Warframe Focus – The Ultimate Guide (2022)

Warframe Focus is the ultimate system that allows players to specialize and improve their performance. Focus equips with a collection of talents & passives that allows one to enhance five combat styles: healer, tank, warrior, ninja, or mage. It gives a particular school more points. Each school does have its own set of abilities for enhancing the Warframe or even the Operator.

The players can use every school one by one. Every school has its own set of passives and abilities. Using schools, you could overcome even the most difficult situations. Each one has its own set of characteristics depending on the gaming strategy or warframe that the player intends to utilize. Schools can unlock them on their own by focusing on all of them and then activating them.

What is the Best Way to Acquire Warframe Focus?

After completing the Second Dream Mission, you will access the 5 School Skill trees via a rare room on the boat. This tree has a cycle for unlocking skills. You’ll receive a Lens inside an identical branch if you choose one of the schools.

You may then use Warframe Focus Guide Points to unlock additional forces and capabilities out from trees. Completing tasks will also unlock focal points. You may ultimately check the awards, or you can acquire them from either of the five Focus Trees markets.

Convergence is an alternative way of obtaining Focus. This is exceptional because you can get the most significant amount of Warframe Somatic Fibers Farming in the shortest amount of time. You may increase Focus by 8x for 50 seconds after the focus location is set up and notice the Convergence Orbs. In comparison to ordinary interaction, you get multiple times greater mental clarity.

How can I unlock new Focus Tree abilities?

The ability to open the center tree is remarkable, and you may use it at any time throughout the battle. To access the Five School Screens, hit 5. From there, you may discover the Focus ability trees. You should perform activities such as headshots and direct hits to boost the capacity. The center tree may help you figure out just what actions you’ll need to expand the capacity.

When you complete the action, you will notice that the capacity has been charged, which means that you may use it. Obtaining focuses will allow you to access additional capabilities. As you advance along the tree, they will be subtracted, much as experienced in the Warframe Focus Guide. A sort of one-of-a-kind remake of one’s characters. Some abilities will become accessible after you have gained access to fundamental ones.

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The Five Schools?

Five schools equal five ability trees. After completing the Second Dream Mission in Warframe, players will choose between the five schools. Among five schools of Warframe are Naramon, Madurai, Zenurik, Vazarin, and Unairu. Every school has a unique set of abilities that you may unlock via the Warframe Focus Guide. Each school has a single property and depending on a client’s interaction, they may choose which capacity to access. To keep things simple, begin with a single skill tree and obtain abilities to help your character become more embedded in the game.

Schools’ List:

  • Madurai: School of Warriors 
  • Vazarin: School of Guardians
  • Naramon: School of Strategists 
  • Unairu: School of Invincible 
  • Zenurik: School of Mystical

1. Madurai

The tenacious Tenno warriors excel in attack and barrage. Those who excel primarily in the School of Madurai are bestowed with predatory and vicious abilities. The School of Madurai has a larger Amp energy bank and regeneration abilities, and they may use Void Mode to collect several charges of significant damage amplification. Compared to the standard version, it boosts Void Blast or Void Dash performances under various damage conditions. This school increases the primary damage output of their warframe’s weaponry and the damage dealt by warframe abilities.

2. Vazarin

The Vazarin method is a school with healing, regeneration, and protective abilities. The Tenno warriors are experts in first-aid, recovery, self-sufficiency, and direct power resistance. They protect themselves against attacks while being vigilant. They’ve been taught to neutralize and counteract the enemy’s attacks. They have such an improved health pool as well as a more extraordinary restorative Void Mode. Also, the schools’  Void Dash unleashes a blast of riot control that provides instant recovery as a bonus break. Allies are shielded, and their damage is absorbed and neutralized by the schools’ Void Blast.

3. Naramon

The Naramon style is a strategy, technique, and sheer force school. The Tenno fighters are masters of direct fighting and can overpower and neutralize armed opponents. They are only concerned with the art of attack. They can cover vast distances in a short amount of time due to their faster mobility speed. Melee weapons get different affinities via Melee kills or keep Melee combo rewards for an extended time.

