Warframe Cephalon Simaris – The Ultimate Guide (2022)

There are numerous syndicates in Warframe, all of which are either antagonists or allies of other syndicates, but one stands out in its own right.

Instead of earning standing for this unique syndicate, you must scan opponents to assist with Warframe research on various troops and items.

After you interact with this syndicate, you get access to not just the Simulacrum but are also able to buy additional goods that may aid you in your missions or appeal to your interests.

There is a maximum limit for gaining standing in Cephalon Simaris, just as in other syndicates, but many of us don’t even reach it since performing scans and duties for Cephalon Simaris may be exhausting and time-consuming.

If you’re having difficulty getting Cephalon Simaris to stand, don’t worry; this article will explain all of the important information you need to know about how to get Cephalon Simaris to stand, as well as the best method to get Cephalon Simaris to stand.

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What Is Cephalon Simaris?

Cephalons are an artificial construction of intelligence, a synthesis with light and logic projected but capable of acquiring a human quality that resembles a particular personality. At their core, Cephalons are committed to accomplishing their job, whether it was given to them or they selected it for themselves. Some have a definite goal in mind, while others have more hazy intentions.

Cephalons exist in a variety of forms and sizes, but they are not all the same. They do not have a physical form, but instead create a visual image of themselves in order to interact with biological lifeforms, assuming their task necessitates one.

Cephalon Simaris

Cephalon Simaris, commonly known as Irmis, is one of the numerous Cephalon constructions that exist inside Warframe. He is a Cephalon that is very interested in finishing his research.

You may locate him inside the Sanctuary, encircled by all the data, and engage with him as well as his offers, where you can buy a variety of things from him.

This Cephalon spends all of his time studying other creatures and shows a strong interest in collecting knowledge on adversaries and other topics.

Simaris also oversees the Onslaught missions, which require you to kill opponents in order to advance and receive rewards in the guise of “research.”

How Can You Obtain Cephalon Simaris?

To get to Cephalon Simaris, travel to a planet in the Star Chart with a relay that hasn’t been destroyed and may be accessed.

Select the relay and continue as if you were choosing a task; this will send you to the chosen relay.

When the countdown from choosing the mission ends, you will be transported to the relay you selected depending on the planet you were seeing on the Star Chart.

To rapidly travel to the region where Cephalon Simaris may be discovered and interacted with, go to your menu and choose “Fast Travel.”

You’ll then be in the Sanctuary, where you can speak with Cephalon Simaris or buy offerings to place at the side of the chamber.

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Cephalon Simaris Standing

Standing for Cephalon Simaris is a one-of-a-kind position that is completely neutral in relation to all of the other syndicates.

This implies that earning standing for Cephalon Simaris will not have a negative effect on the standing of other syndicates when obtaining any standing for this syndicate is achieved.

The status of the Cephalon Simaris syndicate, in contrast to other syndicates, is earned by scanning opponents rather than by completing missions or defeating enemies.

You must either complete scans on specified targets or randomly scan opponents during missions in order to earn standing for Cephalon Simaris. Standing is awarded for performing scans on specific targets or each enemy that has been randomly scanned.

For scanning opponents, you will need a Synthesis Scanner, which can be purchased from Cephalon Simaris and utilized to scan adversaries while depleting a charge or unit of energy for each scan.

Later on, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your Synthesis Scanner, which will provide you substantial benefits as well as the ability to utilize the Synthesis Scanners indefinitely.

Cephalon Simaris Offerings

Cephalon Simaris has a large number of offerings under his “Offerings” menu, which may be bought using standing gained by successfully scanning assigned targets or random opponents while on missions.

There are many things that may be of use to you, including mods, upgrades, Warframe blueprints, and other related stuff.

Previously, if you were able to get a Warframe via missions but mistakenly erased it, there was no other way to obtain it; however, this is no longer the case since Cephalon Simaris now has them available in his offers.

