5 Best Low Elo Top Laners in League of Legends

League of Legends is a game with over 100M players. Each of these players has a particular level of skill attached to them. With enough time and effort, everyone can eventually reach the higher ranks. 

However, we’re all doomed to start somewhere. That somewhere is most often the low Elo, as rarely anyone is talented enough to begin from a better spot. The low Elo ranks are their own separate world, completely detached from the genuine League experience. 

Many of the players are new, unlearned, salty, and outright toxic. It isn’t easy to play in such an environment, and you might as well make things a bit easier on yourself. 

Picking the right Champion for the job can, and will, turn your low Elo experience into something manageable. In a live environment such as League’s, things are volatile and always subject to change. At the moment, the following 5 Champions should help you tremendously. 

We’ve compiled the best low Elo Top Laners in Season 12. Other Lanes and roles were covered in our other articles that you should check out. If anything happens to shift in a future patch – we’ll update the list accordingly.

So, without further ado, let’s begin! 

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5. Yorick

Yorick is rightfully on this list and is the oppressive force in the Silver division. His ability to push multiple Lanes at once and have a massive impact in team fights deservedly give him the fame. Being focused much more on individual play, the lower Ranks will always have split-pushers and solo-focused Champions as popular. 

He has a solid early game for the low Elo matchups. Focusing on farm, slow pushing, and snowballing, Yorick takes a methodical approach to his Lane. He will look to get a bit stronger before engaging in proper fights. Usually, Yorick players wait until they purchase Sheen, representing the first power spike. 

Once he reaches this level, things get a whole lot easier. He can fight, push and do just about whatever he wants. Not many Champions can face him in a fight, especially if he has the ghouls up. All it would take is for him to hit you with an E and W combo, and you’re pretty much dead. 

His dominance in the low Elo comes most from his pushing ability. He can use his Ultimate, the maiden, to push one Lane while he pushes on the opposite side of the map. This solo map pressure causes chaos among the enemies, turning them into meager targets. 

I love Yorick, and he’s a Champion that’s pretty unique and fun. You should definitely try him out next time you’re in the Top Lane. 

4. Garen

Likely the easiest Top Lane Champion ever to release. Garen maintains a high level of popularity spanning from the lowest to the highest ranks. His sheer ability to dominate his opponents explains why he’d be found on a list like this one. Without any concrete complexities or mechanics, Garen can be played by just about anyone out there. 

His Laning Phase is super easy. Garen has a ton of sustainability, courtesy of his passive. With it, he can withstand any damage in the Lane and heal it back up quickly. This allows him to stay in the Lane for however long he sees fit, grabbing as much gold and XP as possible. The opposing side, under his pressure, will eventually have to back off. The same isn’t true for him, and it will garner him a significant advantage. 

Garen can and will use this advantage to dominate the remainder of the enemy team. Once he comes down from Top, he’ll be using the “spin to win” approach. Able to do over 1k damage with ease, Garen can decimate opponents in mere seconds. His Ultimate also does 1k true damage in the Late game, making Garen an inescapable omen of death. 

As I’ve already said in the beginning, Garen can be played by just about anyone. Straightforward and void of any hardships, Garen is highly recommended for new players. Those intermediates can abuse this, turning him into a pure beast even more. Go and play him now; you certainly won’t regret it. 

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3. Nasus

Nasus, like Yorick, will take his time to reach a respectable power level. Even more so, his whole design revolves around farming up, getting more robust, and then coming back to kill everyone. Nasus is a dangerous Tank that can comfortably build no damage items and still manage to wreck people with just a single spell. It’s incredible how powerful he can be, so let’s discuss it. 

His early game is pretty slow and exploitable. People who understand how to play against him can prevent his snowball for a time during this period. He won’t be as mobile nor have the damage to fight you off. The early game is Nasus’ weakest moment, but the only one he has. 

As the game progresses, so does Nasus. The biggest mistake one could make against him is to leave him unchecked. Each minion slain with his Q increases its damage by 3. 100 minions is all it takes for his Q to deal 500 or more damage per hit, and that just speaks for itself. Nasus will not leave the Lane until he gets powerful enough to Tank while decimating people.

This will usually take until around minute 25. Nasus, in his prime time, is the scariest thing you could ever face in League. A walking behemoth nearing immortality that can bash you into the ground. Not to mention that his Ultimate gives his Q a cooldown of <1s, which hurts a lot. Nasus snowballs eventually every game, and once he does – it’s over. 

I hope you see how good this Champion is. No matter the rank or Division – Nasus is just a genuine monstrosity on his path of destruction. I highly recommend you give him a try. 

2. Teemo

Likely the most annoying on this list, Teemo is pure demonic power channeled through a League of Legends Champion. He’s the most hated of all Top Laners that have ever been released, and for a good reason. His ability to pummel you from a distance, hit after hit, and win without even trying is enough for people to absolutely abhor him. 

Teemo’s early game is super strong, and he can dish out a ton of damage from level 1. He has two forms, where he will prioritize two approaches. In the early game, Teemo focuses primarily on his basic attacks for damage and harassing. Later on, this shifts to his shrooms and Q, which can do massive damage. I’d say that having a mixed build of on-hit and AP items is the best for this Yordle menace.

In the later parts of the game, Teemo becomes a beast. If the enemies have any Champion that heavily relies on auto-attacks (and they 99% will), he renders them completely obsolete. A single Q press and that Champion can’t do anything for multiple seconds. This is enough time to obliterate any opponent, let alone some ADC or melee Fighter. 

His skill cap and learning curve are also not too steep. Just about anyone can learn how to play him, and it doesn’t take much. The only actual mechanically complex spell is his Ultimate – The Mushrooms – and even that isn’t anything complicated. Some trial and error and, boom, you’re an expert at planting them. 

I highly recommend Teemo. Despite my hatred for him, I still love to pick him from time to time. He can be a great source of freelo if you’re a hardstuck, and that should be reason enough for you. Go and do it; you won’t regret it. 

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1. Mordekaiser

Mordekaiser is an insanely powerful duelist, and that individualism is significantly highlighted in low Elo. He’s capable of fighting anyone and everyone, especially in a 1v1 brawl. Even if you don’t wish to take him to single combat, he can use his Ultimate to force you into it. And trust me, that’s not a fight that you’re on the path to win. 

His Laning Phase is straightforward and good. Morde has a ton of sustain, defense, and damage that can help him stay in the Lane for quite a while. With how much he can pressure his opponents, he can gain a significant advantage quickly. He’ll push out his opponent, make them lose XP, and then pummel them with that extra power leverage. 

He’s also ungankable. With his Ultimate, he takes people to a 1v1 whether they like it or not, immediately voiding any gank attempt. He can pick out the weaker one of the two and just take them to town. 

Later on, Mordekaiser becomes a real beast. His Ultimate will serve as a tool for isolating vital targets like ADCs or hyper carries, making them obsolete. Taking such a big chunk out of the enemy team away will make them susceptible to a quick sweep. This will be Morde’s primary focus. 

I highly recommend you give him a try. He’s fantastic both individually and in team fights, giving you the best of both worlds. I absolutely love him, and you will too as soon as you play him once. 


With so many Champions in the game, it’s challenging to select five of the best. Even when we narrow the selection down by choosing only from a particular pool, it isn’t that easy. To be the best means something, and the Champions listed above are incredible. I would love it if you gave them all a try as they’re unique in every possible aspect. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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