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4. Unairu

This school’s Tenno fighters are unstoppable combatants with unrivaled ferocity. This school focuses on defense, toughness, and determination. Their fighting abilities have a lot of endurance. Because of the invisibility, they may weaken the enemy’s stronghold and mislead their enemies on offense. Those who master the Unairu school’s art get increased damage protection or damage reflection. Both the operator as well as the warframe are granted extra armor that mitigates and reflects all damage.

5. Zenurik

This school emphasizes the fighters’ inner power and energy. It focuses on intellect, concentration, and mental strength. Zenurik’s path is devoted to the arcane. The Tenno fighters are feared for their ability to command the battlefield and undermine the opponent. Tactical or spell-caster advantages are provided to those that are well-trained in the Zenurik style. They may effectively enhance the powerful Melee attacks of Warframes. The Void Dash enhancement may momentarily give massive quantities of energy, allowing Warframes or Operators to regenerate. Adding additional abilities to the Void Mode, Void Dash, and particularly Void Blast, they can quickly demolish a vast region with riot control. Because of the larger energy banks, they can siphon more power from Power pickups.

Focus Trees

When the player completes your Second Dream Mission, just two Focus Methods each school would be open for action, with both abilities mostly giving passive Warframe benefits. Players must finish The Saya’s Vigil and War Within before visiting The Quills to acquire and raise their Ways, and then go to The Quills to discover the majority of the Focus skills in each school.

Every school has its skill tree, which consists of ten Ways that activate different passive powers that boost Operator skills and, to such a minor degree, improve the player’s Warframe.

Each Way has its own set of rankings that may be improved by investing Focus points in that particular Way. The lines across two Ways indicate the outer’s dependency on the inner’s activation as a requirement to be functional.

Activating a Way takes a one-time Focus input, whereas grading up a Way involves progressively investing points in it through holding the Focus key down next to the Way’s symbol until the necessary quantity of Focus is achieved, allowing you to progress to the next level.

Focus allocation may be halted at any time, and that will be suspended if the current quantity of retained Focus for the school has been depleted. Otherwise, the player’s Focus capabilities will revert to the last verified change. Focus can’t be returned or reimbursed after it’s been verified.

Ways are divided into three categories: Active, Passive, and Way-Bounds, which will be discussed further below. You may only use passive and active ways in the focus school they belong to and would have no impact if a different primary school is chosen.

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The Active Ways

Active Ways include abilities that enhance or change the Operator’s utility and Void powers, notably Void Dash, Void Blast, and Void Mode, indicated by a circular symbol. Enabled Active Ways could come at a higher cost than energy, consuming so much Void energy. Disabling Active Ways would restore the specified power’s cost consumption to regular.

There are six Active Ways at each school.

Passive Ways

Passive Ways include powers that give passive stat boosts to Warframes and Operators and are represented by a hexagonal symbol. These ways begin applying for their benefits from the beginning of the mission.

There are two Passive Ways in each school.


Way-Bound powers boost the Operator’s fighting stats in a passive way. Unlike some other Ways, they may be “unlinked” from the school they are a component of, resulting in an extra unlocked Way appearing (and being regarded as) in any chosen school. The capacity of the unbound node(s) is still needed to reactivate them.

Freeing Way-Bound nodes requires upgrading it to the ultimate rank, which costs 1 million Focus points or a Superb Eidolon Shard.

Focus Points

In Warframe, among the most enigmatic mechanisms is Focus. It’s a complicated system that entails inserting unique materials into specific weapons & Warframes in order to get huge boosts to your playing abilities. It’s the game’s initial significant route toward personalization, and knowing the concept is crucial to becoming better at it.

A Focus Lens is a unique item that turns a proportion of Affinity reaped from fully leveled (Rank 30 and 40) gear into Focus points, which can be used to upgrade or open up Focus capacities. A singular Focus Lens may only be placed on fully leveled goods; polarised items must be wholly balanced again to earn additional Focus points.

An excellent tip to gain more focus points is, put all surrounding opponents to sleep as quickly as possible and just one them, but you’ll need a decent melee weapon to do so. Also, before defeating Heavy Gunners or Bombards, attempt to grab the Focus enhancer; these opponents will offer you 27K affinity, which is crucial for gaining more Focus.


Obtaining lenses could be complex initially for some people since they may be unable to get them as quickly as they would want to. Still, there are many options available, as mentioned below.


