Ivara Prime Relics – Explained

If you have gone through our previous guide on Ivara, you would know that she is a stealthy and sneaky character that uses her abilities to destroy and infiltrate enemies’ camps without being seen. She is the best option in Warframe, especially if you want to hide allies by giving them more protection. Indeed, she stands as one of the hardest Warframe you will find.

Naturally, you can acquire Ivara through the blueprint and participate in spy missions. Remember, the Ivara Prime is quite different from Ivara, which we will talk about. When acquiring Ivara, the blueprint and part you get will depend on the mission level because they come randomly. In each mission, you get a different Ivara part and blueprint. In addition, you can also buy the blueprint for 325 Platinum coins in the Orbiter market.

What is the Ivara Prime?

The Ivara Prime is a modification of the original Ivara. You can call it a variant of Ivara, which comes with increased energy and health. Unlike the normal Ivara, the Ivara Prime contains the following Relics – the Meso C4, Axi A9, Neo I1, and Meso N9 relics. These are all drops related to the Ivara Prime variant.

Nevertheless, if your goal is to farm the Baza Prime, it will require you to utilize the Axi B3, Meso B4, Lith W2, and the Neo R3 relics. Furthermore, the Aksomati Prime parts will require you to acquire the Axi D2, Meso R2, the Axi A8, and the Neo Z5 relics.

Peradventure, you are searching for the perfect place to farm these relics; there is no better place than to check our other relic farming guides. These guides will give you extensive information about the relics you want to farm and how to acquire them easily.

Many things have been said about Ivara Prime, and today, it is a reality. Most gamers prefer only the Octavia and Ivara frames because of their uniqueness. The Ivara prime variant comes with an upgraded shield and health. Besides this, it also contains some polarities with a superb prime finishing.

Details about Ivara Prime Relics

The Neuroptics (Meso C4) and blueprint (Meso N9) relics are common and uncommon respectively. The perfect place to farm the Meso relic is on Jupiter, which is a resistance mission. It comes with a high possibility of Meso relics dropping. You need to stay for 10 waves before leaving. You have to repeat the process pending when you get the relics required. Aside from Jupiter, you can acquire Meso relics on Saturn as Railjack rewards.

On the other hand, the systems (Axi A9) and Chassis (Neo I1) relics are rare and uncommon. The relics can be farmed from Berehynia, located on Sedna. You must complete four rounds during this interception mission to acquire the reward. You will get Neo relics during the first two rounds, whereas you get Axi relics in the remaining rounds.


The Ivara prime is a unique variant of Ivara that comes with unique strength and ability. You can easily farm the relics on Jupiter and other areas. You need to acquire the Ivara prime blueprint before you can start manufacturing any Warframe.

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