Top 5 Best Bot Lane Synergies in League of Legends

We can all agree that bot is the most unique lane in League of Legends. First of all, it’s the only lane in the game that requires 2 different roles or 2 players from each team. Because of this, ADC and support players have to think about more things during the laning phase and not only their own champions. 

For example, your support pick often depends on the champion your ADC is playing and vice versa. But you also have to consider the bot lane champions of the enemy team, their abilities, playstyles, and the level of synergy. And it’s not an easy job!

Over the years, Riot Games have produced many new interesting picks, especially marksmen and support champions. Some synergize well, and others not so much. But there are a few bot lane combinations that are strong overall, no matter the matchup, meta, or season. And you need to know about them! 

So let’s talk about the 5 best bot lane synergies and why they’re so good!

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1. Morgana and Jhin

The first bot lane combo that we want to talk about is Morgana and Jhin. I remember when Jhin first came out, support players battled to find the best champion to aid him. And while there are many support picks that work well with Jhin, Morgana synergizes the most with him!

First of all, Jhin lacks a few things that Morgana takes care of. For example, Jhin doesn’t have any crowd control except his W. But to apply the snare, Jhin needs to damage the enemy champion first. This isn’t something he can always do since the range of his Q and E are relatively short. So, Morgana can simply put her own W beneath the opponent’s feet. And it only needs to tick once in order for Jhin to use his root.

In addition, Jhin can use his Deadly Flourish to extend the duration of Morgana’s Dark Binding. This is because Morgana deals the most amount of damage when the enemies sit in her W. So, she and Jhin can maximize the effect by synergizing their root effects and apply them one after the other.

Another way to synergize Jhin and Morgana is for Morgana to hit her Q first. Dark Binding’s full duration is 3 seconds, which is often enough for Jhin to fire all of his 4 shots. Additionally, he can use his E – Captive Audience and detonate it for extra damage.

And one of the best combos in the entire League happens when Morgana is chasing enemies with her chains while Jhin fires his ultimate shots. It’s such a great way to get value out of both abilities because the opponents can’t really fight back. They must use Flash or keep running away in obvious directions. Otherwise, they risk being stunned and killed!

2. Ashe and Seraphine

Seraphine and Ashe is another brilliant combo you can run in the bot lane. They work very well together and have a high level of synergy right from the start of the game.

To understand the quickest synergy between these two champions, you must know a thing or two about Seraphine’s abilities. In short, they have bonus effects if the target is already under similar effects. For example, Seraphine’s E slows the enemy down. But if the target is already slowed, then it roots him instead. But if the target is rooted, then it stuns him!

Combining this with Ashe’s constant slows, Seraphine can effectively stun their opponents every 10 seconds or so. This is a huge advantage, both in the laning phase and later on in team fights. Ashe has multiple ways to apply slow on her targets, so Seraphine can always rely on it to trigger the stun.

Another big synergy between these two champions is the combination of her ultimates. No matter whether it’s Ashe or Seraphine that goes first, their combined ultimates create an unbeatable crowd control effect.

If Ashe flings her Enchanted Crystal Arrow first, the ability can stun one champion and apply slow to multiple others around him. This is the ideal situation for Seraphine to use her Encore and charm everyone. She can also use her E before her ultimate, which will apply AoE stun instead.

This combo works well in 2v2 fights in the bot lane and in team fights too. If executed correctly, it leaves little to no chance that the enemy team can survive. It’s simply an overwhelming amount of AoE CC for any champion in League of Legends!

So Ashe and Seraphine have one of the best bot synergies in LoL!

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3. Samira and Nautilus

If you’re looking for a hyper-aggressive, all-in type of combo in the bot lane, then there is no better choice than Samira and Nautilus. It’s practically impossible to beat these two champions in the lane. And most of the time, you’ll be forced to play extra defensively. The reason is that they’re loaded with damage right from the get-go, and the way their abilities synergize is awesome.

