The Best Warframe Corrupted Mods Guide (2022)

Corruption Modifications are unique mods that can only be gained from the Deimos through looting the vault concealed within the mission. Players can only obtain them from the Deimos. These modifications offer Warframes or weaponry with dual values, one of which is a positive value and another of which is a negative value, as long as both are positive.

Based on the Warframe or weapon construct you are focusing on, it can either boost one value to help the Warframe or weapons in one aspect while having a negative effect or create two positive benefits.

Corrupted modifications allow you to modify both weapons and Warframes to a significant degree, making them stand out from the crowd for the vast majority of the Warframe and weapon configurations that you may make in the game.

There are corrupted modifications for Warframes, main, secondary, and melee weapons, each of which is designed to work particularly with its respective kind.

How Can You Obtain Corrupted Mods?

Derelict, situated on the star map, is where you may find Deimos missions, which will give you corrupted mods. To complete the task, you must hunt for and uncover the Orokin Vaults, which are concealed throughout the game’s missions and can only be unlocked with certain Dragon Keys that may be created after purchasing them at the Dojo.

“Vault Runs” are what players refer to while they are out seeking corrupted modifications, during which they look for more members who will join them in order to expedite the process of discovering the Orokin vaults and having the task more manageable to complete.

Obtaining Deimos task keys from the orbiter’s market interface is required in addition to being able to participate in missions on the planet Deimos.

How Can You Farm Corrupted Mods?

1. Equipping And Getting The Key Weapons Prepared

Dragon Keys are necessary to enter Orokin vaults during the Deimos missions, which are only accessible with special keys. Every vault will need a certain key, which will be chosen at random to be able to access it. If you do not have the correct key, you would be unable to enter the vault.

To be able to construct Dragon Keys, you must first have acquired them from Orokin Lab, which must be constructed in the dojo for you to be able to make purchases from it.

Once you have completed the crafting of Dragon Keys, you can simply select the ones you wish to use for the task that you will all go on. If you go to the equipment screen and choose gear from the bottom, you will be able to view the gearing menu and equip the appropriate key.

Choose a location in which you will store the key so that you may use it to equip it for the task. Upon selecting the Dragon Key, this would display in the gear menu and, therefore, will take effect immediately, regardless of whether you are in the orbiter. Even if you’re not going to use the key or whether you’re going to undertake another task, make sure to take it out of your inventory because it will remain under its influence as long as you have it on you.

The ability to equip several keys will help carry all of the keys you would need to access the vaults if you intend on going solo or if your squad just doesn’t have enough members for a complete squad. If you’re on a two-person team, you can each take two keys, or if you have players who don’t have keys anymore, you can gladly bear their responsibilities by carrying more keys than one would typically carry.

Be aware, though, that using several keys can result in you experiencing a slew of disadvantages, so exercise caution when doing so.

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2. Begin A Vault Run

To start the vault run, choose the task you want to complete and start it. Make sure you have all of the Dragon Keys you’ll need before you begin. If you are performing this alone, it is critical that you carry all four keys or that you divide them up among those squads and assign each person access in order for the quad to get all four keys available.

Since just one of each key is required for each task, it is not necessary for anyone to carry all four keys, as long as the total keys include one from each key. Mods that have been corrupted It is ideal for conducting Hearts of Deimos sessions as a group so that all of you can hold a different sort of key.

Whenever your task begins, proceed to accomplish it as quickly as possible, and once you have completed the objective, you may begin searching for the Orokin vault and its contents. If you happen to run into the Orokin vault before completing the task, you can go home and start it regardless of whether or not the mission has been completed. You can then finish the mission thereafter.

Search the entire map until you come upon a door that looks similar to the one in the image ahead, which would be the Orokin vault. This may be discovered at any door and constantly spawns around the map; therefore, you will need to be able to explore anywhere in order to discover where it is located.

