Warframe Announcements With Dates [As Of August 2022]

Each year, you can observe Warframe developing significantly and also offering users new attributes and info that we are able to benefit from as a result of the work of Digital Extremes and their team.

Among the most eagerly awaited aspects of this game is the addition of new playable Warframes, which have been designed in a unique manner.

Here is a list of all of the Warframes that have been previously introduced and those that will be added in the future.


The following are the Warframes that are published in 2022.

WarframeDate Of ReleaseGenderUpdate
Gara PrimeMay 25, 2021Female30.3
YareliJuly 6, 2021Female20.5
Octavia PrimeFebruary 23, 2021Female29.0
SevagothApril 14, 2021Male30.0


The listed below are the Warframes that were published in 2020

WarframeDate Of ReleaseGenderUpdate
LavosDecember 19, 2020Male29.6
Nezha PrimeOctober 20, 2020Male29.0
XaxuAugust 25, 2020Composite29.0
Inaros PrimeJuly 7, 2020Male28.2
ProtiaJuly 11, 2020Female 25.3
Titania PrimeMarch 31, 2021Female29.5


A total of 10 Warframes have come out during 2019 between the months of March and December.

WarframeDate Of ReleaseGenderUpdate
Eva PrimeDecember 17, 2020Female27.0
GrendelOctober 31, 2020Male26.0
Atlas PrimeOctober 1, 2020Male25.8
GuassAugust 29, 2020Male25.7
Wokung PrimeJuly 6, 2020Male25.3
WispMay 22, 2020Female25.0
Equinox PrimeApril 2, 2020Female24.5
HildrynMarch 3,2020Female24.4
Mzin April 6, 2020Male26.0

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There have been 10 Warframe published in 2018 between the months of March and December.

WarframeDate Of ReleaseGenderUpdate
Mesa PrimeDecember 18, 2018Female24.2
BurukDecember 18, 2018Male23.2
GarudaNovember 15, 2018Female24.5
Chroma PrimeSeptember 18,2018Male24.4
RevenantAugust 24, 2018Male25.5
Limbo PrimeJune 19, 2018Male28.0
Excalibur UmbraJune 15, 2018Female22.2
Excalibur Umbra PrimeJune 15, 2018Female25.4
KhoraApril  18, 2018Female24.6
Zyphyr PrimeMarch 20, 2018Male24.0


During 2017, there were 7 Warframes published between the months of February and December 12.

WarframeDate Of ReleaseGenderUpdate
Mirage PrimeDecember 12, 2017Female22.0
HaraNovember 17,2017Female22.7
Hydroid PrimeAugust 29, 2017Male21.9
HarrowJune 29, 2017Male24.4

Oberon Prime
May 30, 2017Male22.2
OctaviaMarch 24, 2017Female 25.8
Banshee PrimeFebruary 28, 2017Female23.6


During 2016, 7 different Warframes were published between the months of February and December.

WarframeDate Of ReleaseGenderUpdate
NidusDecember 12, 2016Male19.5
Valkyr PrimeNovember 22, 2016Female19.7
Nekros PrimeAugust 23, 2016Male19.0
TitaniaAugust 8, 2016Female19.0
Vauban PrimeMay 17, 2016Male18.12
InarosMarch 4, 2016Male18.5
Saryn PrimeFebruary 16, 2016Female17.8


From March to December 2015, 9 distinct new Warframes were published.

WarframeDate Of ReleaseGenderUpdate
NezhaDecember 16, 2015Male18.0
VaraDecember 2, 2015Female18.5
WukongNovember 25, 2015 Male17.0
Trinity PrimeOctober 6, 2015Female17.3
AtlasOctober 1, 2015Male16.11
EquinoxJuly 27, 2015Female16.1
Ash PrimeJuly 12, 2015Male15.0
Volt PrimeMarch 25, 2015Male17.0
ChromaMarch 19, 2015Female17.6


In 2014, there were a total number of 10 new Warframes published during the period of February to December.

WarframeDate Of ReleaseGenderUpdate
Lova PrimeDecember 17, 2014Female11.5
MesaNovember 5, 2017Female11.5
LimboOctober 24, 2017Male11.5
Nyx PrimeSeptember 24, 2014Female 10.0
NovaJuly 17, 2014Male10.0
MirageJuly 14, 2017Male8.0
Loki PrimeJune 11, 2014Male7.11
HydroidApril 5, 2014Male7.0
Rhino PrimeMarch 6, 2017Female7.0
ZephyrFebruary 27, 2014Female7.8


A total of 11 distinct Warframes were published between the months of January and December in 2013.

WarframeDate Of ReleaseGenderUpdate
NyxJanuary 29, 2013Female6.0
FrostJanuary 29, 2013Male6.0
SarynMarch 18, 2013Female7.0
BansheeMarch 18, 2013Female7.0
VaubanMay 17, 2013Male7.11
Frost PrimeMay 23, 2013Male8.0
NekrosSeptember 13, 2013Male10.0
Mag PrimeSeptember 13, 2013Female10.0
Ember PrimeNovember 20, 2013Female11.5
ValkyrNovember 20, 2013Female11.5
OberonDecember 19, 2013Male11.5

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In 2012, a total of nine distinct Warframes came out between the months of October and December throughout the conversion period from closed beta version to update 5.0.

WarframeDate Of ReleaseGenderUpdate
Excalibur PrimeDecember 18, 2012Male5.0
Loki October 25, 2012MaleClosed Beta
MagOctober 25, 2012FemaleClosed Beta
ExcaliburOctober 25, 2012MaleClosed Beta
RhinoOctober 25, 2012MaleClosed Beta
AshOctober 25, 2012MaleClosed Beta
EmberOctober 25, 2012MaleClosed Beta
Trinity October 25, 2012FemaleClosed Beta
VoltOctober 25, 2012FemaleClosed Beta

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