Durability Changes So Far in League of Legends

Patch 12.10 drew a lot of attention from the LoL community and has been a constant topic of discussion in recent weeks. The patch introduced interesting gameplay changes, such as increasing champion health and resistances while nerfing heals, shields, and Grievous Wounds.

This was done to mitigate the impact of overall damage in the game by making champions slightly tankier and compensating with survivability updates. Champion buffs, as well as strong items combined with Dragon and Baron buffs, had made ADCs’ lives a living hell until now.

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Durability Patch Recap

The Durability Update has undoubtedly paved the way for new mechanics, so let’s take a look at what exactly has caused this change in the first place:

Champion changes

All 160 champions have been ‘buffed’, increasing their base HP, HP per level, as well as their resistances. Assassins will definitely have a harder time bursting ADCs now.

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