Warframe Daily Tribute Rewards List

Warframe is, undoubtedly, a fun-to-play game. However, it becomes more exciting and appealing because of its Daily Tribute Rewards. Warframe has a very generic algorithm to create a list of regular rewards. All players get these rewards every day when they log in. However, you can claim these rewards only one time every day. There are various rewards granted to the players depending on their experience and in-game rank. Every day there are different rewards for different players. 

For higher ranks, the possibility of getting rare rewards is high. For Mastery ranks, the game increases the possibility of getting rare and unique rewards by 5%. This reward data resets at 12:00 AM UTC.

The Platforms 

The following is the list of possible daily rewards you will get in this game. This list is created according to the DTS (Daily Tribute System).

  • Credit Booster
  • Cryotic
  • Affinity Booster
  • Credits 
  • Endo
  • Fieldron Sample
  • Detonite Ampule
  • Gallium 
  • Morphics
  • Forma Blueprint
  • Mutagen Sample
  • Neural Sensor
  • Mutagen Mass
  • Orokin Cell
  • Neurodes
  • Oxium
  • Random Weapon Blueprint
  • Resource Drop Chance Booster
  • Resource Booster
  • Relic Pack
  • Random Warframe Blueprint
  • Tellurium 
  • Syndicate Medallions

For Console (Exclusive) 

  • 70-80% Market Discount
  • 45-55% Market Discount
  • 2-30% Market Discount

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For PC (Exclusive) 

For PC gamers, Warframe has launched some special discount coupons. These coupons are as follows: 

  • Platinum Discount: 20% off 
  • Discount Coupon 30% off
  • Platinum Discount Coupon for 40% off
  • Platinum Discount Coupon for 50% off
  • Coupon for a 60% Platinum Discount
  • Discount Coupon for 70% off
  • Coupon for an 80% Platinum Discount


As you continue to play, your chances of winning rare rewards increases. After a certain period, the game offers a wide range of rewards and coupons. Players can choose the reward of their choice. However, for these rewards, you must have played the game for a certain period of time.

Daily Tribute Weapons 

After 100 days of playing Warframe, the game will allow the players to choose a special sundial weapon. This offer continues every 200 days. The rewards included in this category are as follows: 

  • Zenith
  • Azima
  • Sigma
  • Ocantis
  • Zenistar

Daily Tribute Sigils

After playing this game for 50 days, you will get a sigil and resource of your choice. You will get this deal after the first 50 days and every 100 days afterward. 

Daily Primed Mods

The following are the primed mods that are available in the reward in the section: 

  • Primed Sure-Footed
  • Primed Vigor
  • Primed Shred
  • Primed Fury

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Lodestar Syandana

After 800 days of playing, you will get Lodestar Syandana as a reward. 

Lodestar Armor 

You will get Lodestar Armor on the 1000th day. 

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Evergreen Rewards

There is another category of rewards called “Evergreen Rewards”. This category is subdivided into three pools: A, B, and C. You will be eligible to claim these rewards after 1050 days of playing this game. The pools of Evergreen Rewards are as follows:

Pool A

  • 4 Slots (Weapons) – Armory Cache 
  • 3 Forma – Forma Cache 
  • 3 Adaptors (Exilus) – Exilus Cache

Pool B 

  • 30,000 Endo
  • 50,000 Kuva
  • Affinity, Resource, and Credits Boosters for seven days

Pool C

  • Melee Riven (x3)
  • Rifle Riven (x3)
  • Secondary Riven (x3)

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