Top 3 Best Places to Farm Circuits in Warframe (2022)

Circuits are a popular resource in Warframe. These circuits are used to make a variety of Tenno devices. There are many resources in Warframe. Some resources are easy to get, while others are pretty difficult to get. You can easily buy circuits from the market. There are different prices to buy different circuits. For 30 platinum, you can obtain 1500 Circuits. The circuit is one of Warframe’s most accessible resources to get. In Warframe, various players have over 200k circuits.

While the Corpus appears to be more technologically advanced, Circuits are only available on a small number of planets. With a better supply of Circuits, it is an excellent investment for future crafting and farming purposes.

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Best Circuits Farming Places

If you’re planning to farm some circuits, it’s pretty simple if you know where to harvest Circuits. Some places are present on Ceres or Venus. The Kuva stronghold, Ceres, and Venus are the only three circuit farming places available now. Ceres and Venus are the ideal places to farm circuits early in the game. However, the Kuva Palace is also a great place to harvest Circuits late in the game.

Regardless of one’s feelings on Circuits crafting and farming, Ceres is the best circuit farming site in the early game. On the other hand, Venus is the best circuit farming location because of its Dark Sector benefit.

1. Gabii

Gabii delivers a 35% boost to resource drop, which is pretty good when crafting resources. Gabii has long been regarded as a place with the largest circuit farms, not due to the drop circuits but also due to the additional resources that we can gather during the objective. All hostiles in this mission are infested. We can destroy them with modestly equipped weapons and Warframes. The terrain offers several places that have an application to eliminate squads of enemies successfully. Camping will eventually be an excellent method to farm successfully, especially with a squad. It is best to explore around before camping. Containers may carry circuits and other necessary resources, and camping will eventually be a great way to get some circuits efficiently.

2. Seimeni

Seimeni, The Dark Sector defense, is a place that also delivers an improved 40% supplies availability. It is better for farming. This place is an alternative to Gabii. Seimeni, while not as productive as Gabii, provides an excellent opportunity to obtain circuits with other resources like Orokin Cells.

In this mission, warframes that are able to take out multiple enemies in a given area will be more valuable. However, a Khora and Hydroid can be more vital for farming because they can compel the enemies to loot. It will be much better to harvest credits if you have a Nekros around, as his ability can impact all dead foes, forcing them to loot out.

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3. Malva

Malva is a famously known area to cultivate Venus circuits if you need them early in the game. While Malva’s resource drop chance only increases by 10%, it still provides a significant number of circuits during the gameplay. Since this is a lower-level and survival mission, newbie players are likely to gain a substantial number of resources. As a gamer, you can also use this location to learn circuits farming techniques and tactics.

You can solo finish this objective. Thus for most circuits, joining a team, especially one with a Warframe to boost supplies and drops, is recommended. Circuits don’t always drop straight away, but as you progress through the quest, you’ll notice an increase in their frequency of drops.

Nekros can roam and kill enemies in a single shot, making them ideal for circuit crafting in survival scenarios. When camping, if your team has a Hydroid equipped with some Pilfering Swarms can result in a lot of supplies dropping. Since Venus is one junction away from the Earth, it is the best spot to loot some circuits early on, although Ceres is a better late-game planet for circuit farming.

You can also do Dark Sector objectives on Ceres and Venus, in addition to the ways stated above. Run a team of a Speed Nova, a Desecrate Nekros, a Pilfering Swarm Hydroid, and an Energy Trinity for endless energy and multi-spam to increase your odds of receiving a large amount of this resource. Here are some systems to farm this resource. Circuits are a rare resource that comes in packs of 20 or 50. Some tasks that necessitate its use as a means are as follows:

  • LokiPrimeSystems
  • NyxPrimeSystems
  • NovaPrimeSystems
  • OberonPrimeNeuroptics
  • Octavia Systems
  • Quanta
  • Volt Prime Neuroptics
  • Volt Prime Systems
  • Pandero
  • Obex

It’s not difficult to farm credits because you have access to a planet from the beginning of the game. Ceres is undoubtedly the best planet for Dark Sector missions because of its enhanced drop chances. Its loot supply is much higher than the other planets.

Unless you get access to Ceres, the best place to be if you are starting will be Venus. It’s best to maintain a good supply of Circuits on hand because you’ll need many of them as you move through the game.


Regardless of one’s feelings on Circuits farming, Venus is now the best early Circuits farming site. However, Ceres is the best Circuits farming location due to its Dark Sector benefit. If you have any other queries regarding this game, let us know in the comment section. 

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