The Best Weapons in Stellaris – Your Ideal Arsenal Assortment

You may have the most brilliant strategies in Stellaris, but if you do not have the firepower to execute them, you will not win many matches.

Weapons are vital to winning Stellaris battles. You should be aware of the Stellaris best weapon type for a particular situation first. You can then pick a good weapon of that type to come out on top. 

Here is a breakdown of Stellaris best weapons for you.


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Energy weapons are very effective against enemy armor. Not so much against enemy shields, though.

There are four variants of Energy Weapons in Stellaris. There are anti-shield, anti-armor, anti-hull, and penetrating types of Energy Weapons. Each of these categories is stocked with weapons that are best suited for a particular attack. But energy weapons can also be good for standard battles.

Which weapon would you want to choose if you decide to attack with the Energy Weapon type? Well, there are endless choices! The tachyon lance would deal massive damage as it is one of the strongest Energy weapons in the game. The lance takes ages to cool down, which makes it unsuitable for repeated follow-up attacks.

The simple plasma accelerator is a weapon for all seasons in Stellaris. It scores high on versatility and reliability. It can be used as a solid general-purpose weapon of choice for most battles. The plasma accelerator packs in quite a decent damage and is also economical to use with its low energy cost.

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Kinetic Weapons are the exact opposite of Energy Weapons. They are meant to inflict heavy damage against enemy shields. But they fall a bit flat against their armors.

Kinetic Weapons in Stellaris also come in multiple categories. The Kinetic Weapons variants include mega cannon, mass driver, autocannon, and kinetic launcher.

Each of these variants has some specific strong points, but all of these Kinetic Weapon types are good against armors. Again, in Stellaris, you are only limited by your imagination. You must try to come up with your unique use cases for Kinetic Weapons. 

Which Kinetic Weapon you chose depends on the specifics of the battle situation and your strategy. You could initiate battles and pound your enemies from a distance using the high accuracy and long-range of kinetic artilleries. Once you are in the thick of intense battles, though, you may want to deploy autocannons, and gauss cannons for the meat of your attacks as these have low energy costs.  

A good strategy could be to mix and match your firepower smartly. As in life, a surprise is the biggest weapon against enemies in Stellaris. 


Explosive weapons in Stellaris are powerful weapons that can be used for a variety of attacks. They are quite diverse in their capabilities, and you can always find the perfect Explosive Weapon to deal any kind of blow against any kind of enemy defense.

You could use normal missiles for standard attacks. These missiles inflict decent damage to hulls. However, they can be deflated with some innovative point-defense strategies.

For such cases, you could opt for the deadly scourge missiles. These missiles are better at getting past point defenses. Also, they deal quite a fair bit of damage against both hulls and armors.

Swarmer missiles are specifically suited to defeat point defenses. They can make most point-defenses pointless. However, their damage power is a bit on the lower side.

Torpedoes are powerful weapons that can inflict heavy damage. They are very effective against armors. Being big powerful warheads, though, they are slow to load and fire.

If you are looking for some great defenses for your stationary installations, then go for the agile and robust marauder missiles. They are good at nullifying most attacks against stationary structures.

And if you are looking to torment your enemies from far away, devastator torpedoes are your thing. These accurate and heavily loaded missiles can shred your enemies to pieces from long ranges.

Again, you must think on your feet in the battle and choose the Explosive Weapon that is best suited to that situation. 

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These are used to defend your forces against enemy attacks.

Flak guns are used to strike down enemy crafts that are looking to attack you. 

Point-defense turrets, on the other hand, are used to negate enemy projectiles once he has launched them.

Point-defense weapons are still limited in Stellaris, and you should choose wisely. 

There is no “one-size-fits-all” weapon for all battles in Stellaris. Try using some of these ideas in this Stellaris Best Weapons guide, and we hope you will be able to win many galactic battles.

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