maximum rank); make sure to take advantage of the ability to detect the locations of foes and also the direction in which they are traveling.

The usage of this feature might be beneficial while performing a task in which you need to determine where adversaries are heading from or headed so that you can plot your movements or positions and locate enemies who are not shown on the mini-map.

  • Sharpened Claws

Having sharpened claws enables the Kavat to unleash a lethal attack that does 300 percent more damage and lowers armor by 120 percent than a normal strike (at max rank)

This would be particularly beneficial when dealing with difficult-to-kill opponents since the Kavat would not only hit them but would also cause the adversary to become weak, allowing users to deliver more damage to a victim as a result.

  • Territorial Aggression

Territorial aggression enables the Kavat to claim a region as its own, forcing all adjacent wild creatures to just be disarmed for 15 seconds in 40 range (at maximum rank), allowing the player to take advantage of the system territorial aggression.

This mod, while not one of the most significant, may be quite useful while scanning for and dealing with wild animals during missions, especially when dealing with wolves.

  • Tek Enhance

At the maximum level, Tek Enhance extends the lifetime of Kavat skills by 30% (at maximum rank), which is extremely useful for enhancing the powers that it possesses. The Kavat’s set bonus causes it to label a 3-meter area every 60 seconds, causing opponents to receive 50 damage in that region every 60 seconds.

This is advantageous since it not only provides a fixed benefit but that also enhances the duration of the Kavat’s powers, allowing it to be more effective throughout missions.

  • Tek Assault

The use of Tek Assault allows the Kavat to remain alive even after suffering lethal damage, allowing it an opportunity to recuperate and keep on fighting rather than succumbing to its injuries and dying. With a 60% chance of occurring, the Kavat would become immune for 4 minutes (at maximum rank), letting it or its user take advantage of the extra time they have.

With this mod, the Kavat can become more effective and, therefore, can continue the fight even if it has been knocked out by an adversary, increasing its survivability and overall effectiveness. Since it is a Tek mod, this also provides the set benefit, and if you have more than one Tek mod loaded, the bonus provided by the set modifications will rise by one for each mod you have equipped.

Final Thoughts

Kavats are extremely useful companions during missions, and different types might be suggested for different tasks depending on the situation. The Smeeta Kavat is preferred primarily because of the numerous buffs it provides, but the Adarza is favored primarily because of the critical bonus it provides.

Both types of Kavats can utilize the basic Kavat modifications, but only one kind of Kavat could use the special mods that are specifically designed for them. As a result of the recent patch that granted them the Fetch mod, they may now collect pickup in a manner comparable to the Vacuum mod, which had been previously preferred when employing sentinels in battle.

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