The following are the current offers that may be exchanged for Cephalon Simaris standing:

Synthesis ScannerGear5,000 (Credits)
Kinetic Siphon TrapGear5,000 (Credits)
Cephalon Simaris SigilCosmetic25000
Madurai Transmute CoreMod5000
Vazarin Transmute CoreMod5000
Naramon Transmute CoreMod5000
Data-Parse WidgetUpgrade25000
Cross-Matrix WidgetUpgrade50000
Sol-Battery WidgetUpgrade50000
Vector-Thread WidgetUpgrade50000
Detect VulnerabilityMod75000
Energy GeneratorMod75000
Energy ConversionMod100000
Health ConversionMod100000
Astral AutopsyMod100000
Simulacrum Access KeyUnlock50000
Simaris Helios SkinSkin100000
Simulor BlueprintWeapon75000
Heliocor BlueprintWeapon75000
Exilus Adapter BlueprintUpgrade50000
Color Key SceneCaptura Scene100000
Orokin Derelict Plaza SceneCaptura Scene100000
Sanctuary Conduit SceneCaptura Scene100000
Orvius BlueprintWeapon100000
Happy ZephyrLudoplex Game25000
Simaris Offerings ConsoleDecoration75000
Simaris Research ConsoleDecoration75000
Gara BlueprintWarframe Blueprint100000
Limbo Chassis BlueprintWarframe Part Blueprint50000
Limbo NeuropticsBlueprintWarframe Part Blueprint50000
Limbo SystemsBlueprintWarframe Part Blueprint50000
Chroma BlueprintWarframe Blueprint100000
Chroma Chassis BlueprintWarframe Part Blueprint50000
Chroma Neuroptics BlueprintWarframe Part Blueprint50000
Chroma Systems BlueprintWarframe Part Blueprint50000
Mirage Chassis BlueprintWarframe Part Blueprint50000
Mirage Neuroptics BlueprintWarframe Part Blueprint50000
Mirage Systems BlueprintWarframe Part Blueprint50000
Harrow BlueprintWarframe Blueprint100000
Inaros BlueprintWarframe Blueprint100000
Inaros Chassis BlueprintWarframe Part Blueprint50000
InarosNeuroptics BlueprintWarframe Part Blueprint50000
Inaros Systems BlueprintWarframe Part Blueprint50000
Titania BlueprintWarframe Blueprint100000
Titania ChassisBlueprintWarframe Part Blueprint50000
TitaniaNeuroptics BlueprintWarframe Part Blueprint50000
Titania SystemsBlueprintWarframe Part Blueprint50000
Nidus BlueprintWarframe Blueprint100000
Octavia BlueprintWarframe Blueprint100000
Atlas BlueprintWarframe Blueprint100000
Odonata BlueprintArchwing Blueprint100000
Odonata Harness BlueprintArchwing Part Blueprint50000
Odonata Systems BlueprintArchwing Part Blueprint50000
Odonata Wings BlueprintArchwing Part Blueprint50000
Imperator BlueprintArchgun Blueprint100000
Veritux BlueprintArchmelee Blueprint100000
Revenant BlueprintWarframe Blueprint100000
Garuda BlueprintWarframe Blueprint100000
Mandachord BlueprintSpecial Warframe Item25000

How To Purchase Cephalon Simaris Offerings?

When you want to buy offerings, just go to the room’s far side and interact with the blue orb, which will enable you to engage by hitting the action button.

When you move your mouse over an item, you will be able to see more information about it, as well as the price, and from there you will be able to choose which item you want to buy with your standing.

You will be sent to a confirmation section of the menu after selecting the item you want to buy, where you will then click purchase to validate your transaction of standing for the chosen item.

Following your selection of purchase, a smaller menu will appear, where you will be asked to confirm your purchase once again.

As soon as you indicate that you want to buy the item you have chosen, you will be returned to the offers menu, where you will see a confirmation notification.

Synthesis Scanner

The Synthesis Scanner is identical to the Codex Scanner. However, it is primarily used to scan opponents and items for Cephalon Simaris & his sanctuary’s study.

These may be purchased in bulk for 5,000 credits, giving you a total of 25 charges per transaction.

Regardless of whether you scanned the opponent in a prior mission or not, every time you scan an opponent or item, one charge is spent.

Scanning opponents will provide you Cephalon Simaris standing, which can then be used to buy offerings from Cephalon Simaris, which include mods, weaponry, scanner improvements, and more.

The Synthesis Scanner may be utilized for more than just scanning; gazing through it will enable you to see trails, tracks, and enemies that would be difficult to notice without it.


You have the option of buying upgrades for your Synthesis Scanner to enhance it even more and make it simpler for you in a variety of ways.

These are also available for standing in the offers menu, and it is recommended that you buy them in order to successfully cultivate Cephalon Simaris Standing.

The four Synthesis Scanner upgrades are as follows:

1. Data-Parse 

The Data-Parse widget lets you see the opponents’ vulnerabilities and resistances, as well as which damage kinds are successful and ineffective against them.