When you get close to the vault, you would be able to see which key is required, then one of you will use the key, which is the exact key for the door, to unlock the vault. As soon as you have unlocked the Orokin Vault, proceed to the item situated within the chamber and interact with this in order to obtain the artifact.

Although this artifact contains the corrupted mod, this will not be visible in your collection until the task is complete. Even if just one team member manages to obtain the artifact, the whole squad will be infected with the corrupted mod when they emerge from the operation.

Proceed to the extraction location after you have gathered the artifact to finish the task and learn which corrupted mod you received. The corrupted mod would be presented in the acquired mods part of the Mission Success: Overview screen, where you may choose it.

As much as you construct the Disused Mission keys and the Dragon keys, which are required, you can repeat this process many more times as you wish. Please keep in mind that each time you successfully access a vault and finish the objective, the Derelict key plus Dragon key you used to accomplish the task would be spent.

What Are Corrupted Mods?

When you use a corrupted mod, you have dual stats, with one stat being boosted and the other being reduced. Combined with other modifications, they can be used to balance out negative stats, or the negative stats could be left in place to add more manipulation to abilities or even the result of weapons.

In several expert builds, the usage of corrupted modifications is essential. It may significantly enhance the playing style if you mod in the direction of what you find most comfortable. Whenever you enter a vault, there is a hundred percent chance of receiving a corrupted mod.

List Of Warframe Corrupted Mods

1. Blind Range

Ability strength is increased by 99 percent, whereas ability efficiency is reduced by 55 percent due to Blind Rage. This improves the effectiveness of your skills, resulting in greater effects or even more damage, but that also requires more energy to be expended when the ability is used up.

With this increase in ability power, you will be able to deal significant damage or make much better use of a certain effect. That’s also especially useful for abilities that do not require you to cast them frequently.

2. Fleeting Expertise

When combined with Fleeting Expertise, capability efficiency increased by 60 percent, but ability duration is reduced by 60 percent. Due to the low energy costs, you would be able to cast additional abilities as a result of increased efficiency; however, the duration of some skills would be lowered as well.

Because of the low energy cost, you would be able to cast numerous abilities, which will be especially useful for talents that do not rely on or have a duration.

3. Narrow Minded

Narrow Minded enhances the duration of abilities by 99 percent while decreasing the range of abilities by 66 percent. The duration of various abilities may be lengthened by increasing their power, although this comes at the expense of the ability’s range.

This is ideal for skills that do not require a considerable amount of range, as well as buffs that may be utilized on yourself or on people who are within a short radius of your location.

4. Transient Fortitude

Transient Fortitude raises ability effectiveness by 55% while also decreasing ability duration at 27.5 percent. By trading a little amount of ability duration for one greater quantity of ability power, it is possible to improve the damage and impacts of abilities at a relatively low cost in terms of time spent.

In addition to skills that have a longer duration and can withstand the lowered duration, this would be ideal for powers that were not based on the time at all.

Primary Weapon Mods

1. Heavy Caliber 

Heavily armored weapons deal 165 percent more damage, but they are also less accurate by 55 percent. The weapon’s efficiency is lowered, and striking foes at long range could be difficult; although, the damage gain more than compensates for this, resulting in the weapon doing a significant amount of damage at short to medium range.

This is true for nearly all weapons, as long as you’re prepared to deal with the poor accuracy. Numerous weapons, extremely close to medium-range guns having burst-fire or automatic firing modes, reap the benefits of such a development.

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2. Critical Delay

Critical Delay improves the critical probability by 48 percent while decreasing the firing rate by 36 percent (2x decrease for bows). As a trade-off for the increased damage caused by a sufficiently high probability, you sacrifice a little amount of shooting speed.

For weapons with a high initial firing rate or weapons that have a 100 percent critical probability, this is particularly applicable.

3. Tainted Mag

When using Tainted Mag, you may boost magazine capacity by 66% yet decrease reloading speed by 33%. Weapons that have medium to high magazine capacity benefit from strengthening the availability of the magazine, which allows for more ammo to be used per clip at the expense of a slower reloading time.

