Become a Rimworld Pro – Top 10 Tips for New Players

Rimworld is an incredibly fascinating game. With several realistic colony management elements built into it, the game is only growing in popularity. The game can be a little too complex for new players to find their feet immediately. Here are the top 10 Rimworld beginner tips to help such players in this mini Rimworld strategy guide.

1. Well Begun is Half Done – Choose a Good Landing Spot

Your initial landing spot can make your early game an intense struggle for survival or a relatively easier growth phase.

You can choose to land into one of the many biomes provided in the game. Some biomes are more challenging to navigate in the early game than others. For example, it is much easier to start by landing in the temperate forest biome. This is because this biome has the most conducive climate and environment for survival.

On the other hand, mountains and plains have harsher conditions, which can be challenging. The ice sheets and the extreme deserts, though, are the toughest biomes to pick as a landing zone. 

As with all things in strategy, the choice also depends on you. Would you want to have the most demanding challenge right off the bat? Or would you prefer to slowly ease into the more complex game tasks by starting nice and simple?

2. Collect and Crush – Use the Power of Killer Box

You can predict the enemy movement patterns and pathfinding strategies to a reasonable degree of accuracy after playing Rimworld for some time.

You can use this intelligence to draw your enemies into a narrow zone and annihilate them with massive focused damage.

To set up such a Killer Box, you need to surround your colony with an expansive wall and leave only one entry point into it. You will then build a hallway that leads your enemies towards this single-entry point.

Once they bite the bait and collect into this hallway, you unleash hell on them here. Set up sentries and strike them with your turrets. You can defend your colony against moderate attacks efficiently with this clever tactic.

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3. Shoot Them from Far Out – Snipers Galore

Snipers make the best sentries to guard your colony against assaults. They are quick to engage in battle with oncoming enemies and are the perfect warriors to post at colony gates. With their long-range hits and quick reactions, they will ensure the better safety of your people.

Snipers also can be a good defense against mechanoid enemies. You might like to include a good number of them in your defense wall as these mechanoids start pounding your territory.

You could also use mortars, both as standalone replacements or as a combination with snipers, for defending your colony. Mortars can also be an excellent tool to implement the strategy outlined in 2 above. By shelling your enemies strategically, you can control their path and lead them into the Killer Box that you set up.

4. Have a Big Heart – Lose the Battle, Win the War

This is one of the more counterintuitive Rimworld tips on this list. Essentially, the idea is simply that losing makes you a better player.

Rimworld is a tough game. As a beginner, you will more often than not end up on the losing side. Do not let that deter you from trying out new strategies and tactics.

Winning at Rimworld is a lot like problem-solving. You are not going to succeed at the first shot. But if you keep at it and experiment with novel approaches, eventually, you will become very good at the game.

Truth be told, this is actually one of the most fun parts of Rimworld. The game never lets you rest on your laurels. Playing Rimworld is an ongoing exercise in learning and innovating.

5. Vital Signs are Vital – Always Monitor Your Colonists’ Health

You must keep your colonists healthy at all times. Largely, all you need to do is provide them with adequate food, which will heal most of their wounds.

For more serious wounds, you would need to provide your injured colonist with a medical bed. You should always keep at least one bed ready for such emergencies. Also, keep the bed in a separate large room with enough space in it. 

The mental health of your colonists is equally important. You could keep up their spirits by providing ample entertainment and art in your colony. This will keep them mentally healthy even if they are battle-weary in the later stages of the game.

6. Home is Where the Heart Is – Build Good Shelters

You need to provide your colonists with good shelters, ample food, and robust security.

Make separate sleeping rooms for each of your colonists. You will need to build a storage room, and maybe also a freezer, to preserve food for your colonists.

You have to ensure your colonists are well fed. For this, always set up multiple food sources. You should have some food supplies coming in from hunting. Send some of your colonists to do this. Additionally, you should also have food supplies coming in from farming. You need to build a growing zone for this. Also, serve your colonists only properly cooked food.

Finally, you need to ensure their safety by setting up turrets around your colony. Later on, you will also need to build a wall and man it with enough snipers.

7. You are Only as Good As Your Team – Pick Your Colonists Smartly

You need to make sure to choose the right colonists for your team. A doctor, a shooter, and a grower will almost always be included from the outset. You should avoid unskilled laborers in the early game.

Your early colony will be mostly be built out of wood. If this is the case, then pyromaniacs can be a severe risk factor. You would be much better staying away from pyromaniacs altogether in the early parts of the game. 

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8. Doing the Right Thing Matters More Than Doing Things Right – Allocate Work Wisely

Your colonists carry out work based on a number system from 1-4. They start with the task at the 1-position. When they are done with this, they move on to work on the 2-position and so on.

However, you can make work much more efficient through intelligent allocation. This is one of the Rimworld advanced tips that can bring significant benefits to you.

To implement this, you need to un-draft your colonist and simply redraft him. This way, he will stop doing his work and begin fresh with the task at the top of the list. 

9. A Happy Soul is an Easy Soul – Keep Colonists Happy

Happy colonists are easier to manage in Rimworld. Provide them with enough food, shelter, and cleanliness, and they are much less likely to become grumpy and trouble you. 

The happiness level of your colonists will drop if they sight a corpse or witness the death of another colonist. You would want to keep them away from these.

10. Right Tools for the Right Job – Choose the Right Skills

Lastly, you should specialize in the right skills to gain maximum advantage. There is no point in learning a skill that does not serve the immediate need.

Here are some suggestions to begin with:

Primary Skills: Mining, construction, growing, cooking

Auxiliary Skills: Social, Animals, Researching, and Combat 

We hope these Rimworld tips will help new gamers hone their skills in the game fast. We wish you many hours of happy Rimworlding!

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