2. Cross-Matrix

This Widget increases the likelihood that each scan will be counted as two scans, which will result in higher amounts of standing as well as a greater opportunity to earn unique goods from scans, such as those obtained from scanning plants or Kavats during missions.

3. Sol-Battery

This is the most essential upgrade you can acquire, and it should be bought first before anything else. It enables you to use the Synthesis Scanner without having to worry about consuming charges.

You receive limitless synthesis scans, which would save you time from having to purchase charges on a regular basis, as well as Credits from having to save them.

4. Vector-Thread

As a result of its ability to significantly decrease the time required for scans to complete, the Vector-Thread Widget is the second most significant upgrade available for your Synthesis Scanner.

This is very beneficial since you will not be burdened with tracking opponents for an extended period of time with your reticle, and you will make quicker progress by completing scans more rapidly.

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How Can I Use The Synthesis Scanner?

First and foremost, you must ensure that you have a Synthesis Scanner as well as sufficient charges to be utilized during missions.

For every 25 charges you wish to acquire, you may purchase this in the Sanctuary for 5,000 Credits.

When you have your Synthesis Scanner, make sure to go to the equipment menu and select gear to access the gear wheel, where you can choose which gear you want to use for missions, such as the Synthesis Scanner. 

A Synthesis Scanner should be placed in a vacant space or a slot that currently contains an item that you wish to replace with a Synthesis Scanner.

The Synthesis Scanner can be selected among the things that you have in order to be equipped with your gear wheel, which will then enable you to utilize it throughout your missions.

You will be able to utilize the Synthesis Scanner during missions after you have chosen it and assigned it to a specific position on the gear wheel.

This may be done via accessing the gear menu while on a task or by hitting the appropriate keyboard shortcut for the item, depending on the slot.

Synthesis Scanners are equipped in the same way as weapons are equipped during a mission. For using a Synthesis Scanner throughout a mission, choose it by accessing the gear wheel and selecting it from the menu, or by pressing the shortcut that has been assigned to it.

As a result, you will seem to be unarmed and be able to move freely, but you may return to your weapon at any moment by clicking the change weapon button or performing a melee attack.

Head to the location where your opponents are and begin scanning them by first pressing and holding the aim button or key that you have set, in a manner similar to how you would aim your weapon.

After you have aimed, move your reticle over the target you want to scan and hold down your main firing button in the same way as you would while shooting your secondary or primary weapon.

It will be highlighted in order to show you what enemies or items you may be able to scan throughout the operation.

Once you have successfully completed a scan, the number of standing that you have gained will be shown, and the particular opponent will no longer be highlighted.

You may only encounter the same kind of opponent once every unit is discovered on the mission. However, each opponent may only be scanned once and will not be highlighted after that point.

Basically, if you scan a specific Elite Lancer, you will not be able to scan him again afterward, but you will still be able to scan any other Elite Lancers that are still accessible.

How Can I Earn Cephalon Simaris Standing?

You can acquire Cephalon Simaris in a variety of ways, including by canning opponents or synthesizing targets, which you can do anytime you choose.

More information about such actions that earn you Cephalon Simaris standing can be found below.

Scanning Objects and Enemies

You can simply equip your Synthesis Scanner & scan all highlighted opponents or items throughout any mission you’re on.

Scanning them will provide you standing based on the enemy rank, and scanning opponents in an unknown way, such as when they are not alerted, will grant you even more standing.

Scanning Specific Synthesis Targets

Cephalon Simaris will provide you with daily synthesis targets to scan while on missions.

To accomplish this, you must scan one selected foe over three missions, earning points for each scan and receiving a final reward of standing as well as endo after you submit the task.

You may start by speaking to Cephalon Simaris to open up a conversation with him, where you can discover the task and additional options for engaging with the Cephalon.

To accept a target, start by selecting “Do You Have Any Targets?” You’ll be taken through a briefing where you’ll be given a target that Cephalon Simaris asks you to scan.

Once you’ve chosen to inquire for targets, Cephalon Simaris will provide you with information on the target you’ll be scanning and the prizes you’ll get once you’ve completed it.

To begin the job, choose “I Will Perform This Synthesis,” and it will be placed as your daily synthesis goal.

It’s critical that you know where to look for the target you’ll be scanning, and if you don’t know where to look, consult the Codex in the orbiter.

To interact with it, just hit your action button to access the menu.

To find an enemy, go to the universe tab and then to the faction tab to see the opponents and their details.

To see the information for the target you’ve been assigned to scan, browse down the list or type its name into the search box.

