The Ultimate Warframe Toroids Farming Guide (2021)

Are you a new or returning Fortuna and Orb Vallis player? You might find things a little complicated, especially dealing with several resources, including Toroids. Well, you shouldn’t worry much because this Toroids farming guide is just what you need to get yourself in top gear. This guide will mention places to farm Toroids, how to farm, and the best technique to farm Toroids.

At the end of this Toroids farming guide, you will successfully learn everything you know on how to farm Toroids with efficiency. Eventually, you will enjoy the game and use less time searching for rare resources. It’s going to be a worthwhile adventure as we guide through Toroids farming in 2021.


If you are new to Fortuna and Orb Vallis, Toroids are resources you need. You can trade them for crafting cosmetics, warframes, amps, and much more. In addition, you can exchange them for standing with Vox Solaris. During the game, you can get five Toroids, including Crisma, Sola, Vega, Lazulite, and Calda. You can farm each Toroid at a particular location.

Where to Farm Toroids?

Orb Vallis is a big and open place outside Fortuna. It is covered with ice and snow. Several locations have Corpus facilities, which contain a large number of different resources and enemies. There are specific locations in Orb Vallis where enemies will drop Toroids when playing the game. Let’s explore some places where you can farm Toroids.

Spaceport – Vega Toroid

You can farm Vega Toroids at the Spaceport, especially from enemies killed within that area. The Spaceport is located close to the right bottom part of the map. The fastest way to get Vega Toroid is to stay around Spaceport and kill incoming enemies.

The objective is to slowly kill the enemies, which will make them call for reinforcement beacons. With this, the alert level within the environment increases, which invites more enemies to the area. Immediately, the alert level is high, more enemies will come forth, which will increase the success rate of your farming.

As you kill enemies within and outside the Spaceport facility, it increases the likelihood of dropping Vega Toroids. At the Spaceport facility, you can get 1-4 Vega Toroids within 5 to 10 minutes.

Enrichment Labs – Calda Toroid

Like the Vega Toroids, you can also farm Calda Toroids in the Enrichment Lab. The lab is located at the bottom left of the map. You can farm Calda Toroids by alarming the enemy of your presence. As the alert increases, more enemies start coming. Once the enemies die within the Enrichment Labs, you will see Calda Toroid dropping. You can get at least 1 to 4 Calda Toroids every 5 to 10 minutes when an enemy dies.

Temple of Profit – Sola Toroid

You can similarly farm Sola Toroid like other items. It drops whenever you kill an enemy within the Temple of Profit facility. The Temple of Profit facility is situated at the top right side of the map. It also uses the same principle as other Toroids by killing enemies in confined or close proximity. The enemy increases as the alert level increases, which allows you to farm Sola Toroid.

Furthermore, as you kill these incoming enemies, they later drop Sola Toroid. However, avoid destroying the reinforcement beacon if you want more enemies to approach the area. Killing enemies within the Temple of profit provides about 1 to 4 Sola Toroids within 5 to 10 minutes.

How To Increase The Enemy Count

Immediately the enemies detect your presence within the facility; they will trigger the reinforcement beacons, making it possible for more enemies to approach your location. At times, you might find your enemies teleported to a particular area. It is advisable to play with a group since it increases your overall enemy count during the mission.

The best strategy is to allow the enemies to trigger the reinforcement beacons before killing them. However, ensure you avoid destroying the beacon if you want more enemies to approach your position.

Profit-taker Orb – Crisma Toroid

Unlike the Sola, Vega, and Calda Toroids, you can only get or see Crisma toroid drops whenever you defeat an enemy within the profit-taker orb area. You can start by activating the profit-taker heist.

Exploiter Orb – Lazulite Toroid

Finally, the last place to farm is in the exploiter orb area. To get the Lazulite Toroid, you need to defeat the Exploiter Orb within the specified location.


As a Fortuna and Orb Vallis player, you have several things at your disposal. There are several places to farm Toroid when playing. We have unveiled the places to farm Toroid and how you can quickly get these items. Interestingly, you can increase your enemy count as you allow the enemy to trigger the reinforcement beacon. We believe this Toroid 2021 guide has helped you to farm Toroid. 

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