Warframe Credit Farming – The Ultimate Guide (2022)

Because Warframe is technically free, it depends on numerous farming elements to grow a player’s armory, skins, and levels, and the majority of them need credits. 

Credits may be earned quickly in Warframe by completing missions, destroying enemies, and opening loot chests. Because everything is essential and there is no real grind yet, credits may seem to fall into Tenno’s hands as missions are completed. Due to the game’s repetitious nature, it exposes itself to harvestable elements for credit searching; thus, its vastness can be advantageous.

Credits are a common currency in Warframe, which may be used to purchase blueprints, gear, or goods from the marketplace, craft equipment in the workshop, and perform mod fusion and transmutation, and plenty of other things.

You may earn credits in various methods, including the loot from opponents, mission bonuses, selling undesirable goods, and other activities.

If you’re a newbie to Warframe and need to find out the best method to generate credits, this post will guide you on where and how to farm credits.

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Dark Sector Quests 

Dark Sectors were formerly unoccupied areas of planetary in the star chart that the Infested ultimately overtook.

Most Dark Sector’s quests will feature infested opponents, and the prizes for completing the first cycle include a significant number of credits.

You can tell whether a task is indeed a dark sector quest by looking at the dark sector symbol beside the mission description.

When you kill opponents with specific weaponry, like rifles, guns, firearms, and melee, you will get different experiences in certain dark sector quests.

Apart from the extra experience gained from using certain weapons, the dark sector provides a bonus experience.

Depending on whatever dark sector quest one is on, there is indeed a possibility for a bonus drop, which may be helpful while farming.

Top Dark Sector Credits Farming Missions

Seimeni & Gabii are among the best places to harvest credits since they yield a considerable number of credits and are simple to complete.

Apart from that, you may get limitless credits as well! It’s simple, just play missions. Credits can be made in various ways, including loot containers, dead enemies, and lockers. That’s the simplest and most important way to gain credits for newbies. Farming quests with many opponents is a helpful approach to earning many credits in the early game.


Seimeni is a Ceres defense mission with opponents ranging from level 15 to 25.

Throughout this Defense operation, gamers will get a 35 percent increase in drop rate, giving them a better opportunity of obtaining more resources.

Players will earn 26% more expertise from completing the task and 21% more by killing opponents using melee weapons.

You are charged with defending a target that will be assaulted mostly by infested during a defense mission.

Before you leave the mission, you must defeat five waves of attackers, and the sooner you complete the goal, the quicker you will receive the credits.

Infested enemies would be weak by Slash, Gas damage, and Heat, which could be used to your gain. 

You may withdraw and retry the quest after five waves.

Because the opponents are simple to kill and even the map is minimal, this is the quickest method to earn credits.

You will get an additional 20,000 credits compared to what you have earned throughout the mission if you complete five waves within Seimeni.


Gabii is a Ceres-based survival game with different opponent compared levels, starting from 15 to 25.

This quest also has a 35 percent increase in resource drop rate, similar to Seimeni.

Any kill would gain you 26 percent experience, with an additional 21 percent for melee killings.

All you’ll have to accomplish throughout the mission is surviving for five minutes through camping throughout one place or exploring the map.

When you’re running short on life support, simply use the life-supporting capsules denoted by the indications on your map.

Slash weapons are particularly efficient against the infected and the elements of Heat and Gas.

Simply extract, then repeat once the five-minute timer has ended.

This is the simplest method to harvest credits since no matter what you perform in the assignment, and you will be rewarded with credits as long as you survived for 5 minutes.

Because of the quantity of loot you may acquire, this may eventually produce more than Seimenia, so you must wait 5 minutes for each mission before extracting.

When you complete farming upon Gabii, your item bonuses will automatically be increased by 20,000 credits.

Apart from the basic farming methods, there are some additional options available if you wish to earn more credits.


Except for the loot, each mission completed for the first time performing sorties would provide you with 50,000 for the third quest, 30,000 for the second quest, and 20,000 for the first quest.

Some people may find it challenging to complete sorties independently; therefore, joining a team can be extremely beneficial.

When all tasks are completed, Sorties also offer a random prize from the award pool.

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Selling Mods

If you’re already farming for a while, you’ve probably accumulated a large number of modifications, most of which will be copies of ones you already have.

You may either sell modifications for credits or endo, depending on what you want the most.

If you genuinely desire credits, this is a fantastic method to earn them!

Selling Goods from the Inventory

You do have the right to sell several of your inventory goods for credits, so if you have a large number of a particular part that you may only need periodically, such as a Warframe part or a blueprint, you can sell them for credits.

In a Nutshell

Farming credits isn’t complicated if you recognize what the best methods are for farming credits & how to do it effectively.

Credits are helpful to have on hand since you may use them for merging or transfiguring mods, purchasing items from the marketplace, exchanging with other users as tax, and plenty of other things.


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