When you have more rounds and shots without reloading, you have more time to shoot at the expense of only having to wait a little longer between reloads, which may be done safely behind cover or by performing basic evasive movements during a combat situation.

4. Vile Acceleration 

Vile Acceleration boosts the pace of firing by 90 percent double for bows), but at the expense of 15 percent damage dealt with enemies. Due to the higher firing rate, you can deliver more harm in a shorter period of time, more than compensating for the lowered damage because you are essentially doing a huge amount of damage in a short amount of time.

The main disadvantage at this stage is the pace during which you run out of ammunition, although this may be mitigated by having means to quickly refill your ammunition, such as a mod that converts ammunition or a Carriage Prime with its own mod which does the same thing as a Carriage Prime.

This is particularly helpful for weapons that do large quantities of damage or have slower firing rates since it allows them to fire more shots in a given length of time, allowing them to take advantage of their damage potential and boost damage per second.

5. Vile Precision 

Vile Precision decreases the recoil of guns by 60 percent while simultaneously decreasing the rate of firing by 36 percent. By sacrificing firing rate, you get more precision, which allows the air to remain stable while you are unleashing bullets at your adversaries.

When used with high-rate weapons which require greater precision to keep their aim, these become particularly helpful.

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6. Burdened Magazine

Using a Burdened Magazine improves the magazine size by 60% while decreasing the reloading speed by 18%. It is possible to deliver significant damage without reloading or backing off after fights by raising the number of bullets you have in each magazine. This allows you to inflict more damage at the expense of a little increase in reload speed.

A good example would be high-damage shotguns that require more rounds to be able to affect more before withdrawing or recharging their ammunition magazines. With a larger magazine capacity, you are able to do greater damage every instance whenever you hit.

7. Critical Deceleration 

Critical Deceleration raises the likelihood of a critical hit by 48 percent while decreasing the rate of fire by 30 percent. When you raise the critical chance, you must give up a tiny bit of your firing rate, which may be usually made for with modes or left alone because the weapon deals a significant amount of damage at the start of the game.

When using this mod, many weapons would be able to deal one hit, which would mean that the firing rate would not be a significant issue when played wisely.

8. Frail Momentum

Frail Momentum boosts the rate of firing by 90 percent while reducing damage by 15 percent, according to the manufacturer. Gaining a significant boost in firing rate more than compensates for the minor reduction in damage since you are able to do more damage in a shorter period of time, boosting your damage every second.

This is especially useful while using shotguns with huge ammunition capacity or even when using shotguns that require an excessive amount of time between rounds.

9. Tainted Shell

It is estimated that Tainted Shell can limit fire spread by 76% while decreasing the pace of fire by 55%. The bullets or projectiles you shoot will be less dispersed and will strike their targets more precisely if the spread is reduced. This will allow the weapon to discharge the majority of its projectiles in a narrower area, resulting in less spreading.

This allows you to attack foes from a greater distance or to concentrate all of the damage from such a shot with the shotgun on a single target without having to worry about some projectiles not hitting their targets properly.

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10. Vicious Spread

Armed with Vicious Spread, damage rises by 90 percent, whereas spread doubles by 60 percent. Due to the greater spread of the weapon that allows the projectiles to scatter out much more, the increased quantity of damage compensates for this.

The range is limited by the fact that your bullets will be dispersed, but if you get closer to your opponents, most of your shots are more likely to hit, restoring the shotgun’s original function of near to medium range with the added additional damage.

In this case, that becomes tactical, and it is most beneficial to you if you choose to use your shotgun in close ranges because if fired at blank range to mid-level, it will almost always strike your adversaries.

11. Depleted Reload

Magazine capacity is reduced by 60%, while reload speed is increased by 48% when using Depleted Reload. Except if you are working with a really small magazine, it is unlikely that decreasing the size of a sniper’s magazine is the best option.

