Top 5 Best Sniper Rifles in Warframe (2022)

When it comes to inflicting heavy damage, sniper rifles are very effective in Warframe from medium to long-range. We have tried various sniper rifles since the game was launched. We tried to learn more about the construction and the use of different sniper rifles in the game throughout that time. 

When it comes to causing a massive amount of damage to adversaries and reducing the size of their retaliation, these incredible sniper rifles excel and remain among the game’s most effective weapons. It is hard to choose the perfect gun out of the hundreds available in Warframe. You can level up the rifle, sell it, and start over. Furthermore, you can invest in a dependable weapon of your choice. You can improve its functionality and effectiveness throughout the game.

You require a weapon capable of completing top-tier assignments and Eidolon Hunts. You will need a sniper rifle for that. Sniper guns inflict enormous damage and allow you to take down several enemies with a single shot. The following are some of the best in-game sniper rifles. You could choose any of these as per your choice.

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The Best Sniper Rifles in Warframe

1. Lanka

For bringing down Teralysts and their powerful variations, the Lanka is one of the most well-known sniper rifles in Warframe. It rose to prominence during the Plains of Eidolon update and is well renowned for quickly dispatching Teralysts. Lanka is very effective against Teralysts and a variety of other enemies. However, many people are unaware of this.

Before the Plains of Eidolon update, this was the favorite sniper rifle of the players. It can be updated to kill the majority of in-game enemies, except infested enemies. It takes some charge before shooting, which can be kept to boost damage, and when zoomed in, it gains an additional critical control. The Lanka may easily be modified to deal with significant quantities of radiation or corrosive damage, allowing it to wipe down Grineer or Corpus with a single shot. With its tremendous damage and utility, this is an excellent pick for Grineer or Corpus bosses. Without any physical harm, Lanka deals with a lot of electricity damage.

2. Rubico Prime

When the Rubico was first released, it was a good match for Lanka, and since then, the Rubico Prime has gained massive popularity among players. The Rubico Prime has a high critical control, making it easy to mod for a fundamental build. Moreover, its zoomed-in passive increases the critical multiplier, and it becomes more lethal in the hands of a skilled shooter. It inflicts good damage and has a fast rate of fire, letting the operator fire off numerous shots in quick succession. The Rubico Prime features a high impact rating, a low clutch rating, and a low slash rating.

Although the Rubico Prime does not have the same damage as the Lanka, its critical zooming compensates for this. This feature makes it a particularly lethal weapon when combined with a fundamental build.

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3. Vectis Prime

The Vectis Prime is one of the most recognizable sniper rifles in the game. It is the prime variation of the Vectis, which is among the favorite sniper rifles of this game. This sniper rifle is unbelievably famous for its tremendous damage.

Although the Vectis only had one shot and required reloading after each fire, the Vectis Prime outperforms the Vectis by dealing more damage and having two fires instead of one. Due to its quick reload speed and the ability to fire repeatedly with just a simple reload mod, it looks that the Vectis Prime does not even need a reload when modified perfectly.

The Vectis Prime provides additional damage based on how far the scope is zoomed in, making it a perfect weapon for those who can precisely target headshots. The Vectis Prime’s pierce damage is significant, with a somewhat balanced impact and modest slash damage.

4. Snipetron Vandal

The Snipetron was an excellent weapon in Warframe. When the developers created and launched the Snipetron Vandal, it drew the attention of many players who had previously loved its counterpart.

The Snipetron Vandal not only has a new aesthetic look, but several of its stats are also improved. Once, it was a hard-to-obtain weapon, and it still is. However, now that it has become a prize for invasions, many people are on the lookout for it owing to the powers it possesses once fully modded. The zoom passive of the Snipetron Vandal is identical to that of the Vectis Prime, allowing it to deliver more damage on a headshot.

Thanks to its good stats and damage, getting this weapon early-game is a considerable advantage for many players. This weapon mainly inflicts a significant amount of damage, with a small amount of cut. Furthermore, it is easy to control as its recoil is pretty manageable. 

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5. Vulkar Wraith

The Vulkar is one of the few sniper rifles in the game which are easy to use for every player. You can use this weapon easily, even if you are a beginner. However, the developers recently launched Vulkar Wraith, and it soon caught the attention of Vulkar users.

The Vulkar Wraith, as the Wraith version of the Vulkar, excels in its stats and has access to the Lasting Purity mod. This mod is only available to the Vulkar and Vulkar Wraith due to the difficulty of obtaining this weapon through in-game events or Baro Ki’Teer.

Those who have gained the Vulkar Wraith can take advantage of the high damage headshot bonus provided by the Vulkar Wraith’s zoom in passive. The Vulkar Wraith inflicts a lot of impact damage as well as some pierce damage.

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