Their bounties are either on Cetus and Fortuna, so there’s a high chance you’ll receive the Greater Lens if you accomplish them. As the prize is dependent on RNG, getting the lens may take many attempts.


You can buy blueprints of Greater Lens from an in-market onboard the gamer’s landing craft. They can be constructed after all of the necessary materials, including four regular lenses, are available.

Tier 5 Bounties

All bounties can award players the Blueprints of Eidolon Lens; however, some players may need to repeat the mission due to the low probability of getting them. After obtaining it, the player can construct it by using the necessary materials.

You may use the Focus panel throughout the Orbiter’s Transference Room to spend focus points. These may be used to gain access to the new school, upgrade or unlock a node, or raise the ultimate Way Capacity.

There is a daily cap of 2.5 million Focus Points, which increases at a pace of 5,000 extra caps for each Mastery Rank. At 00:00 UTC, this restriction is reset.

Eidolon Shards

In addition to using lenses, Eidolon Shards may be utilized to acquire focus points. The shards aren’t subject to the daily concentration point cap. To switch them, just go inside a tree or to the focus trees and choose the consuming shards needed for the focus option from the menu.

Way Capacity

The overall Way capability or Pool for all schools is the same. The pool is depleted when a Way is activated or advanced in ranking; the more overall Pool a gamer has, the other Ways might become active at the same time. Capacity is set initially at four of the six points, with the beginning skill occupying one of those spots. Every Way will use one power when unlocked (and thus activated), with each additional level of the nodes adjacent to the beginning skill raising capacity usage by 2. Each increasing rank of every end node grows the capacity usage by 3.

You may raise Way capacity by investing the necessary amount of points from the chosen primary school on either the school selection screen or the way selection screen. The pool size is raised by one for each increment, and the quantity of Focus required is likewise increased.

Enhancing Way Capacity directly impacts each school’s overall capacity, and each functional Way would only use its own school’s ability. A maximum Way Capacity of Ten will, for instance, enable the Ways at Zenurik to use up to ten Way Capacity independently of the Naramon school’s consumption.

The other schools need 50,000 points to unlock; however, players should first earn Focus points by utilizing Lens associated with the desired school. Following that, they can choose a single Tenno School, which will switch all bonuses from the previous primary school to the current primary school’s rewards.

Total Costs

Previously, gamers who wanted to max up their school (all nodes maximized and enabled, plus the two Superb Eidolon shards with 2,000,000 extra focus to extend the way-bound node to their other schools) would need approximately the preceding quantity of Focus for every school. Synthetic, Radiant Eidolon shards and Brilliant have subsequently bypassed this limit, giving 5,000, 40,000, and 25,000 focus points, correspondingly.

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  • Because the entire quantity of Focus earned throughout missions depends on the amount of affinity earned, utilizing Affinity Boosters may enhance the overall amount of gained Focus.
  • When you’re just getting started but have a limited number of lenses to install, use the following tips;
  • The most efficient location of your initial lens relies on one’s play style and role due to affinity distribution mechanisms when lenses transform affinity to Focus points. Installing lenses on Warframes is more effective if you are personally performing nearly all or most of the killings since Warframes would acquire Focus despite the weapon utilized and get the total balance of point conversion on kills utilizing Warframe skills. For individual play, that’s the easy choice. When you’re assisting and don’t require any additional weapons, using a single weapon with a lens is much more powerful. Using a single weapon would be preferable to a frame for fair team play when you anticipate earning no over 1/3 of the killings. If you want to farm with various armaments, lensing the structure is still a good idea.
  • Performing top-level Exterminate quests (particularly Adaro, Sedna) in stealth, using the stealth affinities factor to rake in vast quantities of affinity, which results in a similarly significant conversion rate to Focus, is among the most efficient methods to farm Focus.


Focus is essential in this game, and it is recommended that you farm as much as possible to boost the schools, which provide tremendous advantages and are extremely helpful later on. Farming (focus) does not need much effort and may be easily accomplished by just gaming normally. During focus farming, selecting the appropriate frame, such as a frame that goes invisible and stops enemies to stealth killings when using a stealthy strategy, or even a frame that can kill many enemies fast for survival or assault objectives, will be very beneficial.

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