You may review their information to discover where they can be found after you’ve chosen the kind of opponent you’ve been assigned to scan.

If there are a lot of locations, it’s better to start with the upper levels since they’re more likely to spawn in the task.

Begin by going to the area where your target could be, but keep in mind that just because an opponent can appear on a planet doesn’t guarantee it will, so if you can’t locate them on one, try another.

To start a regular mission with a possibility for the opponent to spawn, choose the mission with the foe in it.

Capture missions are recommended since they are the quickest method to do synthesis scans owing to the mission’s quick completion.

Begin the task as usual, and you may choose to finish it first or go for the target straight away.

To keep things organized and move along quicker, we recommend completing the task first before looking for the target.

Make sure Cephalon Simaris states there is a target in the area at the start of the task, and if he doesn’t speak to you throughout the mission, the opponent isn’t going to appear there.

During the operation, you may seek the synthesis target by wandering the area and looking for them, or by following the trail that appears when you are looking through your scanner.

The scanner will display what seems to be a trail that contains data when the aim button is held down, as seen in most of the pictures and the way it looks.

You may either follow this trail to locate the synthesis target or just search for them while accomplishing the mission goals or afterward.

Cephalon Simaris will notify you when you are close to the synthesis target, and the opponent will be indicated with a waypoint.

To begin scanning, follow the opponent and narrow the gap between you and him.

If you’ve ever utilized a Kinetic Siphon Trap, you’ll know that they can help you by hanging a synthesis target in the air for a short period of time.

This may also be acquired in your gear menu by inserting it into a gear slot, allowing you to use it throughout the mission.

Any adjacent synthesis target will be stopped if you choose it during the mission or use its shortcut to deploy one.

This is suggested since you’ll be scanning certain areas on them that need precision, therefore it’s better to use the Kinetic Siphon Trap to precisely target those points.

After the synthesis target has been halted, utilize your Synthesis Scanner to examine the points and scan them one by one to finish the scan.

After the scan is completed, you will be told how many times you have to scan the opponent.

After completing the scan, you will be given a certain amount of standing and will be able to continue the mission by completing the objective if it hasn’t been completed yet, or by going to the extraction.

After you’ve been extracted, you’ll be able to check how much standing you’ve gained through the mission’s scan.

You have to repeat this step as many times as necessary, and each time you complete the scan successfully, you will get a decent quantity of standing.

Once you’ve finished the scans, return to Cephalon Simaris to submit the task and complete it to get the extra rewards.

To turn in your assignment, choose “I Have Completed The Synthesis.”

You will get the prize you were promised when you initially accepted the task after you turn it in.

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Is There Any Fast Way To Obtain Cephalon Simaris Standing?

Many players have difficulty cultivating Cephalon Simaris standing since they do not necessarily know the best ways for doing so.

Rather than performing missions again and over in order to harvest a lot of standing by scanning opponents repeatedly during missions that may take hours to complete, we now have a method to complete and earn maximum daily standing in only one run.

Stealth Scan

If you’ve never heard of stealth scans, it’s something that will pique your interest.

Scanning an opponent who isn’t notified while you’re undetected will reward you with greater standing for each scan you complete.

The easiest method to harvest Cephalon Simaris standing is to utilize a stealth Warframe with an ability that makes them invisible and stealth scans with the scanner.

Choose an exterminate mission to begin; higher levels may give a slightly greater quantity of standing.

Once the mission starts, begin by becoming invisible and moving around the area scanning opponents to earn stealth scan bonuses.

Before you clear the current batch of enemies, it is advised to scan all opponents and kill them so that more of them can spawn.

When it comes to stealth scans, being unseen for the bulk of the time is crucial.

The Cross-Matrix and Sol-Battery Widgets will offer you a better experience since Sol-Battery allows you to do limitless scans while Cross-Matrix allows you to do two scans for a single opponent.

By just completing one task and stealth scanning all opponents, you will be able to completely fill up the daily standing limit in a single operation.

This is the quickest way to acquire Cephalon Simaris standing, and you can perform it once a day to keep your Cephalon Simaris standing full.


There are many players who are having difficulty cultivating Cephalon Simaris standing, but by following this method, you will be able to do it quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort in the process.

You may use whatever method is most convenient for you, but the most essential thing is to maintain that daily standing, which is particularly crucial if you need to buy a large number of items from the offers.

You may quickly fill up your standing limit for Cephalon Simaris using stealth scans, and doing so will save you a significant amount of time from having to repeat missions and scanning a large number of items before reaching your target.

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