3 Best Safe Mid Lane Picks in Season 12

League of Legends is a constantly evolving game. Each season brings with it changes in statistics of important items, some items are removed and new ones are added, at times a new champion is introduced, and more often than not, the champions already available to play with are either buffed or nerfed. For competitive League players as well as for dedicated casual players, going through the patch-notes helps them prepare for the upcoming season. 

While new players may not be able to relate as to how important the patch notes really are, older more experienced League players always devour the patch notes as soon as they are released by Riot to prepare themselves for the season ahead. You can make the best choice of champions if you are aware of the most recent changes in the meta. 

So what were the biggest changes in Season 12?

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1. Katarina

Katarina is a safe mid-lane pick for two reasons; high damage in mid to late game and mobility. Katarina can hop in and out of battle, harass enemies and then move back to a safe distance using her blades. The best bet usually is to go with Night Harvester as the mythic item first, with sorcerer’s shoes alongside Zhonya’s and Deathcap.

Katarina’s mobility means she can escape surprise attacks by the enemy jungler and hop in quickly to battle when your jungler comes in to gank the enemy mid-laner. She is vulnerable to disables so placement and timing during battles is key to playing successfully with Katarina. You have to make sure the enemy team has used up its cc and aoe damage before jumping in.

2. Zed

Arguably one of the most dynamic and iconic champions in League of Legends, Zed is easily a safe pick for mid-lane in Season 12. After reaching level 6, multiple shadows allow Zed to juke enemies with ease, come in for the kill if an enemy champion has low health, and then escape by reactivating his Ultimate.

The recommended Mythic item for Zed is the Duskblade of Draktharr. The strategy should be to rush this item first and to complete the build, you should get Edge of Night and Black Cleaver. 

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3. Akali

Akali is a good pick for the mid-lane in season 12 too. Although some players argue that she is not as strong as she used to be, she is still a safe pick for several reasons. She provides both options of playing it safe and cautious during early mid-lane or being aggressive from the very start with burst damage and enhanced mobility and ability to hide and escape enemy attacks. 

Playing with Akali, in the beginning, can be a bit difficult for new players but once you get a hang of her basic mechanics, she is as good a pick as any other. The best Mythic item for Akali is Rift-maker which allows Akali to trade damage and sustain in combat for extended periods. Akali’s mobility and speed and burst damage are enough to discourage any enemy from being aggressive in mid-lane.


These are by far not the only safe champions to play within mid-lane during season 12. Most of the time, the player’s individual preferences will dictate what is and is not a safe pick. Riot keeps introducing new characters in League of Legends and there is plenty of room for debate about which champions are best to play within mid-lane during season 12.

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