The Ultimate Sacrifice Walkthrough Guide (2022)

If you are looking for the ultimate sacrifice walkthrough guide for 2022, you are at the right place. The sacrifice is among the most awaited quests for a long time. Ever since its announcement, there has been a lot of rumbling about the sacrifice.

In this article, we will provide a guide on the sacrifice to enable you to complete the quest. Notably, an easy way to complete the quest is to learn about the story. Therefore, it would do you good if you use Octavia or any unseen frame. With wasting time, let’s begin with the ultimate sacrifice walkthrough guide 2022.

Exploring the Helmet

Once you start the Sacrifice quest, your first objective would be to explore the helmet. Therefore, you must examine the helmet that will begin the main sacrifice quest.

Finding the Traces

Once the mission begins, you will head to Lua to find sentients. You need to scan the sword using the synthesis scanner available. In addition, you have to explore the ware frame pieces. You will see the Warframe pieces scattered throughout the area. You must move around to find them. Remember, the Warframe pieces will be glowing, which makes them easier to identify. After this, you can head to the Foundry to do other tasks required.

How to Explore Lua

To do this, you need to explore the ruins. In exploring the runs, you need to run through the objective. You also have to decipher the Orokin Cypher. When you get to the objective, you will discover there is a new cypher with weird symbols. To unlock the door, you must get the right combination. You will see the solution, which is the Orokin sign on the wall.

Once you unravel the Orokin Cypher, you will see sentients springing forth and start to attack you. After this, another Orokin cypher will appear, which is quite challenging from the previous one. Immediately you solve the cypher, a recording will play.

Connecting the Vitruvian

If you have the part you obtained previously in the Orbiter, you need to install it here. Once you complete the installation, you will observe that the lights will begin to flicker in a second once the upgrade is completed. After that, you need to go to the Foundry to create the Umbra Warframe. Once you equip the Umbra, you will notice a clip playing where the Umbra will touch your worker.

How to Hunt Umbra

You need to go to Umbra, who is a fighting enemy. Once you get close to him, he will begin to attack you. To stun Umbra, you can use the Void blast before pressing 5 to access his memory by transfer.

Inside the memory, you will find yourself on the bed with Ballas talking to you for a while. After the conversation, you must defeat Ballas within the Game of Kumi if you want to progress to the next stage.

In accessing the third Vitruvian entry, Ballas will communicate with you concerning the technology of frames. Nevertheless, nothing is interesting here so you shouldn’t waste much time. Nevertheless, you will hear a clip play with your progress recorded.

Hunting Umbra

Once you gain access to the umbra mission, you will see dead corpus bodies throughout the environment. Umbra, at this stage, is fighting enemies around him. Once you come close to Umbra, an immediate lockdown will come to effect. You can disable the lockdown, but you have to fight the sentients or mimics.

After this, you must go back to the objective location to start fighting with Umbra. Here, you fight using your operating, using every means possible to take down his shield. As you’ve done previously, you need to gain access to Umbra’s memory through transfer. With this, you can start another game of Kumi.

To enter the third Vitruvian, you need to click the blue glowing sign, which will play a video. Nevertheless, you need to confront Umbra. Here is a simple process to search for Umbra Warframe.

Firstly, you have to kill sentients before taking down the Umbra shields. After this, you can use the transference to gain access to his memory and extract whatever you want.

How to Return to Earth

You need to return to earth during the mission after confronting Ballas. After confronting Ballas, he will enlighten you on how he isn’t the enemy. Ballas will tell you who started everything. You have to destroy the sentients beside him for the following action.

After you kill the sentients around him, the Operator and Umbra will thrust a sword directly to his stomach that will destroy him. Once you complete this mission, you will see Lotus appearing in a weird alien suit that spoils everything.


You will quickly complete the quest once you follow the process we talked about in this ultimate sacrifice walkthrough guide 2021. The sacrifice mission comes with a reward – Excalibur umbra Warframe. You only get the reward when you complete the quest. Remember, the sacrifice quest is announced weekly.

This guide has explored how you can explore Lua, hunt Umbra, and do other things. If you have gone through the Sacrifice walkthrough, we do like to hear from you. If you were able to get the Excalibur Umbra Warframe reward without following what is on this guide, please do share what techniques or strategies you use to complete the quest.

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