Since it is practically the same thing as the previous animation, snipers with such a single or very few shots may depend on this.

Corrupted Mods for Secondary Weapons

1. Anemic Agility

Anemic Agility boosts the rate of firing by 90% while reducing damage by 15%. Boosting the fire rate at the expense of damage might be useful in some situations, as long as the weapon is compatible with the mod.

Weapons having slow firing rates with great damage can substantially benefit from such a mod, as the output alone is sufficient, as well as the damage per second, could be significantly increased with the extra rate of fire.

2. Creeping Bullseye

Creeping Bullseye raises the critical probability by 48% despite lowering the firing rate by 36%. By sacrificing the firing rate for a sufficiently high chance, you can deliver more critical damage, which is useful for weapons that always strike a critical hit.

This works well with weapons that have a lot of important changes or weapons which have a lot of initial attack rates since the critical chance gained compensates for the loss.

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3. Hollow Point

Hollow Point ups critical damage over 60% while lowering basic damage by 15%. When critical damage increases significantly, a little decrease in damage becomes meaningless as long as crucial strikes continue to come.

This is especially useful for secondary weapons that may deliver several critical hits each shot since the slight damage decrease can be compensated for by enhanced damage, a faster rate of fire, or even a larger critical damage factor.

4. Tainted Clip

Tainted Clip improves magazine capacity by about 60% and lowering reloading time by 30%. Raising the magazine capacity with secondary weapons is critical because some are capable of doing a lot of damage but have a limited quantity of ammo per magazine.

This compensates for the limited ammo capacity by making loading take longer, which would be essential since one may easily seek cover while loading or patiently wait the period out because taking a little longer to reload has a minor influence.

5. Magnum Force

Magnum Force boosts damage by 165 percent while lowering accuracy by 55 percent. Getting a great boost in damage at the sacrifice of a modest degree of accuracy might lead shots to miss from afar; however, when shot at closer to medium range, one may be confident of doing a lot of damage.

That works well enough with weapons that are extremely precise or have burst or automated firing settings, as they may fire many bullets at once, always hitting adversaries at close ranges. Using that mod could boost damage per second but will force you to go closer to your foes.

Melee Weapon Corrupted Mods

1. Corrupted Charge

Corrupted Charge boosts channeling damage by 100% while reducing channeling efficiency by 40%. Casting efficiency alone does a lot of damage, and by increasing it for a tiny amount of extra energy, you may deal a great deal of damage in a short period of time.

When performing rapid combinations or killing off foes, that comes in helpful because the attack won’t even take quite so much energy because you won’t be completing combos as often and will instead be killing off enemies or causing significant amounts of damage in a single hit.

2. Spoiled Strike

Spoiled Strike does 100 percent more damage while lowering the attack rate by 20%. Dealing twice as much damage for a tiny proportion of your attack speed seems like a good bargain, especially considering you have additional attack speed modifications and also esoteric and buffs.

This is especially useful for weapons with such a high starting melee attack speed because the lower quantity of attack speed won’t make a significant difference once completely modified.

3. Corrupt Charge

Corrupted Charge boosts channeling damage by 100% while lowering channeling efficiency by 40%. Channeling effectiveness alone delivers a lot of damage, and by increasing it for a tiny amount of extra energy, you may deal a lot more damage in a shorter length of time.

This is useful for dealing with rapid combos or wiping off foes because the attack won’t take as much energy because you won’t be completing combinations as often and instead will be wiping off enemies or causing significant amounts of damage in a single hit.

Final Thoughts

Corrupted mods are regarded as difficult to get at times since the prizes for accessing Orokin vaults are picked at chance, and it could take a bit of time before you receive the mod you want. 

Even if not everyone has the same corrupted modifications, this does not imply a build is incorrect since you are intended to use corrupted mods for a particular build that matches you, which is exactly what corrupted mods enable you to accomplish.

Concentrating on specific stats might result in decreased stats in other places that can be mitigated using regular or corrupt modifications.

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