Full Soma Prime Build – The Ultimate Guide (2022)

The Soma Prime boasts one of the game’s biggest magazine capacities and ammunition reserves. It is very simple to get because of its fair critical chance and rapid rate of fire, which allows for several critical strikes against opponents.

Due to its fast rate of fire, the possibilities for both condition and severe effects are obviously successful in the base state. Furthermore, the Soma Prime also has respectable accuracy to go along with it, making it ideal for dealing with crowds of all sizes. An automatic weapon with the capacity magazines of a machine gun is the weapon you’d want to take to a conflict.

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Characteristics Of Soma Prime Build Weapon

Retaining most of its stats as well with a few changed, the Soma Prime is the Prime variant of the Soma. Here are some of Soma Prime build base stats:

  • Rate: The rate of fire is about 15 rounds per second
  • Noise: Shots make a lot of noise when they are fired, which alerts the opponents.
  • Capacity: 200 rounds per magazine. (Soma Prime for a hundred)
  • Critical multiplier: Shots deliver 3x greater damage on vital strikes.
  • Reloading: It just takes 3 seconds to reload a fresh magazine.
  • Trigger: The weapon shoots and maintains to fire automatically while the button is kept down.
  • Critical probability: a 30% chance of dealing with severe per shots.
  • Status: This has a 10percentage chance to trigger status every shot.
  • Accuracy: Accuracy also has a 28.6 chance of hitting opponents at close ranges.
  • Puncture, 1.2 strikes, and 6.0 cut damage are the damage types.

Soma Prime demands a Mastery Rank of 8 before it could be utilized by players to build its prime pieces using its patterns.

Pros Of Soma Prime Builds

  • All three forms of physical injury are included.
  • High probability of a critical event
  • Possibility of a moderate status
  • An increasing level of firing
  • There is no time for the missile to travel.
  • A large selection
  • 2 Contrasts
  • The magazine is huge in size.
  • The maximum ammunition capacity is large.
  • A mastery level of 7 is required.

Cons Of Soma Prime Builds

  • The base damage is quite minimal.
  • Impact damage is minimal.
  • The rate of reloading is sluggish.
  • The effectiveness of ammo is poor.
  • There is no element of harm.

The Best Suggestions For Building Soma Prime

The Soma Prime has a large ammunition capacity and a fast rate of fire, enabling it to fire many shots at once, and a good strength chance, making important hits simpler to deal with. Due to the moderate status probability, procs apply as well. It is up to the user’s moderators to decide how to utilize these to their advantage.

A few examples of builds are shown below:

1. The Critical Build

You can add the typical serration for total damage, and multi-shot and split Chambers to the crucial Soma Prime build. The addition of point striking and vital sense boosts the critical ratio and critical probability, resulting in a massive spike in damage.

You can add two basic damage modifications to the build to provide inherent damage and shredding for enhanced punch through and firing rate. Build helps make use of Soma Prime’s fast rate of fire together with its good critical probability to deal with several critical strikes in a short length of time.

Furthermore, the faster you acquire opportunities to cope with the critical hits, the guns that have fired numerous rounds, big magazine capacity, and a faster rate of fire really shouldn’t be a problem.

2. The Headshot Build

A build is a tweaked variant of the prior one, with Heavy Caliber swapped out for Argon Scope to remove the reliability penalty. When zooming in and executing a headshot to opponents, Argon Scope will grant a boost that improves critical probability.

As soon as a headshot strikes, the boost will have a set length of time to increase the critical probability, and subsequent shots will be impacted by the buff as well. Such build is ideal for sharpshooters, especially those who enjoy aiming for the opponent’s head; utilizing it will ensure critical strikes.

3. The Status Build

You can replace half of the modifications in the build with basic damage and state mods, keeping just a few of the original mods. While rearranging the modifications, the components in the build can be modified.

By shooting several rounds, such build concentrates on generating status effects. Status effects may result, triggering their respective impact in addition to regular weapon fire. This build is great for dealing with different sources of damage when necessary.

4. The Hybrid Build

A hybrid build has elements of both condition and important chance and a few modifications from each.

Coping with both status ailments and critical hits is at the front of the damaging hybrid build’s priority list. This build is fantastic at dealing with everything from the region of effect condition effects to damaging over time; it can cope with everything from critical hits to ordinary bullets.

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Final Thoughts

The Soma Prime is among the biggest magazine capacities and ammunition reserves throughout the game. It’s simple to achieve consecutive critical hits against opponents thanks to its fast rate of fire and excellent critical chance.

Despite the base attack, possibilities for critical and status effects are great because of the rapid-fire rate. The Soma Prime is ideal for taking on large groups of opponents from a distance of low to moderate range, and that it has good accuracy to go along with it. Now that would be a weapon you’d want to take to a fight: an automatic weapon with the capacity magazines of a machine gun.

We have discussed everything about the Soma Prime Build and also how you can utilize modifications in it in this guide and we hope you found this article useful.

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