Samira has one unfair advantage over all other ADC champions – she’s can extend the duration of airborne effects. What does this mean? Well, it means that every time Nautilus uses his Q and R, Samira can simply right-click the affected champions and keep them in the air for longer. This will also dash her to them, which is another way that Nautilus helps deal damage.

The one thing you should look out for here is Nautilus’s Dredge Line. Even though the in-game animation doesn’t show it properly, this ability also counts as an airborne effect. That’s why Yasuo and Samira can use it to activate their abilities. But because its purpose is to drag the enemy champion to Nautilus, the duration of the airborne is really short. So Samira has to be quick in attacking the enemy that Naut is pulling to extend the knock-up duration!

But, Samira’s passive also synergizes with Nautilus’s passive. You see, each time Naut auto-attacks a champion, he also applies a root effect. And if Samira auto-attacks that champion, she’ll dash to him. This is very helpful in all kinds of fights and skirmishes, especially against a team that outranges you.

Nautilus can constantly provide CC, kite and stop enemies from reaching his ADC. That’s why Samira can remain free and only focus on dealing damage. And that’s why they work perfectly together!

4.  Kog’Maw and Lulu

Kog’Maw and Lulu is perhaps the most popular bot lane synergy in the entire League of Legends. People often regard it as the best combo you can play there, and they aren’t wrong. Even today, you can run Lulu and Kog’Maw and smash everyone as long as you know how to combine them together!

So what makes Lulu and Kog so strong?

For starters, Kog’Maw only works with enchanter supports. He has no way of escaping damage since he has no mobility. But Lulu has a short-cooldown shield that she can spam, as well as an ultimate that heals and increases the target’s maximum health. This makes her the perfect candidate for protecting Kog’Maw on Summoner’s Rift.

But people usually don’t fear Kog + Lulu because of their defensiveness but because of their damage. You see, Kog’Maw is a type of champion that doesn’t make much use of his abilities. But his W makes up for it, granting him bonus attack range. This effect alone is OP because marksmen deal a lot of damage if left unchecked.

However, Bio-Arcane Barrage also empowers Kog’s basic attacks to deal percent damage of the target’s maximum HP. And since this counts as magic damage, building only armor can’t really save you.

And how does Lulu fit here?

Lulu’s W grants her ally a burst of attack speed for a couple of seconds. So when Kog’Maw is out there blasting people left and right, Lulu can double his damage output simply by using her Whimsy. The synergy of these abilities may not sound like much, but the amount of DPS it produces is honestly insane.

So Kog’Maw and Lulu have one of the best synergies in the bot lane too!

5. Ziggs and Leona

Ziggs and Leona is not your typical bottom lane combo! In fact, they have nothing in coming with any ADC + support combination. And the reason for this is obvious – Ziggs is a mage! But how does Leona fit his playstyle in this role better than any other champion?

Well, it’s simple! Ziggs does a lot of damage, but his problems lie elsewhere – his abilities are way too difficult to hit. Take his Bouncing Bomb, for example. The path that this spell takes is often weird, and the animation regularly jumps over the targeted champion, missing them completely. Yes, Ziggs can literally spam his Q, but enemies can easily dodge it too!

So, anytime you have a problem with people running away from you and moving too much, you call Leona, right? She’s an incredibly powerful champion loaded with crowd control potential.

The first type of synergy to try out here is to have Leona jump with her E and stun the opponent with Q. Ziggs can use this duration to throw his E and Q, but also to push back the enemy by throwing his Satchel Charge behind him. And since Leona’s basic abilities have a pretty short cooldown, Ziggs can play aggressively and destroy their opponents. 

Additionally, Leona’s ultimate causes an AoE stun, which perfectly matches with the AoE damage of the Mega Inferno Bomb. No matter whether it’s a 2v2 skirmish or 5v5 team fight, if Leona and Ziggs synergize their ultimate, they can almost always win it! That’s how powerful it is!

And those are the top 5 bot lane synergies in League of Legends!

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